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Breaking: Custody Hearing Over Dannielynn

2/22/2007 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that a closed-door hearing is going on right now in the Bahamas regarding the custody of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn.

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Now how in the world is Dannilynn Hope going to visit her mother and brother in the Bahamas? Anna Nicole Smith never wanted to be buried there. She was going to have Dannielynn Hope here in S.C., One of our people from Myrtle Beach owns that home with Anna never having signed nor paid for the home. The owner is serving eviction papers on Howard Stern now. Stern wanted Anna and Daniel buried there as this supports his claim for paternity in the Bahamas. The longer this dear baby stays with Stern, the more attached she will be sequested from her blood relatives. I don't know about y'all, but I'd want to be raised around my family members to play with my cousins and be with my aunts/uncles and grandparents. family is family. Howard Stern is NOT family. He's taken in Larry Birkhead by saying he'll let him see Dannielynn. The legal guardian of Anna nicole Smith is her mother who wants to pay for Daniel and her daughter to be buried together where they lived....the USA. Daniel's home was NOT the Bahama's as he was living in California with a friend going to college; he was just a visitor there. Stern has gotten the continuance of his wealth from making Anna a cash cow, pimped her with all men she met, kept her drugged picking up these illegal drugs for her, brought drugs to her during her pregnancy in the hospital as she was detoxing, and made sure he knew the laws to not have her baby here (S.C.) as unwed mothers and drug cases of unwed mothers are more stringent. In my state, any mother with drugs in her system while pregnant loses her child to the courts and is jailed. That's why Stern went back here and asked for a country where our Myrtle Beach people could send Anna for her baby to be born. Again, I ask, how will Danielynn Hope see her living family and friends of her family living so far away? Anna and her son should be in this country. Even if it was California their home.

2777 days ago

Susan Robertson    

It's possible HKS is the father. Let's just say...when he plied her with drugs and waited for her to pass out he had sex with her...she wasn't aware of it - never way -but in HKS's mind that was what he was referring to when he said ANS was "my lover, the mother of my child"...I think the guy needs some major psychiatric help regardless of how all this ends up. I wouldn't put it past him to do just that to ANS. He screwed her in more ways than one.

2777 days ago


Larry has tried since Howard and Anna went to the Bahama's to prove DNA. IMO Howard researched different areas to relocate and their laws pertaining to child custody . He is a lawyer and knew what laws could apply to their situation. IMO Larry is the bio father. He was trying to protect the unborn child by seeing to it that Anna not use drugs. Howard and Anna moved soon after Larry became concerned of her usage while pregnant. That baby is way to pretty to be an offspring of Howards. She is beautiful just like her mom. Why won't Howard submit to DNA - cause he knows he is not the bio father. I don't doubt that Howard loved Anna (more like an obsession), but if he truly loved her he would have seen to it that she got help for her addictions and not be such an enabler. I hope that paternity is done soon. That baby needs to be safe and loved.

2777 days ago

j. sykes    

I sincerely worry about Howrad K. Stern and , if allowed to keep Dannielynn, will he fall in love with her as she grows up? If shes sad will he give her demerol or methodone? Kick the parasite to the curb. Get a job Howard , you gross hanger on. You are not a man if you live off of Anna and now what will you do.....Ah , Yes, find a way to live off of Dannielynn.
Butt Out of their lives.

2777 days ago

just me    

There is one thing that I am absolutely positive of and that is that Howard K. Stern already has proof that he is not Dannielynn's biological father. I am positive of that because he has had daily access to Dannielynn since birth and any man in his position who has an intelligence above that of a moron would have long ago used an assumed name and an address not his own to order a testing kit from a private DNA testing laboratory and returned it for testing along with payment in the form of a cashier's check purchased from a bank other than his own. I think Howard K. Stern probably has the intelligence to do that. So he already knows with certainty that he is not the father and that is why he is strongly resisting giving up a swab sample of Dannielynn's DNA.

2777 days ago


I was rooting for Howard until the trial and then when the clown tape came out...that is so sad for them to do that...and what did he say in the tape I bet this tape will get some money..think that is all he was sad..Elizabeth -Alabama

2777 days ago


I no i haven't been that in touch with ANS, but why can't they just get a DNA testing of Dannielyn??? All they need 2 do is get the kid to a hospital, get some blood, and put it into this DNA machine! What's the big deal?

2777 days ago


Hopefully the Bahamians will listen to the Florida judge and require that the baby be submitted to a DNA test. Then this issue will finally be settled, Anna Nicole will be buried by the end of the weekend and we will not have to hear anything more about these people. No one should profit any further from the death of Anna Nicole Smith. We hope the baby will go to her rightful father who loves her and she will be nurtured through to adulthood and not do the same mistakes that her mother did. Hopefully she will not suffer any scars as a result of all this ridiculousness surrounding her mother's death and she can grow up as normal as possible. Any money that her mother would have received should be held in trust and used only for her. If Larry Birkhead is her father (which I think most of us would agree) then he should receive compensation from these monies for his legal fees incurred in having to pursue this paternity suit and he should be able to raise his child in a safe and loving environment away from the media/spotlight.

2777 days ago


I was horrified to see the video of Anna stoned out of her mind when she was 8 months pregnant. Howard is a creep of a father if he was allowing her to abuse that unborn baby and film it. He has a huge responsibility in the abuse of the unborn child. He was laughing and making fun of her. If Larry is found to be the father, I'd encourage him to file child abuse charges against Howard.

2777 days ago


Did they do a toxiology test on Dannielynn when she was born? if drugs were in Anna's system then they were in Dannielynn's and who knows what kind of problems she will have because of this...

2777 days ago


Word #80

That film made me ill. "What are you on a mushroom trip" Hello shrooms are not a control substance. Anna doesn't drive. So does she just walk to town and contact the local dealer. Sheesh HK$ was suppling her with shrooms too?

2777 days ago


The legal system can be so double-standard when it comes to issues such as paternity. If the tables were turned and Anna Nicole (when she was still alive) demanded a paternity hearing to prove Larry was the father for financial reasons, etc. then do you think Larry could run to Bahamas and refuse? Or remain in the states and refuse to provide sample? Hell no, the courts would put in jail. I just cannot understand all of the courts refusing to rule on DNA testing, and all the while Dannielynn is without a parent. Child Services should take temporary custody until paternity is proven. And if for some reason Larry is not the father (which I do believe he is) then Dannielynn should go to Virgie. It is sad that they are all fighting on where her body should be buried, when the important issue is the welfare of a child.

2777 days ago

Rachel Jones    

I hope that the baby turns out to be Howard K. Sterns. He seems to really love his baby girl. Larry can't be the daddy seeing how she conceived in December. And they were broke up at the time. They got back together in January. But I hope the baby is Howard's he adored Anna Nicole and he gave up alot in his life for her. Good Luck Howard. My prayers are with you!!!! You deserve your baby girl.

2777 days ago


Didn't Anna evan have an obstetrician for her whole pregnancy? I never heard anything about doctor's visits unless I missed it. And for somebody to be on that many drugs during a pregnancy, I sincerely hope this kid doesn't turn out to have any disabilities developmentally, mentally or whatever. Dannielynn needs to get her shots and get checked out by a real doctor and not doctor quack like Kapoor.

Boy, you know how they always said "Washington slept here?" I guess you could say the same thing about Anna. It's turning out to be like a Maury Povich "Who's the baby's daddy" shows

2777 days ago

stolto morta    



GIVE LARRY HIS KID BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2777 days ago
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