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Cops Investigate

Shane Gibson

2/19/2007 3:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Commissioner of Police in the Bahamas has received "an official complaint" against former Minister of Immigration Shane Gibson -- and the Commissioner is now conducting a formal investigation.

Gibson resigned after photos surfaced showing a chummy relationship between himself and Anna Nicole Smith. Gibson green-lit Smith's petition for residency, even though it's questionable she was entitled to receive it.

Police sources would not say who or what agency filed the complaint. We're told, however, that the Commissioner is required to investigate. Sources would not say if the investigation involves possible criminal misconduct.


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OH... what tangled webs we weave...

2699 days ago


This is the first step towards having the residency permits for ANS and HK$ cancelled because of immigration fraud.

This is the first step towards deportation of HK$.

2699 days ago


It's about's so obvious that they both took advantage of each other to get what they wanted....may she rest in peace..

2699 days ago


wow the poll says 100%

2699 days ago


Looks like the house of cards surrounding HKS are starting to tumble.

2699 days ago


now it says 84% yes and 16% no

2699 days ago


you really think he'll be deported? i don't

2699 days ago


Howard only has a visitors visa so he wont be there for long.

2699 days ago

Grandma of Four    

I cannot figure out WHY the government of the Bahamas has not reversed Anna Nicole Smith's very controversial and questionable residency claim. Quite some time back, it was obvious to all clear thinking folks that this had some sort of "not so fast" written all over it!

G. Ben Thompson should be held accountable also for fouling up this whole mess and even being a party to it in the first place! It is clear to everyone who can read or hear that this house was not paid for by any funds/resources of Ms. Smith's and she should have been called in for a clear explanation right off the bat instead of all this foolishness that has gone on.

Two people are gone, a baby does not know WHO her father is, a lot of money has been spent, Howard K....for some unknown reason...seems to think he is entitled to special treatment...but the wagons are circling and it remains to be seen HOW he is going to manage to keep himself out of Florida!

I smell a serious case of some illness brewing for either Howard K. or Baby Dannielynn tomorrow! But he cannot have Shane G. or his mother running interference anymore! Sounds like that avenue is drying up!

2699 days ago


I'm sure Howard's parents and siblings are so proud! What a wonderful human being he's become!

2699 days ago

Cat Kil    

Shane Gibson + Bahamian Immigration Minister Title + Sex/Friendship = Speedy Residency/Citizenship

I wonder if the $10,000.00 check & ROLEX was worth it.
Is wifey-poo still sitting beside you now?
What a dumbass!!!
Howard happily snaps pictures while Shane gets him some.
I'm sure he'll publish those now that you are no use to him. LOL

I find it kinda weird that he attended her baby shower, was on her bed hugging her, etc. - How many U.S. citizens had so much as your Mayor or Governor attend your baby shower? Much less be in your bed? Hmmm? And hug you???
But he had the gall to state Anna wasn't granted any special privileges. Hmmm?
AND his mother/wife (depending on who is telling the story) BABYSAT for DannieLynn! How convenient when you're going to take the mother to FL to kill her drugged @ss. LOL
Wow! I think I'll ring up my local sheriff & see if he'll send his wife or mother right over! Guess I better NOT hold my breath!

2699 days ago


HKS is only on tourist status in the Bahama's when this investigation is done and the statue of the Child is decided
then he will get the boot off that island

2699 days ago

Jennifer D    

Hey HEy Ho Ho H Kidnapper Stern is gotta go...

2699 days ago

Cat Kil    

Let's just HOPE this is the next action in righting several wrongs.
Two of which can NEVER be corrected as 2 lives were lost but justice needs to prevail BEFORE DannieLynn is the next victim!

Have you saw THIS?
Link to the site is below the item.
Read highlighted area!!
Can it be true??? LOL

Anna Nicole Smith, the B movie actress, who moved to The Bahamas and obtained Permanent Residence in the midst of controversy, dropped dead in a Florida hotel room on Thursday 8th January. What a life. For the past year or so since she moved to The Bahamas she has had a rough time. She had a rough time before that but her life simply seems to have gone off the rails. The FNM in The Bahamas has been seeking to make a connection between her and a Government Minister in The Bahamas and maybe now that she is dead they will let the matter rest. The cause of death has not been disclosed or determined.
What we do know is that the Ministry of Tourism could not have asked for better publicity about The Bahamas. Every other word on the television news and in the press in the United States is The Bahamas. Couldn’t pay for it. The Bahamas government has nothing to do with the death. It is entirely a private matter. There is reportedly an action in Bahamian courts to have the name Howard K. Stern struck off the birth certificate as the father of the baby that was born in The Bahamas to Ms. Smith. The baby is now five months old. The drama is likely to be played out in the Bahamian courts since the baby is said to be in The Bahamas.
Photo by: Todd Williamson / FilmMagic

2699 days ago

Cat Kil    

There is reportedly an action in Bahamian courts to have the name Howard K. Stern struck off the birth certificate as the father of the baby that was born in The Bahamas to Ms. Smith.

That is what I was trying to point out.
under this headline: ANNA NICOLE SMITH’S DEATH
They changed the link.
From the link above you'd have to go to LAST WEEK's news.
The CORRECT link is

2699 days ago
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