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Stern: I Didn't Want to Be Known as Gold-Digger

2/20/2007 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern told the court that he didn't want to get formally married to Anna Nicole Smith because he didn't want to be perceived as a gold-digger, even though it was Smith's wish to marry. Stern said he referred to Anna as his wife, and Anna referred to him as her husband. But he acknowledged that their marriage wasn't legally binding.

He also said they were scheduled to get married again this week. Stern added that Anna told him she could not put her son Daniel in the ground unless he (Howard) and Anna "were together."


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what a bold face lier, sick sick !!!!!!!!!

2772 days ago

That explains things!    

Could you please write this with clarity? It makes no sense as is. Thanks!!!!!!

2772 days ago


This judge is grand standing!!! I hear he has been trying to get his own T.V. show well he's auditioning right now!! He's making this more of a circus!!!!!

2772 days ago


OK, now I'm gonna hurl.

2772 days ago


I believe him. Why is he lying. Please this man has been with her for over 15 years. She was fat, no money, no career, single mother and he still stuck by her. He loved her, Daniel and Dannielynn. These other jerk off's that are coming out now and saying they're the father are money-hungry liars. Howard was there for Daniel since he was almost 5. Anna trusted him, they were family. He stuck by her through alot unlike her fat ass fake mother.

2772 days ago


I believe HKS and pray he is that little girl father. They were going to be married and ET was going to tape it they were doing the ongoing interview with ann and howard.

2772 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

Anna Nicole's baby was born in the Bahamas and remains there under court order and Howard Stern was named on the birth certificate and is using that fact to prevent paternity testing. The only power that can do anything about that is the Bahamian government. They are the only ones that can protect Dannilynn and they have an affidavit on file from the nanny that the baby was underfed and in danger. If you think they should be investigating the welfare of the child send an email.

2772 days ago


He's mocking her by even saying this. This is abusive.

2772 days ago


This is getting weirder and weirder. It's beginning to sound like a police confession.

2772 days ago

blah blah blah    

Liar Liar Pants on fire

FINALLY, justice in the court room and you get served in the court room.
Didn't you know it was bound to catch up with you sooner or later?

You are nothing but A BOLD FACED JERK OFF LIAR

2772 days ago


Okay, no gold digger? How about a scum-sucking, star-f-cking, bottom-feeding LEECH with no morals? Is that better?

2772 days ago

Someone Disgusted With All This - Bury Her Already    

>>Stern added that Anna told him she could not put her son Daniel in the ground unless he (Howard) and Anna "were together."

2772 days ago


WHY is everyone so down on Howard? I dont get it. How is he a liar and why does he have no morals. He is the ONLY person around Anna all these years. Her mother and the rest of the white trash family bashed her and are writing books. Now they cry, bull shit. THe only thing Howard is wrong of is listening to everything Anna said, did anything Anna wanted and loving her when she probably didnt love him.

2772 days ago


Nobody knows what went on between Anna and Howard, but Anna and Howard. Calling him a liar is hysterical to me. You have absolutely NO proof he's lying!

2772 days ago


Howard you cant avoid being call a gold digger you are lawyer.

2772 days ago
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