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On Justin, Bald Is Beautiful

2/19/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney Spears was doing her damnedest this weekend to usher in Kojak Chic, ex Justin Timberlake took to the Beverly Hills streets in all his shaved head glory. Sexybald!

Since Justin and Brit's matching (lack of) manes are the most they've had in common for over four years, perhaps there's hope for an amorous Mousketeer rekindling after all!

Don't hold your breath.


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To, #31... Please Britney Get Help,

Thank You so much :) I am so happy now. Her family is supporting her & she is back in rehab. I was so scared.
I wanted to fly out to LA & drag her to rehab.
She is a Mom, daughter, sister, etc... Her life hasn't really hasn't even got started yet.
Two PRECIOUS children.

I have alcohol/drug addicts in my family, some are sober, some have passed.
Amen to you for your support!!!! You are the Sweetheart!!!!
Yes God, Please watch over our troops & keep them safe.

2740 days ago

sick of this shit    

you guys need to back off of justin. this isnt about him its about britney and her fucking craziness. i think they should take her kids away and her money away and everything she has, take it ALL away and lock her up in a padded room for 2 weeks with some meds and water! she seriously needs help. theres people in the world whos going through a LOT more than she is and they are fine. So what if shes going through a divorce, thats no excuse to act younger than her kids. and speaking of her kids, i feel so bad for them, having a mother like britney. i would feel better if they were in foster care cuz anyone else is 10x better than britney. and yeah she used to be very successful when she was younger (i hated her back then too but) my friend used to idolize her. she was pretty, successful and had her life together. but now its like "what the hell is she doing?" i dont think she knows that everyone thinks shes fucking stupid. she really does need to grow up. she has two, TWO kids to look after. and if she keeps this up her kids are gonna turn out like her and we really dont need anymore britneys in the world! and where the fuck is her mother anyway?! i oughta kick her old ass for letting britney run around like a crazy bitch all over the news! i mean nobody's heard from her mom since this shit started! but if we ever did her from her she'd probably be like "i dont know whats gotten in to her! she used to be a sweet innocent young girl. i didnt raise her to be like this," bullshit. she needs to sit down with britney and tell her this madness has got to stop. shes making a fool of herself and only she can help herself. i dont know why people are trying to push justin out there to help her, its not his problem. Britney herself needs to change and convince herself that she needs professional help. no one else can do that but her! ive said all i needed to say so im done.

2738 days ago


I agree with duh,

Since it seems 90% of the responders on this blog seem to be femanine or females let me ask you all this...Why would Justin waste his time helping a woman who cheated on him for Fred Dirst??

Dirst isn't even a star anymore! Now you guys want him to play the knight in shinning armor and reconcile a friendship that she threw away if I can remember??! Just like a woman, never willing to face responsibility for her actions until she emotionally drowning with it.

He shouldn't waste his time with her. Duh, you're right.

He can find someone else with less baggage.

Don't be a statistic JUSTIN!!!

2738 days ago


I am young. REAL young. but i still agree. justin is just a normal guy guy, he may be nice but that doesnt mean he is overly hot.

and i never liked britney but i dont kon her!

dont judge books by their covers. and sometimes people DO make mistakes.
why dont you go and ask them whats up?

2738 days ago

lady s    

you guys are funny!! i laughed at nearly every comment!! to the person who said justin needs to learn he isnt black, trust me justin wouldnt want to black in a million years even if he was still rich, its a whole different story to sing the song but walking the walk he couldnt do a two step. britney needs professional help and justin is not a certified physciatrist, so i think to lay the weight if britneys future on him isnt fair. i hope she gets herself together for her children.

2737 days ago
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