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Posh Snaps at Disneyland

2/19/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Disneyland wasn't the "Happiest Place on Earth" for the Beckhams over the weekend.

Victoria and her two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, were completely swarmed by paparazzi as they tried to walk through Disneyland's New Orleans Square -- pushing Posh over the edge!

The photogs, including one with festive Tigger ears, made it nearly impossible to walk the tykes through the park, prompting Posh to get in the face of one camera-weilding man and yell, "Stop that! Can you not take a picture?!"

Beckham even needed to have a friend hold her back -- damn, don't piss off Posh!


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Its just fasinates me how the stars want the glory and money but once they get famous, they want to to leave them alone. humm

2803 days ago

tree hill gal    

Their middle son, Romeo has epilepsy and in Britain the paparazzi are aware and they seem to be good about taking photos when he is around. I don't blame her for being mad but there is a good chance that the US paps didn't know about Romeos condition.

2803 days ago

Mark Ebner    

Please don't feed the Scientologist!

Mark Ebner

2803 days ago

red head /not dead    

i hated this bitch so much go in diguise you ho . your hubby is a fag . thats why you dont smile ungratefule ho .

2803 days ago

stolto morta    

many stars go out with disguises (wigs or hats) they can try that.... I still dont understand the paps fascinationwith these people yet.... They are not that popular here in the States..... Paps are trying to whip a frenzy for a future big pay day.... Leave them alone.... He many not be able to get the attention to catch on here for the Soccer League like they are excpecting to. I for one, who is very much into pop culture, entertainment news and the such could really care less about them, and dont really intend to

2803 days ago


if no one really cared im sure there wouldnt be so much comments
i cant beleive all the hate for her she is classy beautiful stylish
great mother, who was sticking up for her beautiful son romeo
my gawd he was crying!
and victoria is still sexy when yelling, i would let her yell at me all day

at least she is not like trashy american mom britney spears
wow the type of class americans have
probably runs like that through out america
so what if she has not done anything big in a while(actaully she had her hit book and her line of clothing)
paris britney lindsay or nicole have not a hit thing in a while
why are they in the news so much??

and nevermind she and the adorable boys left for spain today

"so ya'll happy?"

2803 days ago


#9 you're right. She damn well knows by now when she goes to very public places like that its gonna happen. Stupid cow.

2802 days ago


so posh is supposed to be holed up with her boys forever?!
and never go out?
when they shut down disneyland for the day is when her boys would be in bed sleeping, she cant bring them out to disneyland that late at night
so victoria is enjoying her posh life style with a new 250 million dollar pay check
plus the millions and millions before this payout
and haters are sitting at home on the puter


americans are stupid and the most hated country in the world
cause of the useless war (shake my head at redneck americans that voted that monkey again> all of ya'll are idiots)
weird how they idolize trash celebs
case in point anna nicole smith , britney spears(both horrible mothers)
but hate classy repectable celebs
stay out of my country you losers
we dont want you

2802 days ago


I don't see what David sees in her. She is a skeleton with an ugly face. I guess that's why he gets it on the side. Good move on his part coming to the U.S., lots of blond, big boob beauties for him to chose from.

2802 days ago


I am laughing. You guys think the English Paparazzi are angels. She has been living in Spain with Hubby Becks and still had no privacy. Thier lives are a plasticated digitized representation of humanity and they don't care they are as rich as a small country.
Shame money like that is wasted on the not so bright.

2802 days ago


this is really sad, i also read somewhere that her middle son does have epilepsy. the Paps should know that they cant do this!

2802 days ago


This would really piss me off! The second they saw the child get upset, they should have backed off. They ruined an outing with her kids!

2802 days ago


This is absolutely disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves. They got a picture - they should f**k off and leave her alone. That poor kid was terrified.

2802 days ago


I haven't seen any pix of Becks current sack-mate, the Nanny. Posh "OldSpice" lets us see pix of kids, but none of the "future" Mrs. Becks. Give us a break Posh....or at least SMILE once in a while, before your face cracks.

2802 days ago


I want to clarify that I am Jackie from comment #102, NOT #95...from now on I will post as Jackiez...the compassionate one who thinks the paparazzi are no better than hyenas. I also think we should be more supportive of magazines and web sites that use arranged promotional opportunities to print pics of the celebs. Yes, I suppose I could be called a hypocrite, I love to see the pics of the stars, but mostly it is to see what they are wearing. Why do we need to see them at their worst? I would be mortified if someone published a pic of me on Sunday morning without my makeup and in my jammies.
We are no better or worse than most of these people...they deserve to have some privacy and peace.

2802 days ago
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