Birkhead: Stern Taunted Me, Gave Drugs to Sick Anna

2/21/2007 7:17 PM PST
Larry Birkhead alleged on the witness stand that during a hospital stay in April 2006, when Anna Nicole Smith was ill and several months' pregnant, that Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole had "a duffel bag" full of drugs with which they would supplement the hospital's dosages.

Birkhead added that Anna Nicole made "a baby book" while in the hospital, in which she identified Birkhead as the dad, and Howard K. Stern as "Uncle Howard." Nearing tears, Birkhead described his efforts to help Anna get past her drug problems at her Studio City home in May 2006.

He also suggested that Stern was "romantically interested" in Anna Nicole but that the love was unrequited. Birkhead said that Stern challenged Birkhead's paternity, and taunted him with the possibility that South Carolina businessman Ben Thompson might be the actual father.