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Methadone Babies -- Not "Sexy"

2/19/2007 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to Dannielynn's weight, Anna Nicole might still get her wish ... and it doesn't involved a lo-cal baby formula.

TMZ contacted a medical professional at celeb-friendly Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, who informed us that long-term effects on a child born to a mother on methadone include slowed growth; meaning Dannielynn could have a lower weight and smaller size than un-methed tots.

Anna Nicole: click to launchOther side effects may include both impaired behavioral development and organizational abilities. Short-term effects the baby might experience in the first year are involuntary muscle spasms, irritability, high pitched crying, diarrhea, disturbed sleep and inconsistent breathing patterns.

If the baby is a little off, it will be difficult to say what is attributable to methadone ... and what part to genetics.


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TMZ writers: THAT WAS LOW!
"If the baby is a little off, it will be difficult to say what is attributable to methadone ... and what part to genetics."

Like this child isn't going to have enough to go through one day reading all the "wonderful" things people had to say about the mother she never knew.

2766 days ago


Tree, your time line seems accurate and on point...what doesn't is what led up to and after the death of Anna. You bring up some interesting food for thought. None of the timeline makes sense IF someone was REALLY trying to save Anna's life and if in fact it did happen as they stated which seems unlikely. The part about her mouth, the length of time to call 911, HKS being there and available to give medical info and what is this about the icing down thing???? I have only heard bits and pieces about that....but if she was, (excuse these remarks about the dead) tampered with to avoid or confuse the time of death since most all reports seem to concur that she was dead when they paramedics entered the room, not to mention how long her bodyguard Moe stated he had been "working" on her, then this could be a ploy to throw authorities, ME, etc off...not that I don't beleive they would figure it out as HKS is only a legend in his own mind and IMO believes he pulled off the perfect crime. So many angles, so many unanswered questions....just like in these last 5 months. IMO, HKS had something to do with the untimely deaths of both ANS and Daniel, whether directly or indirectly at least in regards to Daniel I am not sure and am still up in the air on that one....but add the death of Anna, and the antics pulled on both their parts since Daniel's death (remember she was highly under the influence of lots of things whatever they were) and then HKS, who didn't look too good a couple of times on interviews, but my opinion is he was in total charge of keeping ANS sedated and/or loaded to the point that she was not thinking straight or making sound decisions. I know that/this has happened in her past with her substance abuse issues, but that was without a birth, a death, a paternity case, a home that did not belong to them, and and and......I welcome all thoughts and/or input or info that I may not be privvy to as I do not claim to know all, be perfect or have all the answers...just have been looking for some for awhile all responses are welcome....bring it. (wrote this fast, between making dinner and dealing with my grandkids who have decided not to get alone, so please ignore typos and or mispellings and grammar....thx. :)

2766 days ago


I have fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease and becoming pregnant caused my lowest disc to tear in several places and I was in terrible pain from my 2nd month of pregnancy thru the end. I wasn't financially able to stop working, so my doctor prescribed vicodin and oxycontin to me to take throughout my pregnancy.

I was concerned so I spoke to several other doctors (including 3 obstetricians and 2 pain management docs) who told me that it is very safe to take a controlled dose of these meds while pregnant.

My son was born 2 and a half weeks early and was 8 lbs 7 ozs (the doc said he would have been over 10 if he'd been on time!).

If Anna Nicole was following the prescribed dose the baby is probably okay. If the baby was born addicted or with other health problems, she would have stayed in the hospital for a prolonged time. Maybe Anna Nicole actually did something unselfish for once and limited her intake to pain control levels.

The pics of the baby are beautiful, she looks very healthy and normal weight and I truly hope she lands in a safe, loving place.

Oh, and note to the lady who skipped the epidural because the meds could pass through to the baby - are you crazy? Read up girl - the epidural is a nerve block that can't pass through the placenta! Next time will be much easier!

One last comment to everyone - please don't make snap judgments that EVERYONE using prescription meds is an addict... someday YOU may need them for a legit health reason and the stigma being created is hard to deal with!!!! Believe me, I NEVER thought I'd need them, but without them I'd be bedridden. Most chronic pain patients would give anything NOT to have to take them. They don't make us high, they dull the pain enough so we can function, the side-effects can really suck and it's irritating to have to run out a pick up a handwritten script everytime we need a refill.

Maybe with all of her surgeries, Anna Nicole was a legit user..... or maybe not... who really knows???

2766 days ago


A beautiful picture of Anna with Larry Birkhead. I think she loved him.......

2766 days ago



You said it all

**standing ovation**

2766 days ago


k_wells- I appreciate your sincere post. You have been the most logical, sensible person here so far (but I haven't read all of the posts yet).

I know for a FACT that methadone given to pregnant women IS the the best choice when a woman becomes pregnant while addicted to narcotics (and once again, going off of the narcotics is MUCH more dangerous as it can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.). Also, just because one is "addicted" to narcotics does not necessarily mean that they were abusing them- they could have had a health problem that required constant pain management.

None of us know ANS complete history- but she was obviously physically dependent on pain medication. She didn't have many other choices other than methadone (other than going "cold turkey" off of all drugs which would have most likely resulted in a miscarriage and/or worse, or trying some of the newer drugs available which have not been studied extensively so far). ANS made the best choice she could have under the circumstances.

While I agree that NO drugs are good while pregnant, any OB/GYN and/or perinatologist would agree that methadone was the safest route to take for both Mother AND baby in this particular situation. I realize that she had the baby in the Bahamas, but in the U.S.~ if ANY drugs are found in the mother and/or baby, the doctor overseeing the patient MUST be able to provide proof that the drug(s) are necessary and prescribed- otherwise, child protective services would have been at the hospital and demanding drug tests on both Mother and child. They would have taken away Danielynn if any ILLEGAL (read: not prescribed by her doctor who is also aware she was pregnant) substances were found in either the Mom or the baby's system. Of course, it could be different in the Bahamas- I don't know (I would hope and pray that they also check for that stuff there though).

As for the effects of methadone on that sweet baby- IF ANS was taking her medication as prescribed (not in excess and not in combination with other drugs not prescribed), then Danielynn should be just fine developmentally. The only proven problem with babies born to methadone mom's is the possible withdrawal symptoms- but those can be alleviated with a tincture of opium in small amounts- and the baby is completely FINE within a few days after this withdrawal process. They can grow and thrive normally after that. The effects should not linger- and the baby (even if born on the small side) should "catch up" in size within the first 6 mos. to a year as well.

Just wanted to add this information regarding "methadone babies". The media is making it out to be much worse than it really is. I want to say once again that NO drug is 100% safe during pregnancy, but methadone has been proven time and time again to be MUCH safer than the alternatives (and has produced TONS of healthy, thriving babies/children). Of course, the perfect scenario would be to get off all drugs (prescription or not) BEFORE becoming pregnant- but we all know this is NOT a perfect world. Have some compassion.

2766 days ago


DeeDeeDee #47. Looks more like a passed out momma to me. She put the drugs ahead of the developing of her baby. She has been a pill head for years. How many remember her series on A&E. Stoned the entire time.

2766 days ago


Writer #70, I never remember any statement that M a y b e she had a illness to be on all the drugs she was on. i do not think the meth was to dry out, I think she liked it and could afford it. Remember in the court in Houston, she told the lawyer "it takes a lot of money to be Nicole." She was high the entire time she was trying to milk the money from the will.

2766 days ago

the wise old owl    

POST # 65 : DIVA:

By PERSONALLY attacking me and calling me names will not help your cause. I base my " opinions " on observation, experience, news broadcasts, interviews and newspaper articles. I don't make up the facts that I hear to base " my opinion on "

If you don't like what I have to say. TOO BAD. Your infintile and juvinile remarks are reflection on your character and your self worth. YOU HAVE NONE . You're just one of those people who come on here to insult others while making yourself look " FOOLISH " in the process.

I don't have to justify or validate myself to you .You know nothing about me and I resent the fact that you feel the need to " personally assault me " for merely stating my opinion on this tragic tale. There are only a handful of distrubed people like you on this website so I will dismiss you like I did the other few.

BTW there is nothing worse then " the spelling police " Bloggers like you make me sick. Instead of absorbing the content of the blog you are looking for errors and type O's . Anythng you can possibly do to distract from what you have to contribute . ( which is nothing )

You don't stick to subject matter and you get highly offended when someone's opinion differs from yours. You should find yourself another " hobby " YOU HAVE NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE thats of any subsequence . Sorry .....insults don't count .

From now on I won't even dignify your assinine remarks with a reply. Seee Yaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,

2766 days ago


do breast implants actually lactate?

2766 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

You people are nuts. If Daniel took a sip of his mother's Wendy's drink that was laced with methadone, wouldn't the cops have checked the cup for Daniel's DNA? And did anyone know if Anna was nursing that baby? If she was, would she be taking methadone? I did see her bottle feed Dannielyn on tv, so that could mean she was still on drugs. That baby is small and her eyes are crossed. Who knows what will happen, but do you think if Daniel was taking drugs himself, he would have picked visiting his mother in the hospital as a time to take too many? He could have overdosed at any time with all the drugs floating around his mother's house. Why now? Lots of unanswered questions..

2766 days ago


On behalf of Anna, myself and everyother women prescribed methadone I would like to thank those who have posted factual, eduacated comments on methadone use during pregnancy. As a women on methadone, I have more than done my "homework" on this issue. On a previous post I was told that I was a nut job among other things for believing that it was ok for women to take methadone while pregnant. I fear that these "gossip" sites will cause women to make the wrong choice regarding their addiction/pain management issues when becoming pregnant. TMZ is reckless and irresponsible for failing to tell the whole story. They tell what they want people to hear. People believe stereotypes and other people who are uneducated on the issue. Methadone has been a life saver for many people/babies. It most certainly is safe during pregnancy. I don't know any doctor that would advise any women to stop taking methadone/opiates during pregnancy. Detoxing a fetus in utero is very dangerous. It is much safer to detox, if needed, once this baby is born. There are many reasons that methadone is used. Please stop being so judgemental and research what your discussing before posting comments. The fact is that your comment could be the one that causes a women to make the wrong choice. I have said this before, in a perfect world no women would have to take any kind of medication during pregnancy. Unfortunatly, we don't live in a perfect world and none of us are perfect. It's so easy to point a finger at another. The bottom line is, no one knows when they will be faced with a similar scenerio.

2766 days ago



My heart goes out to you. I feel your pain- I really do. I never post on these "blog" sites, but I felt compelled to after reading such ignorant comments. You are soooo right- NONE of us are perfect, and not one person here should ever judge another living human being for anything.

I never mentioned this in my previous post, but I was a chronic pain sufferer- I went off ALL meds with my first few kids, but didn't have a choice with my last one. My OB/perinatologist put me on Suboxone (an alternative to methadone). I would have never had a successful pregnancy, NOR a healthy child without it. My child was born WITHOUT withdrawals systems, without being developmentally delayed, without being underweight, etc. My baby was PERFECT- and still is- over a year later. I am not even going to go into the details of that particular "drug", but it's now known to be even more safe for babies than methadone. BUT...I was told that methadone would have been another SAFE alternative to the massive amounts of pain meds. I had to take to even function. Fortunately, my chronic health condition is now under control (it's auto-immune), but it IS chronic- meaning I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. I will almost certainly have to go on pain medication again someday. But for now, I'm enjoying my family- my HEALTHY, HAPPY kids. Straight A/honor student kids. Life couldn't be better, and my children couldn't be happier.

Jenn, I hope & pray that you are and your child (ren) are happy and healthy- and I'm so proud of you for speaking up. SOME of us understand your pain- your frustration- and the fact that you are a SUPER Mom AND person!


2766 days ago


Wise Old Owl I think Anna Nicole would hate you with every bone in her body if she could only read the crap that you're writing , it's a good thing that people like you don't decided on the future of people and who their father should be & it's people like you buying & reading these trashy magazines,papers & celebrity shows that interview these people that don't have a clue what their saying and twist everything around to there liking and make them look like they know what their talking about. And yes "Judgement Day is coming for all of US and it's YOU that is going down if you know what I mean. You are condeming a man only by here say information. You sound like a person with alot of hate I'm glad you're on the other side of this computer. Howard K Stern did nothing to hurt Anna Nicole or Daniel if Anna did'nt think he was a goodperson she would'nt have kept him around for 12 years or more. Also get your facts straight Anna Nicole & Howard had no intentions of motoring their boat back to the Bahamas so he was'nt planing on pushing her over board. It's people like you that should be blamed for the 23 million Americans that are addicted to drugs & don't have loved ones putting them in rehab and charging you with the 2/3 rds that going to die. ( statistics on the news last week),. Don't you get it if thee people don't want help no one can force them into rehab, so I guess everybody tha stood by and watched Anna Nicole Smith tke drugs like her Vulgar Fat AssScum Ball Mother , Larry the Money Sucking Troll Face (who is'nt even Dannielynn's father, the Media should all be on trial, but oh no it's easy for you and all the Howard haters to turn their heads from the others & just blame him. Grow up Wise Old Owl. "You Go Howard K Stern You're going to get the last laugh here."

2766 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 79 : blaming the wrong person: light of " yet another video that HKS made to capatlize off of Anna " I highly doubt that Anna would have hated me. But since I wasn't the one getting her HIGH enough to make such a " spectical " out of herself. Perhaps she would have " kicked me to the curb : too. If that's what HATE is then .........BRING IT ON BABY !!! I would rather be hated by her than to contribute to her " deterioration " like HKS did. At least I can look at myself in the mirror with dignity and pride.

I can't believe you are sticking up for this " cheap, disgusting opportunist. "

YOU MUST BE A VERY DERANGED AND DISTURBED INDIVIDUAL. What ever places you frequent I definatly don't want to be there. And what ever and " whom ever " you call FRIENDS......I know.... I don't want to have anything to do with them.........OR YOU.

Good bye and good luck to you. You will need it. Clearly you are delusional .

2766 days ago
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