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Judge to Howard: Spell Dannielynn's Name

2/20/2007 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Seidlin has just asked Howard K. Stern to write Dannielynn's name on an easel under the word "daughter," the reason for which was not entirely clear. Stern took a marker, strode across the room somberly, and wrote the name on a sheet of white paper on the easel.

"Why are we spending so much time here?" asked the judge. "We're here to save one child."


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Howie's doing a fast sizzle on a hot grill and it's beautiful. (His lawyers are pathetic and that's beautiful, too.)

2770 days ago


You know if it were me and i had nothing to lose cause i knew for a 100% fact that this baby was mine, i'd have no problem with getting a paternity test done. but i'm not a man and i'm not a father...but still you'd think that he'd just fucking submit to the test already and have it done. he's trying to hold on to whatever BIT he can for what reason is only known to him. he should just do it and just get all of this over and done with. i'm so sick of hearing about all this but i'm so drawn to it too. HOWARD K. STERN (not to be confused with the KOAM) let dannielynn take the test. i think all of the men who claim to be the father should get test done and have it checked agains dannielynn and find out who is the father. as far as anna's burial goes, she should be buried near her son, even if he were buried on the moon she should be buried near him. i have a question to pose, why would she be on methadone? i thought methadone was for people who were trying to get off heroin? was she on heroin? why would she continue to take something like that if she were pregnant?

2770 days ago


the reason the judge had them write her name is to give the baby an IDENTITY -- rather than "daughter" or "child"

It almost makes her "more" real. . . .

2770 days ago


Erin - you're an idiot too - how the HELL do YOU know what ANS "wanted"? SHE didn't even know; she was so damned drugged up all the time.

If Birkhead is the biological father, HE should get the baby. Stern is a piece of SH*T.

2770 days ago


And FURTHERMORE, ERIN - to say that Stern had no control over ANS's actions is OUTRAGEOUS. HE is the one who MADE her the way she was. HE was the enabler, HE killed her and her son. you ASSHOLE!!

2770 days ago


I don't know why everyone continues to blame HKS for Anna's drug abuse,golddigging and sleeping around like a w*ore. She was doing this crap long before HKS came around. She made her own choices and decisions in life and she has paid for them, that led to a life of debauchery and death. There is no one to blame but AKS herself. HKS did not force her to take drugs, she reveled in it on her own and there are consequences to choices we make in life. She was a 40 year old women for crying out loud not some 16 year old. She was an acceptionally beautiful woman who even AFTER Playboy could have gone the straight path and did something constructive with her life, she chose to use people and her body. Another beautiful but empty vessel.

2770 days ago

Siobhan Clark    

I want to believe that Howard is the father, but my gut rection is that Larry is. I just hope that if Larry is the father, that he allows Howard in the baby's life. He has dealt with some traumatizing matters of death in the past 6 months and to have Dannielynn taken away at this point would be devastating. Hopefully Larry has a kind heart. It's what Anna would have wanted. I think that Anna dies partially of a broken heart and possibly an OD because of what is about to transpire in terms of finding out who the father is, the court cases, the media...etc.

2770 days ago


Yeah, HK$ is a Jew, and so is the judge... "they" stick together, dont we know dat? HK$ will get his way after lots of money is spent on this show. and the public is exhausted. Jews...

2770 days ago


The Judge KNOWS what he is doing......he is intellegent.......just waiting to spring the "take the dna test" comment to Stern.......No, I don't think HKS is the father....but HKS knows this already...otherwise he would have been the first to be tested IMMEDIATELY! Wouldn't you if you were the father? Any fathers out there? comments?

I can't really say with conviction that HKS murdered Daniel and Anna......but NO DOUBT he is/was an enabler.


2770 days ago


#85....You and your comments are what is wrong with this World. You promote Hatred.

2770 days ago


MyTwoCents....first of all, thanks for the "idiot" comment. You do not know me so do not show your ignorance in saying derogatory comments like that. That shows lack of respect. Now, do you think Anna was drugged up 24/7? How the heck do you know what Anna wanted as well? Where you there to witness every moment of her life? NO! None of us do and we are just sitting on this board speculating what she did or did not want. What I do know is she didn't want anything to do with her mother nor Birkhead. If Birkhead is the father, then the baby should go to him. If not, the Stern should remain the father unless any other person can prove otherwise. You guys act like Stern was some puppet master controlling the ANNA strings the whole time....I believe Anna did what ANNA wanted and Stern couldn't stop her demise. He could have walked a long time ago and she would have been dead sooner. He was the one wiping up the puke, holding her steady all the time and watching her kill herself. He loved her there is no doubt about it. otherwise he would have been long gone awhile ago. I really don't think it is about money. For God's sake, the man is an attorney. I think in some sort of sick way they needed eachother.

2770 days ago


Take the freakin paternity test and get this circus over with. Poor child!

2770 days ago


For those you who think Larry Birkhead is such a doll, may I ask what kind of guy "dates" ANS ? He was a papparizzi himself, what the h*ll does anyone think he was after ? All these multitudes of "lovers" ANK had did not care anything about her except getting between her legs, and see how they all come out now and let it be known they "had" her. Gee what a notch on thier belt. Were they all crazy about ANS because she was such a nice girl ? Please. You reap what you sow in life, and Anna has reaped the whirlwind. As someone above said she used men, and they used her. Does anyone really think she gave a rip about HJ Marshall ?

2770 days ago


2770 days ago


Tineley asks in post 79 asks : "why would she be on methadone? i thought methadone was for people who were trying to get off heroin? was she on heroin? why would she continue to take something like that if she were pregnant?"
Dear , methodone is synthetic heroin. Anna was a junkie basically. Methodone has the same effects as heroin. When you use pharmacuetical drugs (methodone) you don't have to worry about the quality or where it came from, how many times its been stepped on or its strength. It's pure and pharmacuetical grade so its"clean", why not use that instead of risking use with "street" heroin ? You can trust its quality and the dose value is always the same, no risk of getting a "hot shot". She continued to use it during her pregnacy because she was junkie, thats what a junkie does.

2770 days ago
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