Kirsten Curbs Her Enthusiasm ... and Her Car

2/22/2007 12:09 PM PST
Kirsten Dunst's spidey-sense definitely wasn't working last night when she crashed into a curb.

In yet another attempt to thwart the paparazzi -- following her "ninja" tactics the previous night -- Dunst tried to cover her face with a hat as she ran to her car after partying at Winston's. While she probably should have come out of hiding when she got behind the wheel, Kirsten opted to keep her face hidden as she tried to steer into traffic. Unable to see the road, Dunst gassed it straight into the curb!

Dunst may want to take a lesson from Paris Hilton's pal, Stavros Niarchos who crashed her Bentley -- don't drive when you can't see where you're going!