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Anna Nicole Stoned -- Stern Sees $$$$

2/20/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comA stunning video shows a barely functional Anna Nicole Smith, stammering and stuttering, as Howard K. Stern rhapsodizes about how much money the clip will be worth.

The tape, which aired Monday night on Greta Van Susteren's show on FOX News Channel, shows an eight-months pregnant Smith, her face painted like a clown and clearly stoned out of her mind. As she talks to a doll in a baby carriage as if it's real, Stern repeatedly says, "Is this a mushroom trip?" He then adds, "I'm kidding."

Another part of the tape shows Smith even more out of it. Stern's comment: "This footage is worth money."


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Fox News has reported that Howard K. Stern was making plans to bring Anna Nicole to Dubai, a seaside city in the United Arab Emirates. Howard was very concerned about Anna Nicole's drug use and wanted to take her to a drug free country. Please.... This video says it all. He enabled her to self destruct.

2773 days ago



I'm calling you out to all that come here. YOU are a low life HKS defender that would not know a tootsie roll from a turd. You are another one trying to shoot the messenger. Shoot the messenger and make excuses for the filth that made the film. Get your head out of your a$$ and maybe you can see the light of day!

2773 days ago


okay... I some sympathy for ANS before this. But after I saw her HIGH 8 months pregnant.... I am glad trash like her don't exist. She is getting what she deserves right now.. I hope she never rests in peace. Maybe that baby has a chance at life now...and HKS should be in jail... getting what he deserves. Doc prick Sanjay Kapoor should be stripped of his MD license and thrown in prison where scumbags belong!!!! It just goes to show that you don't need to be smart to be a Doctor!!!!

2773 days ago


Really believe he drugged her daily with other stuff which was not prescribed to her.. in this video she seems like she is on LSD which is today's so-called mushrooms..

the boat was called crackers? seems to fit with HK$ planned diabolical mind on Anna future..

Think also for a sec, if he had these tapes of Anna, there is no why she would tell him to leave, she could of lost custody of her baby to his tapes of her going public.. he probably ruled Anna in her last days.. she ended up drinking to forget about it and ultimately died from him.

2773 days ago


I agree, this is sad. People from all walks of life get messed up on drugs, and sometimes no matter how much a family cares, or how many trips to rehab, it just doesn't happen until they want it for themselves. Notice the length of time Anna Nicole has said she despises her mother has been since HKS was in her life. Her mom could tell what was up. I do hope her mother gets custody of her remains, but I do want her son to be with her, in their family plot. They could reinter Daniel in Texas with his mother, and keep them all away from the whack job HKS.

I can't believe he says he loved her and all that BS while filming her like this. He is just sick. I feel bad for her family when they see things like this, as I'm sure they still remember her as their little girl. I seriously hope they use this video against him in court. He doesn't deserve to cash in on Anna's funeral. I heard on TV he's planning her funeral as well as working with Trimspa for looking for the "New Face of Trimspa" in the Bahamas. That is so tacky, and distasteful. I also can't believe Howard still had the boat sent to the Bahamas. Yeah, the woman he "loved" just died, and he had the time to make sure the boat deal still went through. Sick Sick Sick.

I really hope Larry Birkhead gets custody of what I think looks like his daughter. And if you look at the www site for USA Today, an interview with Stern's sister says it could be Birkhead's and Anna wasn't sure of the paternity. Birkhead seems like a genuine person, who had the best in mind for Anna and their baby, and wanted her to get help. But of course Stern made sure she stayed messed up and took her to a country where they frown on rights for men who have babies with women out of wedlock. Gee, one more thing, one commone side effect of a woman on methadone while pregnant is a higher risk of SIDS, which is what I am fearing is next for Dannielynn. That poor baby deserves to be with anyone other than Stern.

2773 days ago


Richard # 65 - Ypu state the tape does not show anything? It shows a pregnant whacked out ANS and her enabler Svengali coercing her on. I have no words for your utter ignorance. Do you have kids, will you have kids? Would you want the mother of your child whacked out and being encouraged by a sicko who is obviously taking delight in what he is filming?

I hope authorities have already removed Dannilynne from that mans clutches.

They better hurry something tells me he is so busted now, he has no choice but to pull the trigger. Lets hope he spares the child.

2773 days ago


. I repeat myself......Does this being out there help all the Virgie bashers understand why she filed to keep the baby in the Bahamas (instead of HKS taking her off on the new yacht to another country) and why there is a petition filed to take the baby out of his home? I hope they finally understand where her urgency came from.

2773 days ago


SAD, SAD, SAD....What more can be said!!!!!! He is a no good bastard that deserves everything, and I hope it is the maximum, that he coming to him. How horrible a person to exploit someone as sick as she obviously was. Sad beyond words.

2773 days ago


Hi all ,Well This really takes guts of HKS This is the most sadest thing I have seen in a long time ,I agree with just about all of you You have to be sick minded to film a viedo of ANS knowing that she was pregent ,and being under the influence of all the drugs she had in her system and for anyone not to see this now including LAW Inforcement Judges and anyone with authority This guy should never have got away with this as long as he did !! He munipilated her to the fullest and suceeded what person in the world would want to do something like this to anyone and the brainwashing that is involved in this is unbelievable !!! HKSif you read this may you put your head down in shame for the rest of yourlife for what you have done to this whole family

2773 days ago


He is a horrible horrible man!!!

What kind of sick person does something like that? If he really did love her, he would of been helping her to get better, rather than trying to make a buck off of her.

I hope he loses it all!

2773 days ago


Just in case Howie's attorney's are looking at this blog I want to say one thing to you:

Your client is toast. Meaning, there is NOTHING HKS could do or say to convince anyone he cared for or about Anna. It's not even arguable anymore. The only hope now left for him is to disappear, change his name and relocate to some unknown island. After he delivers Dannielynn to the court tomorrow, that is. That child is in immediate danger and if one video of her made by HKS appears in public that is the least bit exploitive I personally believe your client's life is at risk. Not a threat but a rational conclusion based on this video evidence and other pieces of the puzzle HKS thought would be overlooked. Do your client a favor and tell him to pack up what he can carry on his spineless back and DISAPPEAR FOREVER.

2773 days ago


KIM....your last statement has been in the forefront of my mind all along. How in the hell can he ever recover from this mess..even if he was as in need of help as Anna was..the sympathy train is leaving the station don't you think?

2773 days ago


This is truly sad!For someone who says he cared about her,he apparently didn't give two shits about her or that child.He is such a scumbag and should rot in hell.I hope for Dannielynn's sake other people that are involved in tomorrows hearing saw this as well.The Bahamian authorities need to step up to the plate and take some action.

2773 days ago

ann coulter    

all i can say is that she is finally free of all the manipulation, exploitation, objectification, disloyalty, lies, hearsay and innuendo. all those who contributed to her eventual downfall whether they be friend, family or foe will eventually be exposed for the co-conspirator's that they are and will be dealt with appropriately. may they find a hole to crawl into rather quickly shielding them from the blinding light of justice.

2773 days ago

Dippen Zinzuvadia    

this is unbelievable

2773 days ago
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