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2/19/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla PresleyScientology church ladies Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley and Priscilla Presley used their combined intergalatic superpowers for, er, good on Saturday.

The holy trinity of thetans hammed it up for Scientology's 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' awards banquet, which highlighted "psycho-pharmaceutical whistleblowers" this year.

It's safe to say Anna Nicole's doc, Sandeep Kapoor, was not a guest speaker.


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I thought this was an article about the benefits of plastic surgery. One things for sure, Scientologists don't exactly believe in growing old gracefully! Freakazoids....

2766 days ago

Amelia Joyce    

They look at stupid and weird as each other!

2766 days ago

Susan Critenden    

Scientology makes morons out of humans; has anybody read "The Giver" by Louis Lowry? Read that or 1984; it's all come true with mind altering cult control!
Miss my nephew and neice; they were cool kids. Never see them now; but if I were to see them, Iwould probably feel worse, with the cloned bahaviour.
by Sue Crittenden

2765 days ago


Sue- it sounds like your niece and nephew may have been ordered to "disconnect" from their families because you aren't buying the $cientology BS. If so I hope they come around one day. Typically people eventually figure out how destructive the cult of $cientology is. Good luck to you

2765 days ago


I always wondered if Scientology supported legitimate causes. Here's the answer: Nope.

2765 days ago


55. It is sad to see such cool Hollywood gals fall for this bullshit. Obiously, they have no idea how bad it makes them look which just adds to the realness how far removed Hollyweird is detached from reality.

Posted at 11:00AM on Feb 21st 2007 by jstew28379

Can't say I feel bad for them at all. They've joined a cult because it treat's them as though they are better than the rest of its followers. I don't see any legitimate religions with 'celebrity centres'.

2765 days ago


The best that can be said about these 3 cult robots is Kirstie's hair looks good in this pic.

2765 days ago


Kelly still looks fantastic.She's the only one with no plastic surgery.She and John vowed never to get any.
I think to much is made of this scientology stuff. It's just a belief they have,except it. You don't have to believe it,Idon't. Most of these celebs you like to bash for their beliefs are very nice people.

2725 days ago


Kelly preston may not have had any P.S. yet,but she needs it. That bitch is fugly as sin. She looks like she decomposing in front of our very eyes. Just not fast enough for me. I really hate that bitch. When she finally kicks off,it will be a happy day.

2723 days ago

White Rabbit    

Man, every one of these Scientology freaks (cult members) are like the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Death to them all, the sickos.

2682 days ago

White Rabbit    

And furthermore, poor Elvis must be taking a second spin in his grave -- first daughter Lisa's marriage to Wacko Jacko, and now Priscilla joining the Scientologist zombies. Sad indeed.

2682 days ago
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