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Britney Spears

Shaves Her

F&*%ing Head!!!

2/17/2007 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have now seen it all. 

Britney Spears, back from less than 24 hours in a Caribbean rehab facility, showed up at a Sherman Oaks, Calif. tattoo parlor Friday night sporting a new hairdo. KABC in Los Angeles caught her as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist..

Ladies and gentleman, she is now completely bald.

Words escape us.


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brittney spears needs to have her children taken away....celebrity shouldn't mean do whatever you want. p.s. she's ugly! shar looks hotter than her

2769 days ago


Who gives a rats butt if this girl shaves her head, Who gives a rats butt if she paints her head like an Easter egg, Who gives a DAMN, period, THere are a million important, eartshaking things going on in this world, and the media focuses on this spoiled goof shaving her head. WHO CARES!

2769 days ago


LMFAO !!!!!!! someone PLEASE slap that brat in da face and make her grow up and watch her freakin KIDS !!!!!!!

2769 days ago


Britney, Kind of reminds me of Mike Tyson a bit. We all thought they'd make some kind of comeback but then shocked us, showing that there was no comeback in them. She stinks, 2 kids back to back, shes worse than selfish.

She guaranteed a spot below for sure, god tolerates alot of things, but not abandanment of your children. Her family should have the same fate as her, if this was Iraq, they would have been hung already. You have to put the family to blame here, again like Tyson, there's no support for this person. You all know whats eventually going to happen with her if things dont change, as is aid earlier god doesn't tolerate 2 things, a parent that doesn't even try and suicide. It would not be a shock for her to successfully do both.

She makes me feel like an idiot at times, we bust our ass out there working for what $50k or so a year, support our families children, etc....and here comes along this idiot of a person who basically is saying, screw all of you, or at least thats how i see it.

finally, this thing of course isn't over yet, i dont think there's much shock value left in her now, which is probably bad for her, wha can she do next to top all she has done, figure that out and there's your next story. I know this, there's now way in the world she last in rehab.....................i assure you that. So were looking at a busting out of rehab thing for her and a grand finale, again what might it be, i just hope it's solo and she doesnt pull one of those crazy Susan Smith things. I might sound negative, but i really dont have any wishes for her, either way it will just be more news for the week.

2769 days ago

S3xy a$$ Mamii    

Well when i heard the news i was in my car with a friend we looked at each other in shocked!! It didn't process into my brain right away i thought it was a joke. But later when i saw CNN i was convince, there was no mistake or joke she really did it!! and she did it herself which was more of a shocker !0! ......... She clearly needs a lot of help pronto!! Please some one get her away from Paris and her groupies is been a really bad influence on her besides of however she was before hanging out with Paris and company. She needs new friends and obviously some help from her family.

2769 days ago

J Romo    

People need to listen to her cry for help. I think that she was most happy with Justin and if he would just pick her up and help her it would save her. The children will be ok I truly believe she cares and will do what it takes to keep her babies, its about time the father is helping out. Brittney fans are the ones hurting her just like they did ELVIS. If I could I would be will to sit and listen to her all day and try to understand and lift her up . But I am powerless, I am praying for her all the time to prove everyone wrong and bring herself back. Instead of always bagging on her why not pray for her instead, the power of prayer is powerful.

2769 days ago


She's just trying to get a "one up" on the Anna Nicole media frenzy. She had nothing left to do but shave her head. She's so animated and her mother's in on it too. They're both attention whores. One living through her daughter.

2769 days ago


Okay hellooooooo She does not need someone to listen to her ...she NEEDS to get off the drugs. That is what the fuck she needs to do. OH yeah she also needs to stop worrying about that ugly dog she is always holding and start holding her kids instead. I am sick to my fucking stomach of these stupid bitches in hollywood. what the fuck kind of influence are they to young girls looking up to them. Here is an idea for all you hollywood hoes........GET OFF THE PILLS AND COKE AND METH, PUT SOME PANIES ON CAUSE THEM COOTERS ARE NASTY LOOKING, AND START ACTING WITH A LITTLE CLASS ...AT LEAST IN THE PUBLIC EYE.

2768 days ago


It's HAIR!!! And she's Britney Spears. She is sexy and talented and she has spunk and personality that many of your boring entertainers DON'T have. Hair grows back and Britney is going through a time in her life that NO ONE on this entire planet can relate to. Who are any of us to judge? It's nice to see how humanly nasty everyone is about this situation rather than touched or sympathetic. God be with Britney.

2768 days ago


Hasn't anyone of you been to rehab? The reason she shaved her head was to avoid a hair strand drug test. That has been my theory from the very beginning of this debacle. She is not insane and she is not making a bold fashion choice. She had just bolted from rehab and likely freaked out at the possibility of a hair strand test that can reveal what drugs you were injesting for a lot longer that any urine or blood test. She probably was able to give up her drug of choice long enough to pass a regular drug test but knew she would fail the strand test. Unfortunately she nor her bodyguards had the presence of mind to take the sheared strands with them following the head-shaving incident. Does she not realize that rehabs aren't the only ones capable of sending in her hair for a strand test? Why go to all the trouble of shaving your head to avoid a drug test and then leave the evidence with money hungry hair salon owners looking to capitalize on their new found fame by selling her discarded hair on Ebay!

2768 days ago


Somethings wrong with this child. She needs to step back and get her shit together or she won't have her kids. She is making this babydaddy K-Fed look damn good rite now, and you know his ass is no angle!!!!

2768 days ago


very silly but the girl really needs help to get well and keep her lil boys.

2768 days ago


I mean come on Brit, get it together, you have 2 children and they need you man. Oh, did i say man, that is what you look like now....... Aliens? Are you planning to play a part in the Aliens movie "The unknown alien....Brittney Spears"

2768 days ago


Since she shaved her head there can now be no further conjecture. The drapes do match the rug.

2768 days ago


I think that the problem is that no one wants to be the BAD guy in the situation, It's kinda hard to tell your BOSS that she's beening an A@#HOLE or just plan stupid. If one person would tell her how she's acting is not good then maybe she'll start to think about what she's doing to herself and her children.

As far as K-Fed is concerned he is one to talk about her the only reason he wants those kids so bad is the MONEY-Child Support he may love them but he broke and always has been that's her money he was living off of so he needs to stop this finger pointing and bad talking, because since he left britney not once have I seen him with his kids by Shar Jackson.

I'm going to keep Britney in my prayers and she'll get thru this.

2768 days ago
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