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Anna & Methadone Doc -- Down and Dirty

2/22/2007 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comTMZ has obtained shocking video footage of Anna Nicole Smith and a shirtless Dr. Sandeep Kapoor getting hot and heavy at a West Hollywood, Calif. gay bar in 2005.

Both Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern can be seen looking on as Anna gets groped and licked by Kapoor, who is currently the subject of an inquiry by the California Medical Board over his possible misconduct in the prescribing of methadone to an alias used by Smith.

As TMZ first reported, a prescription for methadone was written by Dr. Kapoor on August 25, 2006 for "Michelle Chase," a known alias of Anna Nicole Smith, who was eight months pregnant at the time.


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Ok I looked again and it seems Howard was the only one trying to tell her something and she is trying to get him to stop BUT Larry is just sitting there watching. Do people do stuff like that in the open?I dont think they would be doing that stuff if they was serious I think Anna was the kind of person that kinda took what she wanted and if she had a goal set she went after it with everything she had...and yes even men.Her stuff is just interesting to people and most people do this stuff everyday BUT they are not in the public eye.Anna knew how to get everyones attention when she enetered the room she wanted to make sure they was all watching! i just hate that these videos are soming out here and there everyone is trying to make a dollar .

2778 days ago


Stern is not a citizen of the Bahamas one can only stay 6 mo his time is up and he just bought a house? He's trespassing in the mansion. The baby will be taken away, he will be ordered out later this month at a hearing. I think he'll leave before the hearing and possibly flee to So America. He didn't get away with his big lie, there really isn't any evidence to convict him of murder, maybe fraud.

2778 days ago

The Original D..    

57. #48 - I'm sure Opri's quaking in her boots now. When the authorities asked for your name, did you tell them it's "imitalian", and you hang on a blog board all day?

Posted at 8:31AM on Feb 22nd 2007 by Get a Life


2778 days ago


Produce Dannielynn!!!!!!

2778 days ago


All of the dope dealers need prison time. "Dr." Kapoor,Howard K. Stern, and whoever else Anna pulled her panties down for. Put some truth serum in the water Howard the aardvark can't keep his snout out of in court. All of the men should be swabbed. The whole damn lot of them are there for the money, including the laughable clown of a judge, who wants his own show.The whole court is a comedy zone. The only victim is Dannielynn. Hopefully all of the drugs her half-witted mother took won't affect her.

2778 days ago


I don't hang on the boards all day. I take breaks to eat, call clients, make a sale, design websites, help my daughter with her homework, and lots of other fun stuff. You are soooo funny though.

Actually, I gave all of my contact information when I spoke with each of them on the phone. I don't play the email game when they'll never see it in a sea of thousands.

2778 days ago


do you think the judge will see this? Larry is still OK to be a father, he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was just there. I think it's time for Hefner to put her in a crypt and Grandma bury her son in the same cemetary near his Mom. She was messed up but she needs to be in a secure crypt. Why didn't they try to get her to rehab? At the least Ron Rale the only outsider could have done it. All he had to say is as her attorney she is making it difficult to continue her interitence legal action with her behavior so public.

2778 days ago


I think Virgie loved her daughter and was fed up by ANS drug use! What mother wouldnt be?

This shows when an ignorant young girl makes big and how people take advantage of it!

Obviously Coward was a svengali, pimp, user, golddigger, drug pushing, murderer, asshole who found the perfect vicitm!! I think he master mind her demise and Daniels!!

He had to get rid of Daniel, ANS loved him so much and left everything to him!
Daniel would have had all rights to everything and he had too much inside knowledge [dirt] of what occured inside the madness!!

Birkhead maybe not the brightest light in the bunch got sucked into that world and feel in love with a total drug addict... She loved her drugs the most!!!

I hope people contact Bahama newspapers and show their disgust with this situation!! Whoever the Father is? Danielyn should be protected!!

They should give up any rights to the Marshal money and try to bring some sanity back into Danielyns life!!

In the end this may be the biggest blessing in this little girls life!!

2778 days ago


I'm ALSO questioning Birkhead's position after this.

Give the baby to Arthur and be done with it.

2778 days ago


Take a closer look everyone... I agree with comment #11... this is a photo about to be taken. Just Anna being Anna she seemed to loved the shock value of film. Remember this was how she made a living. Ahh, that is why we are all so very interested in her to begin with. Smart woman.

Seems to me the person that is responable for Anna and her sons death is the almighty Doctor.

A phone in doctor. or is it a phony doctor?

Everyone eles in this mess is a direct Victim of Dr. Kapoor, he needs to made to take a dose of his own medicine.

If it wasn't for him none of this would be taking place.

2778 days ago


WOW, what a impressive video...................................:))))))))))
Now, let Judge "Larry' watch it......he will take another month to make a decision:)))

2778 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

Okay..This is getting a little ridiculous. Who wasn't Anna Nicole Smith with? I am sorry, but I am just concerned about the baby at this point. Also, I thought the Ford's were keeping these items in safekeeping with the authorities pending a possible death investigation. Then, the items are to be handed over to Danielynn, as ANS was worried about HK$ selling them to the media according to what the public was told on Greta by the Fords.

I supported the Ford's initially with their reasoning for taking the items out of ANS Bahamas home, but I am now getting a little disturbed seeing these items leaked to the media via TMZ when the Sheriff's Dept. is suppose to have them.

I know TMZ paid the Fords for this footage. Perhaps instead of, ANS being worried about Howard K. Stern & her mother going to the media selling things; she should have been worried about the Fords as well. I really could care less for Howard, but I am very close to putting the Fords in the same category as him with their bullcrap.

Where is the loyalty? Hell, almost everyone seems like they are out to make a buck off of Danielynn or ANS name and or likeness, and the sad part about it is she is not even buried yet. I see why she didn't trust anyone. Hell, I wouldn't either. Perhaps, she is better off dead than alive. Atleast, she is with her beloved son Daniel who, she never had to worry about using her for an ATM.

It's one thing being genuinely concerned about a possible wrongful death situation and or aggravated manslaughter and providing the authorities substancial proof for those concerns in a legal way. It's another thing betraying a "so called" friend by completely misrepresenting your actions. I hope the money the Fords are receiving from leaking these disturbing tapes etc. to the media is going towards Danielynn's college fund - not their pockets.

If not, please stop holding TV interviews and assasinating Howard's character and motives; when your character and motives are no better. Besides, Howard is doing a bang up job of making himself look like the scum of the earth - he doesn't need your help. He is essentially kidnapping Danielynn!!

If you want to really do something; try helping to expedite a DNA test for this innocent baby. Everyday that goes by in which she doesn't feel the warmth of her biological's father's embrace is a great tragedy and she suffers.

2778 days ago


Howard was nothing more then her drug pusher. Now what I wonder is how long is he going to sponge off his parents! How proud they must be of the slacker son and the mess he is in. If he were my kid, I'd disown him as of today!

2778 days ago

getting crazier every second    

They all seem to have rather loose morals.
Anna definitely loved the guys. Larry is looking on with the debauchery going on with the woman he "loves", trying to block the camera.
And well, Howard is being the pitiful hanger-on enabler that he always was for her.
And Anna=high as a kite.
God, I am so glad that that little girl will hopefully not be exposed to this crazy life of her mother. Sorry anna died but she did not seem to care about who she was with sexually or how many drugs she ingested.
I am beginning to think that something terrible did happen in her childhood.

2778 days ago


One reason that popped instantly in my head as to why this video is important, well as I was watching the trial last night on MSNBC-Larry Birkhead mentioned that he and Anna had an exclusive relationship from July 2004 to August 2005 or something like that and that it even continued once she became pregnant. The judge asked him if Anna was sleeping only with him during this time and he said yes and he was sure about that except that one time in South Carolina around the time she got pregnant. To me this proves that Larry was lieing on the stand because if he was there watching the so called "Love of his life" getting hot and heavy with another fellow and didn't do anything to stop it, then how is that being "exclusive"?

2778 days ago
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