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Judge to Howard: Spell Dannielynn's Name

2/20/2007 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Seidlin has just asked Howard K. Stern to write Dannielynn's name on an easel under the word "daughter," the reason for which was not entirely clear. Stern took a marker, strode across the room somberly, and wrote the name on a sheet of white paper on the easel.

"Why are we spending so much time here?" asked the judge. "We're here to save one child."


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This judge is an embarrassment    

This judge is clearly overreaching beyond his jurisdiction and creating a media spectacle. Why is it in the hierarchy of the judiciary, the lowest courts tend to have judges who are on a power trip and lack judicial decorum. Making HKS write the baby's name of the board amd his comment that "this body belongs to me", referring to the decedent, are just plain inappropriate and disrespectful.

2781 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

Although, I am not in the court room. I am sure Debra Opri, did not say to Mr. Stern that "he killed Anna Nicole Smith." She knows she could be removed from the court room for that action. She's to intelligent for that.

The judge did a good job of shutting Krista Barth down quickly on that one.

Howard K. Stern and his attorneys do not want Debra Opri in the court room at all so, they will result to anything to try to achieve this goal. Ms. Opri, is a force to be reckoned with.

2781 days ago


This picture and video of Anna Nicole is very sad and I must say very disturbing. It really breaks my heart to see what kind of shape she was in
and for HKS to video this makes me wonder about the integrity of this guy.
I always believed he loved Anna Nicole, but this does not show love at all.

2781 days ago


if stern's attorney's bring in anna nicole taped on entertainment tonight or nancy grace, where she is high as a kite, bashing her mother (who never bothered her while she was alive), then this should be brought in as well!

poor anna. that video is sad.

2781 days ago



I had no idea ANS already bought plots in california a long time ago. Now that I know, this comment about exhuming him and have him and mom be buried next near Marilyns would be ideal. The exhuming wouldnt be but she really had no biz in bahamas, howard planned her there.

2781 days ago


unfortunately for howard k stern the judge is not giving him a fair trial...debra opri and her client should be thworn out for saying that to other judge that i have watched has allowed that in their court room...perhaps he should fall back on his taxi cab days...seems his talents were better suited entertaining passengers...if he wants to do the paternity thing then he should allow everyone who thinks they are the baby's father to participate otherwise he is leaving himself and the florida courts open to more lawsuits...

2781 days ago


#30...If you TRULY worked in the legal system, you'd know that, to the contrary, Rules of Civil Procedure are not the same in each state, and are not even the same necessarily from jurisdiction to jurisdiction (look that up so that you know the difference between jurisdiction and venue as well).

You also might want to look up recusal when you go back to school.

2781 days ago


Very interesting! I've seen "Dannielynn" written like a million different ways in the papers...this probably is proving his devotion to the little girl. Interesting that her name is "Dannielynn"- did Anna know that Daniel was sick at the time she was born?

2781 days ago


Anyone who would make that video of Anna Whacked Out and ask if she was on "Mushrooms" is only after money. If this is permitted into the court proceedings, it's very telling about what Howard K. Stern is really after.

2781 days ago


Any attorney watching this proceeding has to be appalled at Seidlin's behavior. Hopefully his courtroom antics are toned down after this private whatever they're having. I'm sure Seidlin has every intention of making a decision regarding who gets custody of Anna's body but I'm also sure he's going to drag out the process for as long as possible. Why? Maybe he feels this case is an opportunity for him to become the latest and greatest TV judge with his own show.

2781 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

maybe she never had a baby some people are saying that and but why would she have a fake baby? Was she there to get a baby.

Anna when she is drugged talked sloppy. This girl is talking like a baby doll with no slurring. Besides Anna knows what a mushroom trip is and was sorry to say talking like I do when my husband and I roll play. Ops letting out too much infor sorry honey.

That video shows no baby bump so now maybe the reports are true she might not have had a baby and went to the bahamas to pretend.

I would not blame only howard here, birkhead knew she did drugs and so did her body guard. They were all enablers they all knew her for over 2 years.

I saw the video of anna at the gay pride parade when her crotch was almost exposed - larry kept taking pictures and howard threw a tshirt on her lap to cover her up. I was suprised larry did not.

Her body guard said when anna got in front a any camera she would pose. As you can see that was true. She loved the camera up until the time her son died.

2781 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

The video won't play anymore, I didn't get to see it, damn!

You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee. The REASON ANS moved to the bahamas after becoming PG is because she is a dope fiend. I am not putting her down for that. I realize it is a very serious problem/illness. She is such a hardcore dope fiend that she wasn't even able to abstain during PREGNANCY. She knew if she delivered baby in the US that the authorities would have taken custody of baby immediately and she would have come up under criminal charges!!! You guys can't see that??? Wow. Another thing: Her son Daniel was not a dope fiend. He was allergic to a lot of things. You could just tell he was a rather sickly, delicate person. Does anyone here remember his last words, which were to HKS??? He asked "why am I so tired?" He accidentally took a big slug of momma's liquid-methadone-laced Wendy's drink and it killed him. The guilt of knowing her precious son died because of a stupid mistake of leaving lethal narcotics at her bedside was too much to bear. An official inquest into his death begins March 27. I believe she knows it will be determined that Daniel was accidentally dosed with Methadone. Thus she took her life; just too much in the future for her to bear. May she rest in peace.

2781 days ago

Old Broad    

I agree with above posters -- this Florida judge is a total attention whore and loving every minute of it and seems to be attempting to hijack the paternity case.

2781 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

TMZ are you not ashamed to use stolen property to support your life style. This video was stolen out of the home the day after anna died. It was reported as stolen so you posting it shows that you received stolen goods. That TMZ is also a crime. You are not above the law TMZ and Mr. Levin should know better.

2781 days ago


Anna did not purchase the plots in the Bahamas. Howard K. Stern purchased them. CONTROL FREAK!!!

2781 days ago
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