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Britney Spears

Shaves Her

F&*%ing Head!!!

2/17/2007 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have now seen it all. 

Britney Spears, back from less than 24 hours in a Caribbean rehab facility, showed up at a Sherman Oaks, Calif. tattoo parlor Friday night sporting a new hairdo. KABC in Los Angeles caught her as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist..

Ladies and gentleman, she is now completely bald.

Words escape us.


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WOW! Just in time for the cold weather..LMAO! She probably had to do it because her hair was falling out from all the dye jobs!!!!!

2807 days ago


This is crazy. Wait, didn't her aunt just die of breast cancer? Maybe she did in memory of her.....

2807 days ago

bob boner    

Why doesn't anyone ask what kind of bud she's smokin??? She's definitely on something and she's hiding it very well...until now. Lindsay Lohan needs to thank Britney for taking away her ugly spotlight.
I wonder if Britney would like to meet my friend BIG MOE. He would love to come over and give her a complimentary facial.

2807 days ago


Thank you #137

Brit's people need to help her fast! This PPD isn't anything to play with, we all are gonna watch her hit rock bottom, and possibly hurt her kids and herself, and ain't a flippin' thing we can do, it's her people that need to step up and quick!!!
Kevin didn't impress me at first, but I now have faith in him, he needs to help her, and stop squabbling over money!!

2807 days ago


I think she had to do this because her hair was so damaged from coloring it so much. This way she will start off with fresh, undamaged hair when it grows out. She'll be wearing wigs. I don't think she did this because she wanted to be bald. I honestly don't think she wanted to be seen like this at all.

2807 days ago


Wow, this girl needs help, and everything she is doing is a cry for help, Thank God she enough money to hire nannys or her children would be in serious trouble. Now where is her MOM and DAD and Family or for that matter K-FED to get the kids??????????

2807 days ago

Ima adead moose    

You know, I hate bald washed-up pop stars, so I let it be known. I don't like bald washed-up pop stars and I don't like to be around bald washed-up pop stars.

-- Little Timmy Hardaway

2807 days ago


i think she is hot

2807 days ago

Mrs. Jackson    

Kevin please go get your kids before something bad happens to those innocent little babies, Brittany is obviously very very unstable. SOMEONE INTERVENE, if i knew her Id kick her ass and force her to stay in rehab. She gets more pathetic everyday, one day shes blonde, the next day shes brunette, and now shes bald, there is nothing sane about any of her behaviour, she didnt even put socks on her little baby in freezing cold, N.Y., she is in a bad place and I hope her little babies arent suffering because of her, I know how stressful 2 babies can be, I have 16 mo. old twins, and its very trying, and Im normal......Those babies, need to be with someone who can care for them, if Kevin wont do anything, maybe child services should look into this....I feel so sorry for those kids......Brittany you will be very sorry if u dont stop this nonsense, your money wont last forever. She is just too sad.......

2807 days ago


Britney, I myself could never live my life the way you have to under the watch full ignorant picture taking judging your every move world. I truely hope whatever seems to be going on in your life you find your inner happiness and loveand respect of yourself and sons and family. Just because it seems you made some bad choices in life doesn't make you a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes, try to learn from them. My prayers and thoughts go out to you. For the rest of you people out there, get a life and I'm sure you done some stupid ass crap sometime in your own life, you just don't have the world watching you or care that you did something stupid. Back off and let Britney and her family work things out. God Bless Britney.

2807 days ago


WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! GIMMICKS! GIMMICKS! GIMMICKS! She did it for EXACTLY the reason we're all commenting on it................ATTENTION!!! I mean she's kinda running out of SHOCK BEHAVIOR.

PROPS ON THE "LIPS" tattoo, though... this way even if she's wearing underwear, her "LIPS" WILL BE EXPOSED!!!!!!

2807 days ago

i don't know    



2807 days ago


she look ok

2807 days ago

old news    

Britney you look cute and that took a lot of courage for you to get rid of your damaged hair. Women know how bad hair can get with all the processing you do to it. So stand tall, this is a fresh start for you and you will look so much better as your hair grows back.

As your friend Justin Timberlake said, "Stop drinking."

Hugs and Kisses to your sons.

Signed, Understanding

2807 days ago


What is wrong with this girl? where is her mom and her sister to tell her she is f-cking up. She must be on some crazy drugs

2807 days ago
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