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Britney Spears

Shaves Her

F&*%ing Head!!!

2/17/2007 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have now seen it all. 

Britney Spears, back from less than 24 hours in a Caribbean rehab facility, showed up at a Sherman Oaks, Calif. tattoo parlor Friday night sporting a new hairdo. KABC in Los Angeles caught her as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist..

Ladies and gentleman, she is now completely bald.

Words escape us.


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This could be symbolic of her starting over--a fresh life without the K-loser and with her two sons as a divorced/single mom. You heard that old lyric? "Im gonna wash that man right out of my hair'"? Well Brit may have taken it to an extreme---"I'm gonna cut that man right our of my hair (i.e. life)!""

Take care, Brit.

2808 days ago


When you're an uneducated, white trash, trailer park, slut like
Brit, There is no amount of money or fame that can change that.

Just like Anna Nicole, when she's dead, her kids will be better off too.

2808 days ago


Britney is rebelling against her FUGLY self!She doesnt like herself. She hates herself.Insecure and all.This is really awful.I thought she was a Mother but as more people recognized her antics the more she is rebelling,and being irresponsible of her ways. I really wonder what does her family say or do to stop her from really and totally fall from grace..oops, I guess she already fell from grace!
I just hope her kids grow up to be fine young men!And not spend their entire lives going to therapy.

2808 days ago


Kinda reminds me of sigorney weaver in Alien :P

2808 days ago


WTF!! I agree she is an attention whore...... WHO'S GONNA CALL DR PHIL??
LMAO Iam not sure even he could help her.......

2808 days ago

barry mac    

She didnt go to rehab. It was Ranger School and shes going to Baghdad to fix this war thing.You Go G.I. J ANE!!

2808 days ago


I approve, she's becoming a Buddhist nun, those fine Tibetan ladies will reform her.

As for the poll, she was fugly before her hair was cut JSYK

2808 days ago


This woman clearly needs someone to rescue her. Where are her parents? She is headed down the same path as Anna Nicole. How sad.

2808 days ago


LMAO....if you look close enough, you can almost see an Adams Apple...maybe she is just embracing her inner man? Do us a favor and go back to the Bayou, you ugly, no talent, bad parenting SWAMP RAT. On second thought, Swamp Rats take care of their offspring, so to put you in the same category would be an insult to the Swamp Rat. On hind sight, just go crawl back into the Bayou from where you came.

2808 days ago

K man    

The hair will grow back. It's the tatoo of the red lips on her wrist that I can't get passed.

2808 days ago


Britney or Shitney Spears is a coke whore. She will never get up from this fall is she will not turn her life around.

2808 days ago


Well, I guess all her attention has been taken over by Anna Nicole, looks like she trying hard to get in the headlines..

2808 days ago


If she wants to be left alone by the paparazzi why did she shave her head in front of them of not for attention? She could have done that at home behind closed doors.

2808 days ago

K Fed    

She'll be dead in a year...........if we are lucky.

2808 days ago

just another schmooooo    

Who really care .. she will be sporting a wig tomorrow and this will be forgotten .. seems to me she is is trying to be like demi moore

A .the naked cover
B shaving her head .. BUT SWEETIE DEMI WAS GETTING PAID !!!


Kinda sad to know Kevin was the glue holding that freaks mind together .... OOOO I ascared ....

forgive her she's counrty or crazy im not sure what she said ..

2808 days ago
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