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Child Services Hotline Blows Up With Britney Calls

2/21/2007 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has received numerous phone calls to their hotline ... about Britney Spears!

Sources tell TMZ that the Child Protection hotline received calls on Brit's kids and her recent bizarre behavior. The DCFS provides a 24/7 phone number that any resident in the Los Angeles area can use to report or discuss any issue regarding children.

Britney Spears entered a rehab facility earlier this week, and as TMZ first reported, she checked out and flew back and shaved her head. Then she checked into a second facility, Promises in Malibu, on Tuesday ... and out on Wednesday!


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Opps...forgot the new topic...Katty Homes Cankles.............ahahhah

2803 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I for one am really wondering what Shar Jackson is making of all of this. I'd be thinking oh my Lord I let this woman around my kids! I would also be calling Kevin & letting him have it for putting their kids in an unstable enviroment. Just a thought.

2803 days ago

get a life people    

Just because you shave your head doesn't mean you are a bad mother....

2803 days ago


How many of you judgemental idiots know for sure what kind of person she really is?!!!!! How many of you have sat in a room and watched her do drugs?!!!!! How many times has this so-called good father ever been seen with those babies? When Brit was out with her babies the media picked on her clothes?!!!! How many people have you known who have gone a little wild after a break up?!!!! If she was that lousy of a mother the kids would of been taken by now!!!! Give the girl a break!!!!!! The media is not helping matters at all!!!! I have made mistakes as a parent, as a wife, I have had my share of drinks and the difficult times after a painful break-up!!!! I have even gotten so upset over dry, brittle, overprocessed hair that I contemplated shaving my hair off too!!!!!!!! She can get through this, unfortunately she will have to do so with her every move out there for the world to judge!!!!! It's sad that just because they are celebrities their whole life must be documented. They deserve their privacy too believe it or not!!!! Of course it is probably easier for alot of you to feel good about yourselves when someone else's life is falling apart--right?!!!!!!!!!!! I know she will pull through and I know she will be alright, but I am sure some of you are hanging by your seats waiting for a overdose or some other misfortune to fuel your need of being a complete and total fucking loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2803 days ago


There needs to be a court order showing she's a threat to herself or others.

2803 days ago


Come on folks k-fag ditched his kids with Shar. There is a reason why he only gets supervised visatation rights. He only wants to try to get them for Britney's wallet anyway. Don't be fooled by this douche bag.

2803 days ago


And I agree that postpartum can be a part of this. I had after 2 pregnancies one right after the other and it wasn't easy and it destroyed my relationship!!!!! I sure the hell felt like a awful mother for awhile and made my mistakes, but I got through thank god. My problems were not all over the magazines, but people in my little world were just as awful and it all felt the same. Thank god for those that truely cared and weren't out there just to talk and talk and add to the bullshit!!!!! I am not saying she has postparum, but it sure the hell is posssible!!!!

2803 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Dear BS,

I think you should get a tattoo of a dolphin with devil horns on your forehead.
It would be soooo cool.

2803 days ago


Oh leave Britney alone, It is not easy to go throught two close pregnancy and deal with two babies even if she has the world of help. Untop of that she is going through divorce. And doing this all in the public eye. No wonder she snapped. She needs the support of her friends and family during this difficult time

2803 days ago


You people have got to be kidding me! Strangers are calling Child Services on her now? Jesus, get a life people. She's trying to get help, it's hard, she's going through a lot and doing this to her doesn't help!


2803 days ago


Hey #54 if you don't like gossip, gossip, gossip, why are you on a gossip website? LOL! Not to smart are you?

2803 days ago


I think people calling should not. CPS is for kids who are being abused. Britney's kids are well taken care of by her staff.

2803 days ago


She is being the most assinine, immature @sshole right now, and she really needs to pull her head out of her backside. She is down a road of major destruction right now! WTF is up with checking out of not one, but TWO rehabs in less than a day? She obviously has a problem, and it needs to be addressed before those two gorgeous little ones start feeling the effects of their irresponsible Mom's actions. K-Fed is almost seeming more responsible now, and that's a stretch. Just because you have a lot of money and are a celebrity doesn't mean that you can disregard your responsibilities.

2803 days ago


Why are people praising her? She is being FORCED to go to rehab, if she had it her way she would still be out partying.

2803 days ago


Hey#65----just sticking up for those abused by gossip!!!! Why you ask? Did I hit a nerve?!!!!!

2803 days ago
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