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Turner of Heads

2/20/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

67-year-old Tina Turner stepped into the spotlight in Italy yesterday -- and DAMN! She's still got it!

Tina Turner
All eyes were on the superdiva as she arrived at the Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in Milan yesterday, looking absolutely amazing in a sleek bob and figure-hugging suit.

Simply the best sexagenarian.


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Go girl!!! You're one of my heroes!!

2810 days ago

Sweet Candy    

Well, first of all GiGi culture is no more of a downward spiral than the white Nicole Brown Simpson's, Jenna Jamison, Anna Nicole's, Courtney Love's, oh gross that fat twattie mouth Rosie O'Donnell(who by the way looks like shit in person). The problem with whiteys.. you can't get your own shit together for worrying so damn much about blacks and spanish people. Say this for the Asians, they are racist, make no bones about it and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

TRY IT GIGI. STOP CONSUMING YOURSELF WITH WHAT BLACKS ARE DOING AND HOW THEY ARE LIVING. Just make sure that pedophile in your trailer park hasn't buried your daughter.

2810 days ago


she is so beautiful and strong and an inspiration to ALL women. she is very classy and came out of a terrible relationship stronger. she has a dignity and grace about her. God bless her.

2810 days ago


You go girl. Man I hope I look that good at 67.

2810 days ago


This woman is fantastic, I have her music video back in 1971, even before i was born that woman rocked then and she rocks now. You go Tina!

2810 days ago


Whenever I think of Tina Turner, I think of Proud Mary and Tina Turner with her arms flailing, legs stomping and that voice singing out with power and life,
"Big wheel keep on turnin'
Proud Mary keep on burnin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river
, ahhhhhhh, rollin, rollin, rollin on the rivaaaaar, do, do do . . . . ."

Oh yeah, and the hair! She always has the great hair!!!!!
She is like a cup of coffee, always get energized when I listen to her music.

smiles, Catherine aka PollyAnna

2810 days ago


She looks good. You go girl!

2810 days ago

mary poppins    

Ease up Evelyn, you sound like a jealous nitwit. Have you had a boob job?

2810 days ago

mary poppins    

Gisele, sometimes comments like you made about black peoples skin and white peoples skin might be viewed as insensitive, or racist. So slow down with your black is beautiful speech. I'm sure at this date, caucasians have had enough of being insulted about their pigmentation. On another note, I am happy that Tina has another hairstyle. It was a long time in coming. She has it going on. If I should be so lucky when/if I reach her age.

2810 days ago

mary poppins    

Gigi, we are sick of comments like that from folks like you! Get a clue. Most things black people do, caucasians are not too far behind in copying. Not saying its a good or bad thing, just how things go. Now you need to take a breath and count to 30.

2809 days ago

Farrah's Editor    

I took the opportunity to rewrite #6's entry. Hope you don't mind
Farrah! I know what you mean and I know it comes from your heart,
right? :-)

""6. This woman is one of many successful female
performers in our wonderful country. She is a role model we can all
look up to,not like like the young Hollywood crowd running around
lost and unsure of who they are. I would like to remind all my
fellow Americans that February is Black History Month and Tina Turner
is an icon that shows all races and walks of life that the American
Dream is here, just waiting for you to apply your life. I am
thankful for the support of efforts to encourage the youth of America
to shine, no matter who you are or where you came from or what color
you skin may be, we are in the together, you and me!Posted at 2:20PM
on Feb 20th 2007 by IrewriteFarrah""


Oh yah, Tina rocks, with a captial R!

2809 days ago


here is a picture from last year - of her performing on the Oprah Winfrey Show

2809 days ago

Farrah's Editor    

Forgive the typo's in the edited post, thought I was a better editor than that, oopps.

2809 days ago


Still awesome. Still the best...I miss her.

2809 days ago


Nice to see that TMzis profiling a real star with real talent, for a change instead of the skanky wannabe, famous for nothing tramps it usually profiles.

Tina Turner looks fabulous by the way-but then she always does.

2809 days ago
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