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2/19/2007 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's traded up from Bobby Brown ... with Kim Kardashian sex tape co-star Ray-J, who's 17 years her junior! The greatest love of all!

Whitney Houston & Ray-J: Click to watch
"EXTRA" spotted Miss Houston holding hands with 26-year-old Ray-J (R&B-ish brother of crash-embattled Brandy Norwood) as the two ran into Jay-Z and LeBron James' Bud Select-Sprite pre-NBA All-Star game party Saturday at TAO in Las Vegas. This marks the second public appearance for the couple, who were spotted last month having a romantic dinner together at Mastro's in L.A.

A source tells TMZ that Kim K. actually showed up for the party but any potential nuclear conflict was defused when a helpful tipster called Ray-J from outside to tell him that his former video co-producer was in the house. Whitney took her young charge by the arm and quickly led him out the door.

Perhaps Whitney's getting dating tips from Demi Moore.


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i wonder if they're going to make a sex tape too?????

2802 days ago

If you have been up to date ..Remember...Ray J is the porn man of Kim Kardashion Fame. He's going to film Whitney having sex and smoking crack , then sell the DVD. don't say I didnt warn you...

2802 days ago

Spell Check.    

Kim Kardashian,
Ignore what these idiots say.
I think you are a wonderful poop on!

2802 days ago


Why is it that nothing this nasty skanky crack 'ho does surprises me anymore??? Hey, maybe Sh*tney thought a sex tape would help revive her dead career and generate some income to help support her crack habit.......

2802 days ago

Mad Balls    

They must have a pissy of a time . One Steamy Dream . Oh I bet she craps on his chest and he pees in her hair . That and a massage would make my day ! Go read a book ! You want IT !
Bitches !

2802 days ago

Zip It    

When did any of this become racial not to mention YOUR oppinions on Homosexuality!?!?!? First of all your Opinion is your opinion but please for everyone else in this world that doesn't want to hear it...Keep your mouths shut!!!! Second of all, TMZ didn't make this racial #'s 1 and 3 did!!!! You both need to grow up and realize that not everything in this world is about black and white or gay and straight!!!! When you all try speaking for black people maybe you should watch yourself and think of the "black person" that doesn't want you to speak for them becuase they dont have the same loud mouthed opinions that you do!!!!!!! But, as for Whitney and Ray J... hey why not... good for them!!!!

2802 days ago


So she's his new urinal cake? Can't wait to see the video!

2802 days ago


when this this topic become racially motivated. I swore that both parties in the article are black. If #3 wants to be gay then so be it but why must you be so hostile about it.

2802 days ago

Brit sucks    

I wouldn't be proud to say 'I'm fucking Whitney Houston.'

2801 days ago


Whitney did you watch his tape? Tis, Tis...... I guess that you liked what you saw............

2801 days ago


Um...ebony. I love how you talk about jesus an tim whatshisname in the same sentance. Just shows how fucked up the black community is when it comes to their own bigotry and hatred. You will never learn anything from your own oppression. Wake up girl. You can't imagine what an asshole you sound like.

2801 days ago


How Whiteny got her groove back...I hope she doesn't do anythin stupid and mess up her comeback..

2801 days ago


#3... You sound like another, I am assuming you are black, black women crying about the shame of the white people. Get over it... You will and will always be second class citizens. I know this sounds terrible, but the truth is the truth... Now go get a job you didn't earn, through affirmative action, or sit on your ass, make tons of babies for us to pay for... ..

2801 days ago


SWEET CANDY, YOU NAILED IT! No one cares to read about another ho who made a sex tape anyway and your post below was DEAD ON!!!

Well, Jasmine first thing you have to know is that it's all the same to them. But at least we aren't haven't to read about another white woman's death. You know when a white woman dies in America it's reported like the Apocalypse! Crack head or not! I.e., Nicole Brown Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith. Oops! Let's not forget that wrist cutter Princess Diana and well in Florida the coma lady. Like when a white woman dies the world is supposed to stop. People die every day already. And so they slept with black people or might have been lesbos... the absolute horror! Yeah, whatever. So the fact that TMZ even recognizes the "relationship" (said with extreme sarcasm) between Cokeney and Ray J is worthy of applause. THANK YOU TMZ FOR not mentioning another dead ass white woman... Oh damn, there goes another photo of Britney "I'll Show You How to Ruin A Career" Spears. P.S.) Jas, now if we could only get I. Washington and Timmy Hardaway to keep their filthy mouths shut! They are telling all our dirty little black society secrets. Homophobe black people are really gays trying to hide. YIKES!!! Posted at 5:22PM on Feb 19th 2007 by Sweet Candy

2800 days ago


poor poor whitney that girl is so washed up she will do anything to get back in the spot light....whitney listen real good LET THAT BOY SO HE CAN PLAY WITH HIS OTHER TOYS lol...boy i bet bobby is CRACKING up over this one....

2800 days ago
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