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Pre-Bald Brit -- Liar, Liar Hair on Fire!

2/19/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours before Britney put herself in the running to be Mr. Clean's stunt double, the pop party mom told one huge bald-faced lie to a photog about ever-changing hair.

As Britney trekked through LAX Friday afternoon, following her post-one-day-in-rehab commercial flight from Miami, a photog commented on Brit's new hair color, saying "I love the brown hair." In true Pinocchian form, Britney replied, "Thanks, I think I'm going to keep it this way," as her nose grows.

That night, Brit found her way into a hair salon in Tarzana, and then to a tattoo parlor in Sherman Oaks, where KABC-TV 7 in L.A. caught the Vin Diesel wannabe. For the full video of Brit's bald visit, click here.


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12.19 pm if u go to they video states her saying "I lied" about the hair. She told the press she lied.
She is such a child attention seeker.

2800 days ago


I'm here for you Brit. gosh it must be horrible people chasing after you 24/7 over anything youve done. people go thru worse but they don't have the cameras in their faces. I think that she needs help, mentally/emotionally and someone to guide her in the right places. stop partying, especially after your little shave incident-go home, take care of your kids and set your mind right. gosh..none of us can get to her but why doesn't hollywood? don't let what happened to anna nicole happen to her.

2800 days ago

Quiet will take her at 4 years to grow back her longer hairstyle which means she will be the ripe old age of 30 if she dosent shave it off again. Hopefully the double chin and wide neck tone down by 30 and maybe she can look like that 18 yrol we all knew lol lol lol NOT!

2800 days ago


Sold her hair on ebay for 10 Grand - sounds like Brit needed to replace the college fund for Tater Tot and Small Fry which she's pissed....I'm mean, puked away.

2800 days ago


her kids will end up being the next 'Paris Hiltons' famous for nothing, obviously Brit is NOT raising her kids, some hired help is ...

2800 days ago


Aw, geez, who cares? Like what's she gonna say? "Actually I'm on my way to shave it all off! Why don't y'all come too?" It was a big enough freak show as it was.

2800 days ago


people should leave this woman alone and stop criticizing her ,we all have done and said things in our lives before, u act like she's the only one doing things to get attention,maybe these comments about her is some people's way of expressing their jealousy or something; give the woman a break!! she's only human like the rest of us; i also fell like if u can't help her then stop criticizing her,so typical of stupid people who don't know anything about her, all we know is that she's a star like the rest of them... out there making that money honey, she has kids to feed, i'm with her all the way,fuck the rest of u fools out there with that bull you're trying to push, she's just being real and herself... what more do u fools want? she's a star!!!! keep on shining Brit and say fuck u fools out there.... she probably already says that ha ha.

2800 days ago


EEEWWWWW, that is the bra she took from that dancer the same night she puked and wallowed in it. I bet you it hasnt been washed. This chick is insane and NASTY!

2800 days ago


God forbid someone LIE to the sleazy photographers that act like weasels! They DESERVE the TRUTH!

What's to say she was telling the truth and the bald thing was a last minute thing?

What's next? Someone farted and Britney said it wasn't her! LIAR!

2800 days ago


Britney looks dangerously close to Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's edgy bald look that worked for her in her 1987-1992 hit-making era. I think of Sinead when I think of Britney's new look. I don't like it at all.

2800 days ago


I could care less if Britney shaves her head. I wanna know why you never see her with her babies? She wanted them so damn bad, but she's NEVER with them. What's up with that? I feel sorry for those boys.

2800 days ago


Brit is still beautiful........she still looks good with a shaved head......sorry but the girl just can't look ugly. Those big brown eyes won't let her. Britney if you are gay, call me lol.

2800 days ago


Has anyone stopped and thought about the fact she may have POST PARTUM DEPRESSION???????

I can say from experience, it makes you do things you normally would never do!

2800 days ago


Has anyone stopped and thought about the fact she may have POST PARTUM DEPRESSION???????

I can say from experience, it makes you do things you normally would never do!

2800 days ago


I think Britney is just trying to get her share of attention over Anna Nicole Smiths.It seems that everytime she does something outrageous its becasue the focus has not been on her. Its going to get her dead just like ANS.

2800 days ago
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