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Judge Says Decision to Come Friday Morning

2/21/2007 12:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin just told the Florida court in which he is presiding, that he will render his decision -- "the remedy I will fashion" as he puts it -- on the future disposition of Anna NIcole's Smith's body -- by Friday morning.

He made the statement in the course of talking to Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper, who said that such a timeline would be appropriate given the deteriorating condition of Smith's body.


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Poor girl,If she knew what they would be doing to her she would puke,
and if she did puke it should be on Stern,a Scum bag. Rest In peace Ann, when they stop ripping you apart.

2800 days ago


No matter what this is Anna's Mother, she has three other children, two very successful, one handicapped. Anna grew up in the same home; unfortunately Anna chose to make other decisions for herself that went against the grain of the way she was brought up. I am from the South and one of seven although five of us are all professionals, two chose another route. Have respect for Anna's Mother, she did the best she could. She could not make Anna do things as an adult and her lifestyle led to her demise via Howard Stern. He is a weak man that obviously Anna did not respect enough to even introduce him to her family. He was not even Man enough to encourage Anna to get off drugs instead he took video's of her pregnant all whacked out. He is pitiful. It might be true that News Organizations are paying for Anna's Mother's hotel, etc. Has anyone ever thought that she does not have the funds to pay for hotels, airline tickets, etc so she has no choice bit to sell her should to protect he daughter.

2800 days ago


Judge Larry is the stupidest person I have ever heard on TV. EVER!!

WHAT IS HIS IQ????? He can't remember names. (And thinks that's funny). He didn't even know that Mr. Howard Marshall is dead! Where did he think the theme of "Million Dollar Baby came from? What does he thin this is about? HIMSELF???

Can you believe the things he says to the Attorney's?.... "I helped ya out here, didn't I?" They all must be crazed by these unbelievable assumptions. He is not helping anyone, he is hindering by disgracefully putting himself, his life, his kid, his wife, his address, his education, his dumb analogies, his dumb references, his dumb joke's, his constant repetitiveness on stage. Who put him on the bench???

This is excruciating to watch. If it wasn't about the people involved, I would not be watching. I would have thrown a brick at my TV by now.

Could somebody put a sock in the Judge's mouth?

2800 days ago


Nicole should be buried next to her son in the Bahamas. Her mother should do the right thing and let them rest in peace together. As it seems Nicole wanted. Her mother didn't even seem fazed when the Medical examiner called to say that Nicoles body wasn't going to last much longe! That was shocking to me. Hearing that should have made her say. "OMG, this is wrong, we need to end this for Nicole" But she didn't even miss a beat talking about how she worked in a donut shop etc.
She also mentioned today that she will be going to the Bahamas with Daniels father to have his body dug up and brought back to Texas as well. That is terrible! As far as Howard K is concerned he should just get the DNA test done and not have to be forced to do it. At least right now the baby is too young to know what is really going on. As for the judge, I have never seen such a mess! He is worse than Judge Ito was.

2800 days ago


Did you know he is prolonging to name who the the Father of the baby is , and who get the body to bury.

He whats to go on TV like all the other judges, that is why he is taking so long to name both items. They are not people anymore they are actor for his sick comedy. Scum bug. If he does go on TV I hope he fops, or doesn't get hired.

2800 days ago

gloria dasilva    

Corcodile tears!!! If that mother was in front of a jury she would be found guilty of lying!!!! She is a PIG!!! Give the poor body to Howard and get the fricking thing over with. Let her be with her darling son!!
Shit cant everyone see this. What a bunch of lies coming out of that mothers mouth. If Anna Nicole could only see this, she would jump at her throat and choke her. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where was this so called mother in all the years she did not see A.N.

2800 days ago


#35 I agree with you 100%
No matter what Anna, did I'm sure her mother, loved her.
The problem I think, is that her mother did not agree with her, life
style,drugs, etc., and thats what drove the wedge between them, and the people, that were around Anna, were people, that approved, of her life style, they were scared to say NO! to Anna, cause she would replace them,with some one else, who would agree with her, but the people, that were around her and her son, did not try to help her, they all just stood around waiting, for a pay check,and just let, her self destruct.

2800 days ago

Vickie Crow    

I think if ANS is decomping she should be cremated. Take the ashes and divide them 3 different ways and then everyone has a part of her. If HKS wants to he can bury his ashes next to Daniel. This Judge if you want to call him a Judge is a "Wacko". He should not have to wait until Friday to make his decision. I am sure he has already made it. Let the poor woman rest in peace.

2800 days ago


Howard and Nicole were only in the bahama's because they were running from the united state justice system.
She is dead now, there is no more running.
Lets stop Howard K Stern from ditating and munipulating everything. Its Over Howard.
Your Fired!

Go Mama Go

2800 days ago


Anna nicole's Intent....hummmmm...before or after they ran from the united state judical system? she wanted to be next to marylyn before she was a fugitive from justice.

2800 days ago


This judge (no capital J required) is a sick publicity hound. He likes being in the news and is working on getting his more than 15 minutes. I look forward to him crawling back into the woodwork behind the bench he does not deserve. As for comment # 12, show some respect. What are you, perfect? You are no better than the woman who calls herself Anna's mother.

Set Anna free so that she may rest in peace next to her son Daniel.

2800 days ago


Who cares...By law Mother gets the body, and you know what, if this idiot judge drags it out long enough for everyone to realize ANS shouldnt be in the bahama's...well...I guess its all worth it. we should find out who the daddy is and take anna and daniel back to california or texas...Not the Bahama's!!!

Howard Stern is just looking out for #1 (himself) If he was really doing a good job by Anna, he shoulda stayed in california and faced the daddy issue. His advice to go to the bahama's.
lousy advice too.....spineless....selfish.....he knew that if he was nt daddy, he wouldnt get any money.
The woman is dead....howard can exit stage left now
Buh bye

2800 days ago


I wonder if Vergie or Larry will pay off the judge first for a decision their way????....wait for it, it is only a matter of time ;)

2800 days ago


Judge, you make me sick... You are what is wrong with the Justice System here in America.. Why were there even Lawyers in the court. If you are going to put words in their mouth and tell them what to say and how to act. Never letting HKS team ask the hard questions to Anna's mother.. She isn't that fragile, she was a cop. Give the public a break. You are very rude and I feel that you have a God complex. You love to hear yourself talk, stepping way out of bounds leading the witness (Virgie) allowing that blanton display when, she started crying, you said no recess and then her lawyer wants to pee and you then let Anna's mom get off the stand and run around the corner to talk to her lawyer. But when HKS and his lawyer tried to just step to the side to speak away from the mic you made him sit back down. What kind of game are you playing? What do you have personally against HKS? Then you praise Larry Birkhead up and down. Birkhead will make a lot of money off this hearing no matter how it turns out. He never started that he wouldn't sell more to the press. He has from what he has said made money off Anna for years. Yes HKS is and has been in love with Anna for many years. The general public knows that and has for years. As for HKS not having a job, Anna was a 24/7 job. She was super demanding and I'm sure HKS had to swollow his pride more than once. Anna didn't strike me as a person that would let anyone dictate her life. She controlled what went on in her life and everyone around her. (Trump YOUR'E FIRED) I am sure that she controlled HKS like a puppet on a string. If it were a man paying for everything for a woman without giving her money, it would be said that he did that to keep control over her. That way she would never be able to leave him. Get your head out of your butt. Or should I say the camara. Oh yes, when they brought out copies of checks and HKS stated those were part of the things stolen from Anna's home, why didn't you question Virgie's lawyers as to how they came about haveing stolen property? You poked your nose into everything else that never had anything to do with where Anna was to be buried.

Let Anna go home to her son, the one thing that should be crystal clear to you is the fact that Anna loved her son more than her own life. Let them both rest in peace.


2800 days ago


Why can't the babies guardian appointed by the Judge have Anna buried in California since this is where she told her mother that was where she wanted to be buried before the drug use and move Daniel's body from the Bahamas to California beside his mother. Daniel and Anna lived in California before Anna went to the Bahamas. Daniel was buried in the Bahamas because Anna thought she was going to be living there. The baby will not be living in the Bahamas (there is reason to believe that even Anna may not have had residency there) and will probably be raised in California and she should be able to go to her mothers and half brothers graves without having to travel to a foreign country. This could be the way of getting everyone to agree on one place for a burial. Dont send Anna to the Bahamas just to be with Daniel move Daniel to be with Anna near where the baby will grow up.

2800 days ago
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