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Howard: Anna Nicole "was my whole world."

2/20/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern is on the witness stand in the Florida courtroom and is giving testimony about his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith.

Stern said that he and Smith became "more than friends" two years ago, having met years before when Stern became her lawyer. He also said that they kept their romantic relationship secret. '"We became more than friends," said Stern. "She was my whole world, everything to me. She was my lover."

Stern added that Anna Nicole's son Daniel Smith was "like a brother" to him, and that "Daniel was a great boy and a wonderful wonderful person."


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I just choked on my own vomit....

2811 days ago


he just implied she was a slut, Howie go burn in hell

2811 days ago


I call bullshit. Sounds to me like he was obsessed...not in love.

2811 days ago


Her money was your whole world.

2811 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

8. Everybody please cut and past the following message and send it to

Dear Bahamian Police,

Please view the following links and make a petition for the physical protection of Anna Nicoles Baby, Dannielynn Smith, if the baby is still in the Bahamas.

In this video, you will see that Howard K. Stern approved of Anna Nicole Smith taking prescriptions drugs while she was eight months pregnant.

In the Bahamas, a presumed Bahamian resident Quethlie Alexis, testified in an Affidavit filed in the Bahamian Courts that the baby was abused. This affidavit was filed in your courts before Anna Nicole Smith died.

This picture posted at this site , does indeed show that the baby is underweight validating the claims by Quethlie Alexis that the baby was purposely underfed.

Please protect Dannielynn,
A Concerned American Citizen.

Posted at 12:09PM on Feb 20th 2007 by save dannielynn

2811 days ago

Brit sucks    

She was his whole bank account

2811 days ago

Cranky Pants    

HKS is a disease that needs to be eradicated. He is responsible for Daniel's and Anna's death. He came into the woman's life as soon as it became news that she stood to inherit $700 million.

Don't let up on the investigations and DO NOT allow him custody of that baby. Lock that bastard up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!

2811 days ago


I feel so terrible for Howard losing Anna and I pray that he can get her body and bury her with her son as she wished. I do hope the baby turns out to be his even though I think that is is probably Larry Birkhead's. The whole issue right now should be getting her buried with her son. The DNA should be held on a different day at a different time.

2811 days ago


Like a brother...... doesnt he mean more like a son!
I feel as though he didnt know what else to do, as if Anna was in a good mind frame she would have left him. Thats why I think he drugged her.

2811 days ago


Daniel and ANS were inseparable HKS? Seems like he was off on his own, on antidepressants and methadone and NOT with ANS when his sister was born.

Too bad he didn't stay away from YOU.

2811 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

I am watching him now. He siad they have been intimate since 2000 and they had an open relationshio. He wnated her to be "happy" and she had "other boyfriends". I know it is slim but what happens if Howard is the real father ?

2811 days ago


Mr. Stern is not a very good actor. Is he gonna, snif, wipe away a tear now?

2811 days ago


What a country we live in......used to be "innocent until proven guilty" it's guilty until hung by internet posters that don't have ALL the facts but base everything on gossip and speculation.

2811 days ago

in the know    

Nobody deserves Dannielynn in that sick, money hungry group of leeches. I would love the paternity test to prove that neither Larry or Howard is the Dad. Anna on drugs or not did not want to be buried in texas or near her mother. You think her mother wouldn't make Anna's burial site a sideshow? Think again. This baby will not have a idea of what a stable life is for years to come. It doesn't matter who wins custody intially, the other party will keep fighting. No one really cares about the baby or they would leave it alone.

2811 days ago


Oh, this is great. Howie- you idiot. You are walking right into the trap?

"So Mr. Stern, if this womanwas your entire world, and this is your darling baby, why won't you prove it to the world and let us swab your mouth right now?"

2811 days ago
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