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Anna's Mom: Howard Drove Anna and Me Apart

2/21/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, Anna NIcole Smith's mother, took the stand just a few minutes ago to testify in the hearing concerning the burial of Anna's body, and told the court that her relationship with her daughter deteriorated once she met Howard K. Stern.

"We were close -- we got our nails painted together," said Arthur, who added that she lost touch with Anna when Smith began to abuse drugs. When asked what regrets she had concerning her relationship with her daughter, Virgie said, "I would've kidnapped her" when she began her downward spiral into drug abuse. Arthur also told Judge Larry Seidlin that when she visited Anna Nicole during a health crisis, her minders told her that they had been informed that her mother was dead, which wasn't true.

Howard K. Stern returned from the Bahamas to appear this morning, and the judge asked him to give the court two hours' notice before he decided to fly back to Nassau so that he might be questioned again.


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I just don't understand why they (the judge) are allowing HK$ to fly back and forth :( Who is paying for all this? Tax payers? Judge? HK$? Anna's money?
I want to know who pays for al this because I do NOT want tp pay anything for that scumbag!

2800 days ago


This who thing has turned into a circus and is just disgraceful! Bury the poor woman! Put her at rest! And get that child with the real father and let the healing begin! This is just so sad!

2800 days ago


She's so damn phony!

I think that ANS should be buried next to her son. That's what she would have wanted.

2800 days ago


This woman reminds me of the opportunist white trash mother in "Million Dollar Baby". This creature was estranged from her daughter for over 12 years and should have no say in preventeing Anna Nicole from being buried next to her beloved son.
This Virgie is trying to come off as a wonderful attentive mother. What bullshit!

2800 days ago

Great Dane    

As a mother, I can't imagine letting anyyone come between my daughter and I like that......and if in fact that were the case, then Virgie has already mentally buried her daughter years ago......just fall back, and let her rest in peace.......

Getting your nails polished together is a very random thing, that you can do with anyone....please don't cry now, over years you foolishly wasted.....

2800 days ago


This lady needs to go home and leave it alone, her daughter hated her and she is just dragging this process out, dang let Howard bury her in peace. Regardless wether she likes it or not or if anyone likes it or not Anna loved Howard and they have been best friends IF nothing else for many years. Her mom is just being greedy if she was so worried about her daughter she would have been apart of her life. She didnt talk to her when she was here, so why bother trying to control what is done with her now! Anna wanted Howard to be Dannielynn's dad regardless of what the test might say, let him raise her and put all this to rest!

2800 days ago

New Yawker    

i hate this judge so much.

he slouches in his chair, and he asks stupid questions. everything he says he has to make a joke of. i hav never ever seen a court hearing were someone passed away and the judge is asking how much there house cost, how old the mother is, and telling us that he lives 4 miles from the court house.

i cant believe that the courts are allowing him to even handle this case, he was a half hour late! hes always late.

just get on with it, poor annas body is decomposing, the DNA test should have been done already, theres no reason for it to be taking this long.
man i hate florida.

2800 days ago


Stern mind control, let him practice it in prison on some of his bunk mates.

2800 days ago


Virgie is a piece of work. She must've taken a few acting lessons. See how she can squeeze out a tear on cue? Tissues in hand and ready for her close up. WOW!!!!!

2800 days ago


vergie is so full of it. even though anna looked drugged up in the video talking abotu her mom i see signs in that that i see in myself when having to talk about my parents *abusers* anna was abused by her mom theres no if and or buts about that.

2800 days ago

Mad Balls    

keeping Howard on a very short lease . Something is up . The Judge wants to keep him in this and has something up his sleeve , Although , would'nt just telling Howard that his appearance is required would have done the same trick . I'm sure this is not normal . Perhaps the judge wants to see something happen betwenn the parties and is doing this for the camera's ... . whatever the reason this is not a normal thing to keep tabs on someone . Asking him to tell the court two hours before he has to leave is both odd and says something to the effect " I have my eye on you , HKS , and a we have a surprise !!

2800 days ago


Just tell me who the Daddy is!

2799 days ago


What a fake woman ,she never cared for Anna only her money .Lets not forgett they were not speaking because virgie wanted Anna to take a settlement of howard Marshall money.Please where have she been all this years,who is she trying to fool she only wants just like Larry $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ what a shame..Let her rest in peace....

2799 days ago

Paul Priore    

To all concern:
Several yeras ago, I had the opportunity to have met Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel when she was dating my next door neighbor brother in law.

She was a sweet beautiful lady.

I wish everyone would leave her alone and allow her to rest in peace.

we all know all these volcher are after her monie.

Everyone know that the real father of her baby is Larry Birkhead and he should be the only one to get his child.

As for the moniey , it should only go to the baby and have a court appointed administer over see the monies until the child reaches the proper age of 18.

You can tell see that the mother Virgie Arthur is no good and is only after the money.

As for Howard K. Stern, I strongly believe he had something to do with both Anna and her son death, he wants all that money as well and shouldn't be allowed to get anything whatsoever.

I know alot of people are probably not going to like what I have to say but these are my beliefs and opinions about the matter.

Thank You.


Paul Priore

2799 days ago


That Guardian For Dannilynn should have her account Froze until
this is decided

2799 days ago
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