Judge Seidlin "Very Impressed" with Birkhead

2/21/2007 7:18 PM PST
Judge Larry Seidlin finished a long, contentious day in court just moments ago, proclaiming himself "very impressed" with Larry Birkhead's testimony, and adding that Birkhead had "put a lot of meat" on the bones of the Anna Nicole Smith body-disposition case. Seidlin quite pointedly didn't make similar remarks after Howard K. Stern vacated the witness stand.

The judge said that Birkhead would continue to testify tomorrow, starting at 10:30 a.m. EST, and that he wanted the respective litigants' attorneys to submit their recommendations for judgment in the case tomorro by 5 p.m. Seidlin has maintained that he will render his judgment or, as he likes to put it, "fashion a remedy," for the conflict by Friday morning.