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Anna's Mom: Birkhead and I Have "Special Bond"

2/21/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur told the court that she and Anna Nicole Smith's ex-lover Larry Birkhead had a "special bond," and that Birkhead left flowers at Daniel Smith's grave in the Bahamas. She was not allowed, she claims, to know the location of Daniel's grave on a recent visit, but when she learned the location, she found flowers from Birkhead there.

Arthur also stated in court that she intends to take her late grandson Daniel's body from the Bahamas and bring it back to Texas.


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Miss Tia    

What fucking right does this woman have to dig up Daniel????????????????? Anna Nicole buried Daniel in the Bahamas....and now this pig is going to dig up Daniel?????

2780 days ago


gimme a break... this woman the mother is a joke
she clearly did not know her daughter at all....
she needs to go home and stop trying to get her dead daughters money

2780 days ago


Of course this stupid mother has a special bond with Birkhead -- he was Anna's REJECTED lover!! Anna did not want him in her life, went to a country that allowed the mother to name the father on the birth certificate and named HOWARD as the only man she trusted enough with her finances or her children.

Perhaps Howard wasn't worthy of her trust -- but that was ANNA's decision. She decided AGAINST her mother or Birkhead.

This mother is way too much of a grubby money-grabber. Where was she when her daughter sold herself to an old man????

2780 days ago


Good! That is exactly what she should do! Have Daniel and Anna buried in Texas. It was Howard's idea for Anna to go to the Bahamas in the first place - due to the "loose" parternity laws- and if Anna is buried there she will be all alone again. I don't think her family and friends would make frequent trips to the Bahamas to visit her grave, but would be more likely to do so if she had a grave in Texas. GO LARRY!!! GO VIRGIE!!! BURN IN HELL HOWARD!!!

2780 days ago


oh i so totally agree... she needs to go home
and if larry is the dad then so be it.. but let this woman (anna) rest in peace
she clearly hated her mom....

2780 days ago


This woman is a sicko. She obviously does not care for her daughter or she would let her rest in peace where she wants to be. Let her rest next to her son, you Sick B#@!%, go home to Texas, white trash. I understand why Anna hated you.

2780 days ago


My god, Anna's mother is CRAZY! Why would she not want to honor her daughters wishes about where to be buried? Clearly, Anna Nicole would have wanted to be buried beside her son and now that crazy bitch is talking about digging him up and buring him in Texas too? Jesus Christ lady, have a heart.

2780 days ago

my own damn opinion    

Yes, she does have a fl law...........................anna did NOT trust HK$ and the proof is in the pudding so all you Vergie haters go to hell.

2780 days ago


This mother is a MOTHER and the judge RESPECTS her and she is WINNING.


2780 days ago


I'm pretty sure the same dunce has posted comments 1-5

2780 days ago


check this website, stories about what hapen to anna nicole.

they pay money for selected stories!!!

2780 days ago

Enough Already!    

Virgie conveniently got all tearyeyed when questioned about whether she had any contact with Birkhead before Anna Nicoles death. Funny, she was all animation before she started getting crossexamined. Now shes boohooing.

2780 days ago


omfg she was tripping herself up left and right - couldn't handle the questioning so she conveniently has an emotional breakdown....God is going to get this woman, real bad.

2780 days ago


OMG, give the woman a break......... You people are horrible.. I guess you all have not had anyone addicted to drugs in your family. Your families must be perfect. I have faced addicted both in my family & in myself, and know that you ALWAYS push away the ones that truly love you and care about you. HKS was a total & complete "YES MAN!" Larry & her mother were not "YES PEOPLE"... They told ANS how it was and she pushed them both away & ran into the enabler's arms....... GET REAL PEOPLE....... You all must be in that group of sad sad people that don't have children or family........ May god be with all of you people that want to blast ANS's mother.... Judge not, lest ye be judged....... Peace out hater peeps!!!

2780 days ago

my own damn opinion    

Do u have a mother?
Must not

2780 days ago
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