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L. Ron's


2/19/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla PresleyScientology church ladies Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley and Priscilla Presley used their combined intergalatic superpowers for, er, good on Saturday.

The holy trinity of thetans hammed it up for Scientology's 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' awards banquet, which highlighted "psycho-pharmaceutical whistleblowers" this year.

It's safe to say Anna Nicole's doc, Sandeep Kapoor, was not a guest speaker.


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It's disgusting that these women are so brain washed. And Ms.Presley, one of the world's wealthiest women giving(probably)alot of her money to this cult. Same with Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Disgusting, I repeat!!!

2805 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Priscilla Presley was so gorgeous. REALLY. Now,she does not even look like herself. Too much surgery..eyes, lips, EEEKKKK!!!!!

2805 days ago


So we're all in agreement- $cientology is for losers???!!!!

2805 days ago


Nut cases all.

2805 days ago


Did you know $cientology actually believes they will one day "clear the planet", i.e. rule the world? When this happens, according the nutjobs, ALL psychiatry will be banished and replaced by auditing. You know where a person is hooked up to a machine that resembles a lie detector, the "e-meter", while the person being questioned holds two V-8 cans. They are asked questions like "Have you ever done anything you wouldn't want anyone to know about" or "Have you ever engaged in beastiality"? Yeah, this is a real sane bunch of people. If you have around $200,000 just lying around that you're not doing anything with you can get up to level OT 3, where you find out there is no God. (According to the evil warlord Xenu, who ruled the universe 75 million years ago back when earth was called Teegeeack) WHACKOS!!!!

2805 days ago


They probably enjoy the chanting.

2804 days ago


$cientology is so materialistic. I was watching a show one day and they was talking about their retreats. These people get to ride on yachts to tropical islands and the only way you can participate is if you have some dumb $cientology card and a lot of money (which believe or not, people are actually willing to pay) .

That's not a real retreat. The point of a retreat is to get away from materialistic things, not to get closer to it. It's so mad made and fake, you mind as well make a sci-fi movie on it. And what the hell is up with man made planets? Do they seriously think they're going to take over the world? STUPID CULT.

What gets me is that people actually believe this dumb crap. This so called religion. SInce when did aliens and mother ships become a part of religion.THEY'RE NOT EVEN REAL. And if they're are, I won't believe it until I actually see one. I would convert to any other religion in the world except this one. I'm a Christian, and though some say that Christianity is a cult, I say its more believable than this crap.

2804 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

. I thought auditing was for taxes.
This thing is cultist weird and is for rich people who do not know what to do with themselves and their money.
As somone posted earlier, look up Kelly Preston and JohnTravolta austism Jett. You get a few hits. If this child has autism, that is not funny and is nothing to play with. There are many degrees of autism. Who knows if he has it or to what degree. Joey Travolta , John's brother, had a documentary on austism and he is former special education teacher. That is on one of the hits.

2804 days ago


Can count on TMZ to make L. Ron Hubbard sound odd. Nothing wrong with supporting a group (CCHR) that is trying to stop the misuse of drugs on kids.

2804 days ago


Three blind mice...see how they will do anything for publicity? For them, their cult & their loser lovers. They truly deserve each other. We, the public, however...DO NOT. L. Ron's puppets, methinks.

2804 days ago


These three freaks have never done anything for anyone except themselves. What a joke. The fact they they disguise this ridiculous awards banquet as having anything to do with Human Rights is laughable. Instead of supporting real charities that actually help people, like many celebrities do, they ONLY support scientology. It's sad and detestable. You're not fooling anyone, ladies.

2804 days ago


I was going to comment Bob P. but I don't think I could have put it any better than you just did.

2804 days ago


It is sad to see such cool Hollywood gals fall for this bullshit. Obiously, they have no idea how bad it makes them look which just adds to the realness how far removed Hollyweird is detached from reality.

2804 days ago


So glad to hear you have all heard of the Constitution and the little article about Freedom of Religion. Yea, yea yea, I know, there is also one about Freedom of Speech, I know! Maybe you should try a little kindness. These ladies are trying to help, not hurt anyone.

2804 days ago


The Travolta's son isn't being hurt by being denied treatment for his autism?
Other children who suffer from depression, ADHD, etc.. won't be hurt if these nitwits have their way and psychiatry is abolished?
Glad you brought up one's right of freedom of speech, now I don't have to address it. As for freedom of religion, if these people want to worship a goat I couldn't care less, but when you try to dictate what care other people have available to them in cases of mental illness I draw the line. They are completely free to throw their money away on Blubbard's teachings, but don't try to force it upon those of us NOT brainwashed by their silly cult. Kindness is the last thing these robots need. A good deprogrammer maybe. If you buy into the Scientology BS you're just as naive as they are.

2804 days ago
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