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Methadone Babies -- Not "Sexy"

2/19/2007 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to Dannielynn's weight, Anna Nicole might still get her wish ... and it doesn't involved a lo-cal baby formula.

TMZ contacted a medical professional at celeb-friendly Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, who informed us that long-term effects on a child born to a mother on methadone include slowed growth; meaning Dannielynn could have a lower weight and smaller size than un-methed tots.

Anna Nicole: click to launchOther side effects may include both impaired behavioral development and organizational abilities. Short-term effects the baby might experience in the first year are involuntary muscle spasms, irritability, high pitched crying, diarrhea, disturbed sleep and inconsistent breathing patterns.

If the baby is a little off, it will be difficult to say what is attributable to methadone ... and what part to genetics.


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TMZ is so desperate for a story. Just report celebrity news, quit the scandal. I wonder how many to-be mothers will not get help, thinking it's just as dangerous, so may as well stay hooked on the street drugs. You're idiots for reporting shit in a bad light that you know nothing about. Idiots!

2769 days ago


Wow. Wise Old Owl, what day will you be testifying in Daniel's inquest?? I didnt realize YOU were the mysterious "alleged 4th person in the room"! Your EYE WITNESS TESTIMONY will definitely assure that Howard K Stern spends the rest of his life in prison, if not that he actually gets the death penalty! Your description of the night Daniel spent with his mom and Dannielynn, and the next morning is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY out there, owl, get a grip. Put the cocktail down and walk away from the computer!!

Personally, I believe what someone else said, that liquid methadone was in the wendy's cup and Daniel accidentally drank it. That is the most plausible explanation. I dont think Howard intentionally killed Daniel, because, to tell you the truth, with all the other antics in his mother's life, I seriously DOUBT that Daniel would have raised an eyebrow regarding the baby's father. I dont think he knew anymore than the rest of us, who that baby's dad is. Plus, everything I have read about him, he would have gone along with his mom, because that is what he did, he took care of, and placated, his mom.

And Owl, if you knew Daniel personally, as you seem to imply, by your "absolute" statements about what he would or would not do, then why didnt you ever help him??? Why didnt you help his mother??
You should really watch what you say, because your statements could give people the wrong idea about you. They could make everyone think you are crazy and obsessed!!

2769 days ago


Did anyone else notice, in pictures of Dannielynn sleeping, she was on her stomach, rather than her back.Baby experts say, to put baby on his/her back during sleep. It used to be, to put baby to sleep, on his/her stomach. I pray Dannielynn grows up ok, surrounded by love...

2769 days ago


#53 I totally agree with you. TMZ is putting other lives in danger by printing this story. I also fear that there are going to be women who read this story and believe it to be factual. Methadone has saved far more lives than it has taken. It's the uneducated and ignorant of this subject that continue to make negative remarks toward this life saving drug. They are creating even more of a scandal then there already is. It's a shame.

2769 days ago


no one knows for sure if Anna used Methodone while Pregnant. Stern could have gotten the drug specifically to kill Daniel and Anna. He held out on Anna to see if there would be a union. When she was about to kick Stern out, along with the eviction, the death of her son, that's when Stern decided to do her in. The house was not mortgaged, utilities were likely not in their name but Thompson's, and Stern is buying a damn boat, dragging sick Anna along. No one knows for a fact if Anna was truely sick. The nurse if that's what you want to call her, should have insisted the ER. With statements like "If you die, I go to jail" from her "boyfriend" it's looking like there was major tension between them.

2769 days ago

Amanda G    


2769 days ago


In regards to those who believe that someone put the methadone into a soda. Methadone has an extremely potent bitter taste. To put enough methadone into the cup to kill him, he would have know something was up right away. It is not a taste less liquid that could have just been slipped into a few ounces of soda with out a red flag coming up that something isn't right!

2769 days ago


She needs to be in a safe, enriched enviroment where she can be carefully evaluated for possible developmental delays. She needs to be around a family.

How was HK$ going to provide that in Dubai? Remember, he was taking ANS there to rehab. Was he going to leave the baby in Nassau? Who would pay for the infant evaluations and training? Was ANS going to ask for that for free, too?

Sadly, none of what these two grifters did was really for the child. It was for the money the child would have.

2769 days ago


Wonder why no one has gotten off their fat arses and visited the college that Daniel was attending and interviewed friends and teachers there to find out if he talked to anyone about HKS or anything else going on his family life. I can't believe this kid died happy and never noticed anything bad about his mom and HKS like you all did.

2769 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 56 : DIVA : I am use to getting attacked by misinformed and misguided people such as yourself. Your name tells it all. Just some random person putting their 2 cents in without looking at the " facts " . Perhaps you would like to leave your son alone with HKS in a hospital room ( while you are " out of it " ) with a bottle of liquid methadone in his pocket. Especially when he has everything to gain IF your son were to die. DO YOU HAVE BLINDERS ON ???

HKS is hoping that their are many just as naive as you are. People like you will be his only salvation. I am hoping you are the minority here.

Daniel's contempt for HKS is well documented. He hated him. Why you feel compelled to stick up for this murdering RAT is beyond me. Any imbicile can see by his actions what kind of character and moral ethics he had......NONE !!!!! He is the worst example of human being I have ever seen. ( selling pictures and video's of dead people who were close to him is about as low as one can get ) Your blog is a reflection on your own character and morals as well. It is also a testimonial to your intelligence.

I just love it when these " new comers " start blogging on here like they know what they are talking about. In case you haven't heard. NO ONE COULD GET near Anna to help her. Her friends tried desperately but were " shut out " at every turn.

Daniel didn't need any help before.. He didn't have a " drug problem ". This was already investigated and proven to be " fact ". The only help he needed was when he was in the presense of HKS. You can't help someone when " you are not allowed in " Please be a " informed blogger " before you decide to air your " opinions ". I am really getting sick of having to defend what I say when it is based on the " facts in evidence. "

2769 days ago

Sweet Candy    

She's dead. Get over it already!

Bury her, cremate her just dammit stop reporting it like its news that a drug addict is dead.

2769 days ago


Oh great.
Here we have listed all the side effects of methadone on infants.
I wonder if the Dr. who prescribed this $#!T to Anna knows this.
If he doesn't, he should have his licensed taken away.
And if he DOES KNOW, he should still have his license revoked.

2768 days ago


Hi Wise Old Owl, I have a question for you (please don't confuse this with calling you out). You have obviously research what you are talking about and I am curious as to what your take on something is. As someone who is on liquid methadone, I can tell you that it has an extremely potent bitter taste it. I am wondering how you believe that Howard got Daniel, possibly Anna to drink this lethal cocktail. How didn't Daniel know something was not right? I read someone that they thought that howard put the methadone in a soda from Wendy's. I just can't comprehend anyone drinking it right down and questioning why a Soda would taste so horribly bitter. Again, I'm not attacking u, I'm really intrigued by everything you have written and I'd like your take on this also. Thanks!!

2768 days ago


Owl, I have followed this story on TMZ, and television and everywhere else just like you have, from September,when the baby was born. I am just as informed as you are, HOWEVER, since I was NOT in the room when Daniel died, I would not MAKE MYSELF LOOK LIKE A FOOL WITH OUTRAGEOUS SPECULATION, LIKE YOU YOURSELF ARE DOING. Quit reporting your "SPECULATION" as though it were fact!! Thats all I was saying, idiot.
NO ONE was defending Howard K Stern, its just that this is America, where one is SUPPOSED to be considered innocent until proven GUILTY. I would hate for you to be on a jury, because you would be hanging someone before you heard all the facts.
You say Daniel hated Stern, but you have said this before, and you are basing it off of ONE conversation, not ten or twelve years of interaction.
Where is your proof that Daniel did not do drugs??? Where is your proof that Howard is the devil incarnate???? Did you go to Daniel's college yourself, did you interview his friends, did you videotape his life, how can you make these statements that you say are "Fact", when in fact, they ARE NOT??? YOU DONT KNOW!! Yes, I HAVE seen everything you have "blogged" about since practically day one, and I have watched how you put down and slander anyone who does not agree with your warped views. You are pathetic. You are teaching NO ONE anything, YOU are guilty of misinforming the readers of TMZ, much more than these "news articles". I have watched you take remarks made from others, including your fellow "mobsters" and turn it in to "fact", just BECAUSE YOU SAY IT IS, without ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE. You always say you have done the research and have the "facts" but you have NEVER provided any PROOF of your "facts". You are just a spectator full of wild speculation, at best.
As far as Anna's alleged friends and family, like Jackie "psycho" Hatten and Bobby "give it to me, big boy" Trendy, these people are clingons, WORSE than any of the others who have come forward, except for Stan "ford" Shelley. These people are ALL sleazebags, especially her self-proclaimed "best friend", Jackie. Anyone can say anything after the fact, if any of these people gave two shits about Anna, yes, they COULD have gotten her help, and NO ONE could have stood in their way, not Howard, not anyone. ANNA allowed herself to be kept isolated. If it had been MY best friend, you better believe I would have called someone if I had seen someone plying her with drugs. Why didnt anyone do anything? BECAUSE THEY ALL HAD SOMETHING TO GAIN, a FACT that no one would admit, but its the truth. The worst Anna could have done, if someone had tried to get her help that she didnt want, would be to tell them to piss off and cut them out of her life HERSELF. She wouldnt have needed Howard to do that, believe me. I have HAD to deal with addicts before, and this is what they do.
Based on the "Facts" that I have "gathered" with YOU,after watching you "Blog" these last five months, I would surmise that you are an old drunk sitting in front of a computer, who is only semi-literate at best, but barely literate at all when you have been partaking of a few "cocktails" . The people who have defended you before could ONLY have been doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, because anyone else who has ever read anything you write would know that I am telling the truth. I have had to puzzle out your "blogs" before, and had many good chuckles over your misspellings and typos. You "blog" the way Anna Nicole spoke at that music awards show.

To everyone else, I apologize for going off topic. Sometimes, a person just HAS to say something and maybe now its time for us to do an intervention for old owl there!

2768 days ago


Okay here is my attempt at a time line
Please add to it or correct and POST where need be

11:30am Stern Left Anna sleeping and if we believe Bonnie Stern that Howard's gone for 2 hours then 11:30am is the approximate time he left Anna sleeping

At the Yacht , Stern received a call from the nurse. About 1:00pm-1:15 according to what the yacht dealer told Greta`s On the record The drive back to Anna according to Access Holiwood reporter Potts who drove it is approx 20 minutes

1:38pm The Seminole, Fla., police chief told reporters in a Thursday afternoon news conference that a private nurse employed by Smith made a 911 call at 1:38 p.m. EST

1:42pm - 911 call to Hollywood Fire & Rescue from Seminole PD

1:45pm Bodyguard Administered CPR to Anna

1:48pm - Emergency medical personnel arrived at the hotel around 1:48 p.m., six minutes after the emergency call was made . A paramedic with the Hollywood Fire Rescue Department told WTVJ-TV that Ms. Smith was not breathing when he and other rescue workers arrived in her suite, and that they had tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to restore her heartbeat.
"There was just no way of knowing how long she'd been down before she was discovered," the paramedic, Capt. Dan Fitzgerald, told the television station. He said Ms. Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, was in the room when the rescue team arrived and had provided her medical history.

2:49pm- She was pronounced dead at Memorial Hospital

I DO NOT GET THIS!! Howard got the called and drove the 20 mins and WAS there IN THE ROOM BEFORE the Paramedics!!!!!!!!! And who called Nanny Gibson telling her to get baby and get out of Horizions BEFORE SHE KNEW ABOUT ANNA?? Was this before the news of Anna collasping came out?? Who ever cleaned up that room had to know what to take AND what to leave!!!! I believe that is why they had to wait for HOWARD only he could do it right......And why is the nurse saying Anna`s jaw was messed up and she could not close it....was this rigor? Why did they make such a BIG deal out of the fact Anna was iced down?? Was she dead before H left? Howard`s 36 hrs in bed with cold sweets....was this withdraws?.......If Danielynn was in danger in the Bahamas so early on why did Bonnie first go to Howards hotel room...? Does Howie have a criminal attorney in Florida?? in the Bahamas??...what did he need to tell her that cold not of been done over the phone?? And what about the baby tranquilizers that was first mentioned?...Why are there all these phone calls going back and forth AND 911 WAS THE LAST CALL MADE TO SAVE HER??..Howard had a driver he could of easily made the call.....WHY DID HE NOT AT LEAST CALL 911 in that 20 mins??.. Something is so very wrong here!!!

2768 days ago
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