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Anna's Drug Use

2/21/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Anna Nicole case has just said he will ask questions about Anna's drug use. Stern just testified Anna "was on prescription medication at different times." The judge asked if she was abusing drugs. Stern replied, "Look I'm not a doctor."

Stern then testified that Anna had been in rehab. He said, "Anna Nicole took prescription medication, mostly for depression."

Stern said, "It's not like Anna was medicated all the time. It's not like she couldn't talk."

The judge just asked about the video FOX obtained that TMZ published, and Stern said "That's the way Anna talks. There are times she was more impared than that." The judge then jumped on Stern and said, "What do you mean more impared than that." Stern said he didn't mean she was impaired.

Stern acknowledged Smith took methadone, "but not in my presence over the last five months." She acknowledged Dr. Sandeep Kapoor in Los Angeles prescribed it. TMZ first reported Kapoor prescribed methadone when Smith was 13 days before giving birth. Kapoor prescribed the drug under an alias.

Stern also acknowledged Smith was taking Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller.


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well here it comes all i hope that HKS I hope now this will show intent that HKS did not help the one he loved !!!!!

2767 days ago


YOu dumbasses! They don't need Howie's DNA. Just Birkhead's and Dannielynns.

2767 days ago


Howard.....your cup is empty, already!!!!! I think he's just a freeloader who thought he'd be taken care of for the rest of his life. I don't think he had any idea anything like this would ever happen.

2767 days ago


It was publicized that Howard K Stern picked up a box of drugs from a PO box for Anna, he knew her he said better than anyone, as she him.
But this woman must have had really a low self esteem problem and why did she not kick him to the curb, he was an awful atty the way things were handled.

2767 days ago


Wouldn't it be simpler to ask WHAT SHE HAD NOT TAKEN? Would be a lot shorter afternoon.

2767 days ago


Come On! Anyone that has lived around or with a drug abuser would know that if Anna wanted drugs she was gonna get them. Sometimes you just do the best you can for the ones you love by just trying to keep them safe from themselves. Can you imagine someone like Anna who had (as compared to most of us) unlimited acess to drugs and basically whatever else she wanted. He was the one who did stay with her, if nothing else for all of those years.

2767 days ago

Sean Poonce    

Why don't they play the clown video with Howard commenting in the background about how much money the video will be worth? That proves what a low-life, manipulative leech he is and how he really viewed Anna as his cash cow. That is really all the evidence you need to prove Howard's motives.

And what biological father would allow the mother of his child to take drugs during her pregnancy and pose in clown make-up talking to a doll and then film her for exploitation? Take the blood test or shut up about your "paternity", Howard!

2767 days ago

clueless in NJ    

That was a great moment, he should be jailed for perjury. Not a very savvy lawyer but then he's been sponging off of ANS so long he's probably forgot his lawyerly skills. What a leech.

Blood is thicker than water, I honestly believe he kept her in a drugged state just to live off the gravy train. He's a spineless, blood-sucking loser.

I believe he had a hand in alienating ANS from her family, he didn't want to share the $$$ and wanted it all for himself.

The truth will come out once the paternity testing is done.

2767 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

howard said anna had no life insurance policies..

2767 days ago

Elizabeth Higgins    

She was stoned all the time and Howard the Pusher kept her that way....probably the only way ANS would ever ever have sex with him!!!!

2767 days ago


This Judge is a joke. He makes me sick, they need the Judge from the Scott Peterson case. He is worse than Judge Ito.

Let this woman rest in peace next to her son.

2767 days ago


Funny how Stern and his lawyers want to make sure everyone knows how estranged Anna Nicole and her Mom were but then he gets up there and claim that he does not know too much about her medication history. Smooth. Wasn't she "his wife" - "HIS LIFE" ??

2767 days ago


Enough has been said by HKS...I wish the judge would watch the "clown face"
video...please..he needs a gallon of water..get LB's lawyers on...especially Ms. Opri..she's great!

2767 days ago


Surely they will show that God-Awful Clown tape NOW!!!

2767 days ago


Pratt are you related to Howie?? He NEVER said he wanted nothing to do with the baby! Find proof of that asshole!! He adored Anna and wanted the baby and even attended ultrasounds with her, which has been widely repoted. You're a fucking asshole trying to start a fight. Bitch.

2767 days ago
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