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Anna Nicole Stoned -- Stern Sees $$$$

2/20/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comA stunning video shows a barely functional Anna Nicole Smith, stammering and stuttering, as Howard K. Stern rhapsodizes about how much money the clip will be worth.

The tape, which aired Monday night on Greta Van Susteren's show on FOX News Channel, shows an eight-months pregnant Smith, her face painted like a clown and clearly stoned out of her mind. As she talks to a doll in a baby carriage as if it's real, Stern repeatedly says, "Is this a mushroom trip?" He then adds, "I'm kidding."

Another part of the tape shows Smith even more out of it. Stern's comment: "This footage is worth money."


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regardless of what anyone thinks, this woman had a life long struggle, her heart hurt...lets leave her in peace place her body next to her son...its the only right thing to do...he was her matter what kind of mother she may or may not have been, she loved him!!! if anna's mother really cares, she will do what anna would have many of you have place your self in anna shoes, how many of you have tried to take 2 steps forward but end up 3 steps back.i am not defending her faults by any means, i am just understanding to the loss of a child, regardless how he died! hurt is matter how it happens!anna's mother should NOT gain custody of anna's body or baby! put anna next to her son, please let her soul matter what her lifestyle...we arent the ones to judge, we have all done wronge!find out who the baby's father is, place her money, if any, in a secured account untill she is 21, and tell her everyday, mommy loved her, and its ok when life seems a little hard and you make the wronge decisions, you can fix the baby,she is all that is left of anna, and has the potential to become a wonderful woman, as long as the bashing stops,and the fighting.R.I.P

2771 days ago

Daniel deserves Justice    

Howard K. Stern obviously has no soul. Now we all know why that house was legally entered into by the Shelly's. He did that in the presence of a minor. Dannylyn needs to be taken away. Where is DSS when ya need them? That is child endangerment and the proof is right there.
God Bless Anna ! She obviously was hurting when she was with Howard.

2771 days ago


Where does it show she was 8 months pregnant? She is acting like a child of 12 when she was a 39 year old fucked up woman. You can blame everyone but at 39 you are responsible for your actions. Most of the Hollywood celebrities are as messed up as you can get and don't deserve anyone's sympathy. They have money and opportunities most of us never have yet they all seem to choose the road to destruction.

2771 days ago


What a sick bastard HKS is. He didn't care about ANS beyond pimping her and he obviously doesn't care about the baby either.

2771 days ago


Riley is the g-daughter of G. Ben Thompson. Riley Shelly

2771 days ago

The Truth    



2771 days ago


OMG! I just don't understand Anna's behavior! Obviously is HKS a jerk, but how come she used drugs while pregnant in the first place?

2771 days ago


#21....Riley is the daughter of the Shelly's...G. Ben Thompson's granddaughter to be exact. The Shellys were doing an interview about this particular video on Greta Van Sustren tonight. They didn't seem to know the video existed until recently. The father seemed pretty shook up about it.

2771 days ago


This video breaks my heart. I have been trying so hard to believe that Howard wasn't the monster that I know believe he is. Whether this child is his or not, why would any human being think that this was funny? On top of that why would he video tape her in this condition to begin with? What a sick basterd. I am so glad I didn't defend Howard the way I have wanted to previously. I couldn't have been more wrong about him. I hope other people are able to admit they were wrong too. There is something seriously wrong with this man. I pray for that safety of anna's little girl. She was sick, needed help and he though it was funny????? What a disgrace.

2771 days ago


Pretty disgusting.
Is it possible for anyone to use this video in court tomorrow...or for that matter..ANY future hearings? I can anyone trust this leach as "executor" after seeing this??

Not to mention there is an innocent baby in his custody. Heck, if anyone that's "important" saw this, can't they take that poor innocent baby out of his custody, like..YESTERDAY. omg...GET HER OUTTA THERE.
shame on everyone for takin so long......

2771 days ago


Dannilynn would be better off in a Romanian orphanage.

Any judge that would give HKS custody should be unseated. It would be a crime to leave that poor child in the care of such a royal jackass.

2771 days ago


who is the source of this video...why is it you will not name them????

2771 days ago


Am I the only one who pretty much wants to cry after seeing this? What kind of disgusting, exploitative monster would ever want to video tape the woman they claim to love and the mother of the child he claims is his in such a vulnerable, pathetic state? Howard K. Stern is a pimp, plain and simple, and deserves to be called out for preying on an emotionally disturbed, intellectually challenged, childwoman. Remember, rape is about power and control, not sex. Howard K. Stern raped Anna Nicole Smith.

2771 days ago


This is so incredibly sad. Not even knowing her personally I want to say “honey, whatever you are on, your baby needs you now more than ever and you need to heal yourself in order to bring this child into the world. Lets get you some help and get you stable.”

It is clear that Howard K. Stern is totally exploiting ANS here. ANS needed the immediate intervention and support of a clinic or physician who specialize in treating pregnant women addicted to prescription and nonprescription drugs. Additionally, people who struggle with addition problems are often addicted because of un-address mental health issues (which is becoming clearer about ANS with each new piece of information regarding her state of mind prior to her death). If HKS had any real love for her at all, instead of filming her stoned, he would have stopped at nothing to get her the help she needed. What a low-life, no-neck having MF! I am convinced now more than ever that he is directly responsible for ANS and Daniel’s deaths. WHAT A F-ING PIG!!! Someone please get Daniellyn away from that killer!!!!!

2771 days ago


Neither one them cared about the baby. One down, one to go.

2771 days ago
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