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Judge to Howard: Spell Dannielynn's Name

2/20/2007 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Seidlin has just asked Howard K. Stern to write Dannielynn's name on an easel under the word "daughter," the reason for which was not entirely clear. Stern took a marker, strode across the room somberly, and wrote the name on a sheet of white paper on the easel.

"Why are we spending so much time here?" asked the judge. "We're here to save one child."


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Now we will see who cares about Dannielynn and Anna who will make this easy let her rest in peace and give Dannielynn a real family. Or Who will make this hard . Let Anna's body rot and leave Dannielynn in limbo. We will know who truely is the right for Dannielynn. Any one can be a Father Who is her DADDY.

2769 days ago


I think there are 2 sides to every story and Stern is getting a bad rap of something he could not control.

2769 days ago


Howard Stern can spell? I mean, other than M-O-N-E-Y........

2769 days ago


Does anyone know if he was able to spell her name?

2769 days ago

Susan Robertson    

Maybe the judge is stalling because of what is happening in the CA courts regarding LBirkhead's paternity suit. I hope this judge doesn't release HKS until the paternity issue is settled. In the meantime, someone in the Bahamas like CPS needs to go over and get the baby out of the house. Regarding the"clown tape" I am sure this is just one very itty bitty sample of the stuff HKS has/had over ANS. That is why she didn't dump him. He was blackmailing her and that is why she kept him around. Furthermore, everyone keeps saying how much ANS LOVED Daniel...well that may be true, but she loved her drugs more.

2769 days ago


I cannot believe this judge, what a self absorbed person. Larry Birkhead's attorney should've been thrown out of the courtroom for comment to HKS. This judge should not be on this case & the state needs to reappoint a new judge. What a joke he is.

2769 days ago


The judge seems like someone who wants as much attention as the case. Too flamboyant and not acting honorable with his silly antics. I think HKS does want the best for the baby. If you ever watched the Anna Show on E you know how she did what she wanted to do and everyone else was along for the ride and they just tried to steer her away from trouble when they could. I don't think anyone could tell her what to do and if you **did** you were out of her life -- like Larry Birkhead -- he couldn't help her. Anna should be buried in the Bahammas as it was HER choice to bury her son there and that is where she would want to be *by her son*. She bought extra plots there! This is just a no brainer. The body shouldn't go to her Mom who is estranged and wants to take her to Texas. Think if you were in the same situation. You wouldn't want someone making choices for you in death that you didn't depend on when you were alive. Common sense. I do hope a paternity test is done and if Larry Birkhead or whoever is the father should be a part of that baby's life (IF they are fit).

2769 days ago


I want to know too. Does anyone know if Howard K. Stern could spell the baby's name?

2769 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

I LOVE Judge Seidlin!! He gets it. He sees the big picture. He knows that Danielynn's welfare is most imperative in this case.

Judge Seidlin is very engaged, I like his style.

TMZ, I have to hand it to you; you are all over this case. Thanks for bringing us the latest and greatest updates centering around this case.

2769 days ago


i think the debra opri and her party should not be allowed in the courtroom...all other proceeding of this nature where they are calling names and making accusing remarks against one of the defendants the judge has them removed from the court...i think this judge is biased and cannot give howard k stern or danielynn a fair hearing and should be a lawyer i am sure howard knows fully well what the limits of the law are and what abuses he is not to be subjected to and i am sure his team of lawyers will do the right thing on his behalf...i also think ron rale should have made the argument that all the others coming forth should have the opportunity to be a party of the paternity hearing as well as they would well be the father...larry birkhead needs a new hairdo and eye surgery to correct his cross-eyed appearance...

2769 days ago


Howie's sad little lawyers are trying every song and dance they can to distract attention from the most salient question -- The paternity test. Seidlin's not buying it, though. He wants to know who the baby's next of kin is before determining Anna's burial site, which Howard will have helped put her in.

2769 days ago


Who IS this judge???..........I think he found some of ANS's drug stash........he's NUTS!

2769 days ago


I can't believe Howard won't do that dang test already! I guess if he has to be dang forced force him! Get it over with.

2769 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

This is NOT how a true judge would act and everyone should be treated with respect. The judge is not treating howard with respect and the judge has no right to be biased. To all the people out there who in the past/now or in the future go to court I hope you all get an idiot judge like this one.

The paternity has nothing to do who gets the dam body. Why? Because Annas mothers is not the freakin father and only two people are named in the suit trying to get the body. Howard and that bitch of a mother with the fake tears.

Birkhead and his attorney are working with the judge and that is very obvious.

I had an ex pull the same on me, he knew the judge and won a case against me. I was not even allowed to testify he was but the judge would not even look up from the desk kept her eyes down the entire time.

It was afterwards we found out he personally knew the judge. So people if it can happen to me and howard it can happen to you too.

What infuriates me are biased judges or judges doing favors for people.

2769 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

"what did he write next?"

2769 days ago
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