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Smokin' Hot Beyonce Not Hot with Anti-Smokers

2/21/2007 2:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Australia based anti-smoking group, Quit, is puffing mad over ads promoting Beyonce's upcoming Aussie concerts.
The posters feature the irreplaceable superstar holding an old-fashioned cigarette, which Quit believes could be seen as promoting a smoking product --an illegal action down under! Members of Quit are "disappointed" with Beyonce's choice of props, but they are not the first to ring the alarm on her photo shoot accessories.

Other photos from the same set of publicity shots for her latest album, "B-Day," featured Beyonce posing with live alligators, which on top of her excessive use of fur, caused PETA to ambush the star. What's next? Will the National Association of Swimsuit Models issue a statement complaining that Beyonce's Sports Illustrated cover put them out of work?


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# 19 cars kill people sometimes faster than cigarettes will. i don't drive, but i smoke socially. people are always telling me how they can't live without their car. that sounds like something of a bad habit to me! smokers can't seem to live without their cigs. so how are my points not valid? car exhust can kill you. as well as the high speed that cars give us and cigarettes can kill you. non smokers that drive and preach about non smoking are hippocrytes its as simple as that! every body is doing their part to wreck the environment. cars do it faster than smoking.

2801 days ago


ok who cares about her smoking if she wants to it is her perogative. Parents should be rolw models for kids not these lame brained celebushits. Yes Beyonce you are overated stop fucking screaming in your damn songs. Oh also your mom's "designs" are ugly as fuck.. Why did Kelly always look busted from her hair to her shoes when yall were in destinys child. Look back Kelly ALWAYS looked like a hood rat!

2801 days ago


you non smokers should be thanking smokers everywhere because if it was'nt for us? your taxes would be out of this world! we are killing ourselves to save you money! the government NEEDS people like us!

2801 days ago


Beyonce is a brainless talentless fool. Someone should skin her alive instead of the animals.

2801 days ago


#25 plenty of people care what PETA thinks. Speak for yourself.

2801 days ago


I think Beyonce is very mediocre at everything she does. You know she was hatin on Jennifer Hudson for out singing and acting her in DreamGirls! LOL!

2801 days ago

Lost in Beyonce's fat rolls    

She is an inarticulate cow who Daddy pimped her and now she is overexposed. She has minimal talent.

2801 days ago


Oh come on #27 don't be glib. You know you are on a gossip web site and tons of people post all different kinds of things nice and not nice. Are you really that naive?

2801 days ago

Team Aniston    

I believe you've already said that settle down..... care to say something else??!!

2801 days ago

Settle Down    

did you hear Beyonce hatin on Jennifer Hudson. The interview I saw, she was praising Jennifer up and down. That seems strange that she would hate and then turn around and praise.

and to question Beyonce's relationship with GOD is just over the top. I am not even going to go there but the comment about her relationship with GOD just sounded ignorant. You must think you are GOD to judge her relationship with GOD. GO ON Beyonce .... give praise baby!!! Give testimony as much and as often as you can.

2801 days ago


1: If you say B has no talent you are jsut tplain sleeping, never bought an album but I never underestimated her talents..singing that is, as for talking ,she can just keep her mouth shut, sounds too uneducated,

2: Is she trying to commit career suicide, in most countries fighting against smoking and smoking related illness, tobacco cannot be advertised so to see her withthatin her hand , is not glamourous but crasss

3: Did Dana Reeve dying fomr lung cancer, when she did not even smoke mean nothing.????/

4: Smoking is bad, it increases health insurance and can kill you ....

5: This is like depicting unprotectes sexon a billboard when we all knwo about HIV/AIDS......

6; Sorry Beyonce but this is nasty....stick to singing and remeber, dont have a conversation .you sound tooooooooooooooooooooooo ghetto!!

2801 days ago


the reason why the small aussie group bitching about the picture is thesuperstar holding an old-fashioned cigarette could tell her younger fan if you love me you will copy her and smoke.

One thing the quit group in australia is trying to stop everyone from smoking . they stick sick twisted picture of the smoke packages of some rotten mouth and it would have a sick message like this smoking causes mouth cancer .

it one small group to her fans they don't care they are happy that she is comming .

2801 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Sorry Deena, your clear-eyed common sense will be buried in these pages!

2801 days ago

Beyonce sucks    

#33 Why don't you do a favor to the majority of people on this board and shut your ignorant ass up or better yet go fuck yourself and that's coming from a black bitch.

2801 days ago


I am a Texas girl too,and I have never been truly disappointed in Beyonce till now.
I thought being from here our values were better than this.
C'mon Beyonce my little 8 year old girl loves you,so does my 2 year old.
I realize it's not your responsibility to be their role model but we can all try our best not to make things harder for our young girls growing up.
Oprah and Tyra are trying to do positive things,you used to be the same way...saying it was ok for them to eat at popeyes and curves are ok for girls...
please don't change to this kind of celebrity,I paid for my girls to see you in concert because your represented a wholesome southern girl,just what we are.
As a mom there's VERY FEW entertainers I would allow them to see in concert,you were one of the only 2 concerts (even at the RODEO)I let them see.You are better than this.

2801 days ago
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