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L. Ron's


2/19/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla PresleyScientology church ladies Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley and Priscilla Presley used their combined intergalatic superpowers for, er, good on Saturday.

The holy trinity of thetans hammed it up for Scientology's 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' awards banquet, which highlighted "psycho-pharmaceutical whistleblowers" this year.

It's safe to say Anna Nicole's doc, Sandeep Kapoor, was not a guest speaker.


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Sean Bresnahan    

Poor Priscilla. That mask she's wearing looks painful. Why did she do it? Did it help her career? So unnecessary. She was a gorgeous woman and age only would have added to her beauty. When will the ladies (and gents - Burt) learn.

2781 days ago

Andolini Figueroa    

Ha-ha-aha!!! Hehehehe!!!

All of you have great points!!! By chance do you see the ones on those "Ladies" heads...Tap them for satelite...

2781 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2781 days ago

Enough Already!    

Well............i guess

Nevermind...I just dont know what to say on this one

2781 days ago


You've gotta love it when three plastic surgery infused nitwits come together to tell us how EEEEVIL psychiatry is. I'm just curious as to how this silly cult, which was started by the paranoid, egonmaniac L. Ron Blubbard plans to treat all of the people in the world who suffer from mental illness. Do you think any of these broads will volunteer to provide a home for a schizophrenic who hears voices and becomes violent without their medication? If they're right about how horrible all psychiatric drugs are I don't see why they would have a problem with that.
Truth is they're brainwashed morons with too much time on their hands. Maybe one of them can attempt to explain all of the deaths at the hands of the cult of greed, $cientology, Elie Perkins and Lisa McPherson to name just two.

2781 days ago


I think Kelly Preston should focus more of her energy on her son, who reportedly is autistic, yet receives no treatment for the condition because it's forbidden by Scientology. Poor kid, with all of the advances in treatment for these children to not get help for your child should be criminal. Might explain why her son Jett is never photographed or seen out in public. As for Priscilla, she's starting to look like a chimpmunk. And Kirstie? Still fat

2781 days ago


Didn't I just see a pic of Kirstie Ally giving a photog the finger? I wonder if all Scientology members greet each other that way.

2781 days ago


Once they pass on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ won't know who they are. They rejected him, he rejects them. Hope they like the very very warm weather with L. Ronny.

2781 days ago

Ida Clair    

22. Let's just hope that Kirstie never used pharmaceuticals to get down that weight issue.
Posted at 5:13PM on Feb 19th 2007 by Shawn

Scientologists only care about drugs used to treat psychological issues. I worked for a company that used their "management tech" and was required to swear I hadn't taken any courses beyond Psych 101 in that field. They don't want their followers to go thinking for themselves!

Weight loss pills - they don't care.

2781 days ago


Freaks. Why does TMZ give them the attention they crave so much? Why give their cult any more free publicity?

2781 days ago


To have that number of plastic surgery, you must need pschological help, so what doess that tell me about these bozos, a bunch of nut jobs attracted to a cult that doesnt believe in madness...they dont think , dont know how to think and their critical thinking skills is effectively supressed by the cult...

Talk about bad mothering, the california social services should best spend their time investigating Kelly preston than chasing after britney.,

Kelly Preston had the audacity to say that she wished she had intervened with Anna Nicole since they had programs like Narocnon to help her ...can you beleive the audacity of this brainwashed fool who will not treat her own son.....these people make me angry higher than thou foolish knowledge from a guy who never completed any degrees and was rejected anywhere he went ....

Unbelievable and seems they spread their sicknessto holmes, wonder when she will be waking up from that nonsense, her parents suprise me the most..they should intervene..Apparently she also went under the knife, seems like the cult have issues with appearance..................
read comments 72 and 73,%20Katie

2781 days ago

The Expatriot    

May those three bitches burn in hell.

2781 days ago


I HATE $cientology!!! I HATE these three ugly $cientology drones!!! I have three brothers in that god awful cult!!! They are all walking robots!! None of brothers can utter a single coherent word! They talk in monosyllables and everything is abbreviated!! They call me a SP, for suppressive person, because they gave all their money to the cult and now they all are BROKE!!! Where is this fucking religion when they need help??? Now they rely on the government to sustain this shitty cult!!! They are so brain-dead they can't even work anymore!!!!

2781 days ago


I wonder how much money these 3 losers give to the cult on
a yearly basis? How stupid are they? Celebrities are all stupid.
It's brainwashing and the people who believe this crap must be
very weak minded. L Ron is taking their money period.
I wish the mother ship would land in Hollyweird and bean up
all of these whacks.

2781 days ago


While Johnny is out playing around with his boyfriend, Kelly, the Lesbian, is with her girfriend!!! I guess $cientology didn't cure them of their "gayness" $cientology hates gay people too!!! They say Homosexuality is a mental illness and can be cured by taking their courses and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars!!! Now you know why "GAY" Tommy Cruise didn't invite Johnny and Kelly to their wedding??? Tommy Cruise still believes he was "cured" and Johnny needs more course work to cure his "ilness" These $cientolgy creeps need to be terminated, NOW!!! Send them all back to Xenu!!!

2781 days ago
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