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2/19/2007 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's traded up from Bobby Brown ... with Kim Kardashian sex tape co-star Ray-J, who's 17 years her junior! The greatest love of all!

Whitney Houston & Ray-J: Click to watch
"EXTRA" spotted Miss Houston holding hands with 26-year-old Ray-J (R&B-ish brother of crash-embattled Brandy Norwood) as the two ran into Jay-Z and LeBron James' Bud Select-Sprite pre-NBA All-Star game party Saturday at TAO in Las Vegas. This marks the second public appearance for the couple, who were spotted last month having a romantic dinner together at Mastro's in L.A.

A source tells TMZ that Kim K. actually showed up for the party but any potential nuclear conflict was defused when a helpful tipster called Ray-J from outside to tell him that his former video co-producer was in the house. Whitney took her young charge by the arm and quickly led him out the door.

Perhaps Whitney's getting dating tips from Demi Moore.


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He's not a rapper! He's a singer! God you people don't get anything about black people right. I know you don't care, but you could at least try to report accurately.

2811 days ago

Sweet Candy    

Well, Jasmine first thing you have to know is that it's all the same to them. But at least we aren't haven't to read about another white woman's death. You know when a white woman dies in America it's reported like the Apocalypse! Crack head or not! I.e., Nicole Brown Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith. Oops! Let's not forget that wrist cutter Princess Diana and well in Florida the coma lady. Like when a white woman dies the world is supposed to stop. People die every day already. And so they slept with black people or might have been lesbos... the absolute horror!
Yeah, whatever. So the fact that TMZ even recognizes the "relationship" (said with extreme sarcasm) between Cokeney and Ray J is worthy of applause.
THANK YOU TMZ FOR not mentioning another dead ass white woman... Oh damn, there goes another photo of Britney "I'll Show You How to Ruin A Career" Spears.
P.S.) Jas, now if we could only get I. Washington and Timmy Hardaway to keep their filthy mouths shut! They are telling all our dirty little black society secrets.
Homophobe black people are really gays trying to hide. YIKES!!!

2811 days ago


Go Whitney....Get your groove on!

2811 days ago


As long as they treat each other right, it's all fine by me...
But *if* they're dating, I think he's the rebound-guy. He's like a younger, hotter and probably saner version of Bobby...

2811 days ago


i ask you - sweet candy or sour grapes?

2811 days ago


They're probably not dating, but what's wrong with an older woman getting a little somethin' somethin' from a younger hottie? Just use your smarts, girl....Don't get wrapped up in it, just have your kicks and let 'em go!

2811 days ago

Enough Already!    

#3 what the $$%^^ are you talking about? Somehow the only point I get out of what you typed is you are bitter?

2811 days ago


Hold up! Wait a minute! Homies...Whitney is trying for a comeback and it is clear she is over the hill to make it in the new rap/R&B world, which appeals to the tweens to age 25.

So finite is this orchestration by their PR people, well I bet they think they are genius..what is the best way to get a younger audience and make the comeback more lucrative? Hook up to a suprise in the news/scadal singer..Ray J, whose sister Brandy happens to be in the headlines/scandal and voila, you have a trifecta for a comeback...along with the recent news of Whitney and Bobby Brown getting back together. Cheap publicity, but hey, a girl has to make a living, whether her entry is by a controversial group of people who the media idolizes..pimps, ho's and drug or white.

2811 days ago

Me, myself and I    

How did this become racial? Just because they reported Ray J as a rapper rather than a singer. Seriously, get over it. It was probably an error.

2811 days ago

Only in    


2811 days ago


even tho Whitney is a milf it seems wrong that RayJ is hittin it. Bobby is probably going nuts right now. If Whitney never had kids then it'd be alright but since she has kids and has that motherly haggardly look i'm against this. I'd still bang Whitney but it wouldnt last~ its such a waste when women have kids when they look good. They need to start having kids when they look thru.

2811 days ago


she's lookin rough

2811 days ago


2811 days ago

Lenn K    

In one breath people are telling her to go get that young man and the next breath they are telling her to remember it's okay that your life might fall apart trying to act like you're in your twenties. I for one think Whitney needs to just chill and not worry about any relationship and get her head straight. She was at one time a great singer, and that doesn't mean it will happen again. Nine out ten times it won't, so just enjoy the time with your daughter and stay sober!!!!!!!!

2811 days ago


ok so number 14...that means:

Denise Richards
Angelina Jolie
oh why bother.. you are probably 13.

stupid kids. go to bed.

2811 days ago
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