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Smokin' Hot Beyonce Not Hot with Anti-Smokers

2/21/2007 2:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Australia based anti-smoking group, Quit, is puffing mad over ads promoting Beyonce's upcoming Aussie concerts.
The posters feature the irreplaceable superstar holding an old-fashioned cigarette, which Quit believes could be seen as promoting a smoking product --an illegal action down under! Members of Quit are "disappointed" with Beyonce's choice of props, but they are not the first to ring the alarm on her photo shoot accessories.

Other photos from the same set of publicity shots for her latest album, "B-Day," featured Beyonce posing with live alligators, which on top of her excessive use of fur, caused PETA to ambush the star. What's next? Will the National Association of Swimsuit Models issue a statement complaining that Beyonce's Sports Illustrated cover put them out of work?


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Beyonce' is the most beautiful woman alive! All you haters are just Jealous.

2803 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Beyonce is a beautiful woman; unfortunately, she's not educated or worldly. She doesn't think about what she's doing before she does it (a celebrity disease if there ever was one). Her handlers tell her to do something, and she does it without thinking about the consequences. So, not only does she open her mouth & stick her foot into it regarding the fur issue (she was caught on tape being reemed out by a PETA supporter over her non-thought out support of fur in fashion), but she is now appearing in ads with cigarettes. Someone please tell this nice but mindless woman to just sing; nothing else.

2803 days ago


Any star that promotes smoking, drugs, drinking etc are off limits to my kids no matter how talented they are. At some point these celebrities need to realize that they impact young kids and need to act accordingly.

2803 days ago


WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT B...she is so overrated...that'S why she lost the


fake and everyone around her is fake....i know she's reading these comments

because she loves the attention....B let me say.... your beautiful on paper but in

real life your attitude is shitty an fake.....believe me Hollywood cant wait to find a

new High-Yellow girl to serve up on a plate......that's why your clothing line SUCKS

just Like J-Lo....because you Suck.....the brothers like Kim Kardasian....cant wait

to see that Sex Tape....hollaa

2803 days ago



2803 days ago

B Rocks    

What`s the big deal here people? This is a picture for G%D sakes! If you don`t like Beyonce, that`s just too bad. Didn`t any of your moms ever tell you that if you don`t have anything nice to say about someone, SHUT UP! This just shows that there are some of you that although you don`t like her, you still take time to write something about her and that means she`s above you, because no one wastes time on someone if they`re not worth it, and clearly SHE IS! So I would suggest you go out & try something with your life and maybe you`ll get noticed and stop being jealous!

2803 days ago


First of all Beyonce is a very talented artist!!!!!! As sick as some of you are of her I am equally sick of hearing about Britney and Anna!!!!! Beyonce has class something that few of you know little to nothing about.....As far as the comment about her being fat their are many that would beg to differ let alone kill and tan to look like her! Beyonce is humble and seems to be a genuinely caring person.... Lets get somethings straight, the cameras run after Beyonce you dont see her running after them! In lay terms, you wont catch this beauty shaving her head or dancing on top of tables..... She already told you all in survivor her mother raised her better then that!!!! So all you haters get a life if you dont like her why did you click on this page.. Shes definetly a triple threat young, black, and wealthy..... Is this what really makes you mad? Yeah.... I thought so!

2803 days ago


Issues? I think not! STOP HATING! Beyonce is multi talented and worth millions... you are obviously jealous by this highly successful BLACK female artist.... that has probally made more then all of your generations combined,

Oh, and for the idiot who made the comment about her clothing line if you could do it better you would..... You cant so shut the hell up!!! Respect a Quuen when you see one.

2803 days ago


#46.... the only problem i have with her is she's so illiterate. with all that class, money and talent, why doesn't she get an education????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2803 days ago


Its funny how you all say she doesnt speak correct english, im sure you are the same ones that voted for president Bush with his, illiterate inarticulate ass. You people have some nerve talking bad about B.... She is a saint compared to Britney and Paris and furthermore it doesnt matter how well she speaks because it doesnt affect her singing any!!! She is famous because she is truly talented and can dance. Unlike Brittany with her non dancing, non singing, doing exercises to get a butt, bald headed ass.... Also lets talk about Lindsey the coke head and Mary Kate or which ever twin the that starves herself to death. You guys always want to find blemishes in the young black and successful..... Its evident that you are jealous of this bronze beauty she fascinates you so much you took time out to read the article.... Now thats what I call a bad bitch, even the haters really love and admire her! The only thing their jealousy tends to get in the way... Keep doing your thing sister... Keep showing up the rest of your peers! Brittany, Jessica, Or Paris cant touch you! I know you already know this though!

2802 days ago


Ok. "B's mom........there are many black females who are well educated, talented, and classy too. Ms. Keys, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Hudson and Ms. Blye…..all these black female entertainers can at least speak well in public……….she is an embarrassment………she fall into the old stereo type……black females are illiterate fuck partners only.

2802 days ago


Yes I agree they are all talented and well spoken.... This includes "B" too.

Also, Ms. English teacher "stereotype" is one word not two! Also its not a physical thing so I doubt that she will "Fall" into it!! WTF??? Also who the hell is Ms. Blye?? Get your fact straight before you try to debate or make dumb comments. This only makes you look like the illiterate fool.

2802 days ago


Don’t get hostile prettyx2. “ok” is just stating the facts. Beyonce needs to go back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has the money, so what is stopping her??????????????????????????

2802 days ago


Ok…prettyx2, you got me on “stereotype” and “Mary J. Blige”, but you can’t touch me on the fact Beyonce is one illiterate black female……….

2802 days ago


Sweetie I didnt get you on anything.... You shot your own self in the foot! Also Beyonce is far from illiterate and shes laughing all the way to the bank... BTW whats your claim to fame? Girl get a grip you really dont want to debate with me..... GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

2802 days ago
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