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David Gest Is Out ... On the Town

2/19/2007 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With everyone and their botox zombie husbands getting a reality TV show -- add one more to the trainwreck pileup. David Gest trolled the streets of Los Angeles with his own television production crew in tow on Saturday. Run for your lives!

The 53-year-old former bride of Liza Minnelli futilely attempted to make facial gestures as he cavorted with his contractually bound team of hangers-on outside a Beverly Hills tea shop. David with a D!

Luckily, American eyes will be spared the David Gest Show; it will only air in the UK. Thank heaven for little things.


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Sweet Candy    

David Gest looks like hell!
That man is scary. Poor Liza. I am certain she would not sleep with him. That makeup, those eyebrows, everything about him screams "I was born the wrong gender." I have no respect for a man that wants to be a woman and won't admit it. Why won't he just admit to being a tranny?
Best wishes to all the trannies and drag queens. At least they have the courage to be proud of who they aren't but want to be.
And get paid too!

2804 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

This "manly man" belongs on British TV...and ONLY British TV.

2804 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

liza liza when you hit him you should of smacked the ugly right off his face.

2804 days ago

Just Me    

I think you might be surprised what a funny guy he is.
He totally won over the British public when appearing in "Im a celebrity get me outta here" (reality show).Have a look at youtube. He is actually a very genuine, funny guy. Id happily keep him in the UK, you can keep ya crazy, anorexic tarts and we'll keep the ones with great personalities.

2804 days ago


David Gest's dark humour made him popular on UK reality T.V.

The show he was on favours anyone who doesn't whinge and whine - he was one of the few that fell into that category.

2804 days ago


He is such a freak! Why is anyone interested in this loser?

2804 days ago


Is it just me or does his face look like it might crack if he actually showed any facial movement? Creepy! *Shudders in horror*

2804 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Thanks TMZ for posting this photo of mr g! I just barfed without having to stick my finger in my throat! I am printing this and putting it in the bathroom where it will come in really handy when I need to purge. Thanks again!

2804 days ago

janie still    

OMG huge bodyguard last nite at Casa Vega...everyone curious to see who it was.....tah dah David way..with a bodygurad....who CARES!

2804 days ago


2804 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

# 7 Christian do like Judy Garland did in the wizard of oz and tap your shoes together, Instead of saying theres no place like home, say there is no place like hell. theres no place `like hell and hopefully for all of us you'll go straight to hell

2804 days ago

Lenn K    

Everytime I see David Gest, I can't help but thinking about him and Lisa Minnelli NAKED having SEX, Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2804 days ago


Post #4....I don't think ANYONE can HIT that hard. It would take one hell of a "wind up"!!

Post #7........Seriously, take Post #13 comments VERY SERIOUSLY!!!

2804 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

I didn't realise that he was so "petit"
Come out, Come out where ever you are.....:-)

2804 days ago


The Brits are right, this guy is hilarious and talented and could outwit most of the so called American comedians on tv today. It's a pity that all the US sees of him is in the tabloids because there's so much more to the man - and for what it's worth, he can't believe he married Liza either!
We need more of his style humour in the world.

2804 days ago
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