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Kirsten Curbs Her Enthusiasm ... and Her Car

2/22/2007 12:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kirsten Dunst's spidey-sense definitely wasn't working last night when she crashed into a curb.

In yet another attempt to thwart the paparazzi -- following her "ninja" tactics the previous night -- Dunst tried to cover her face with a hat as she ran to her car after partying at Winston's. While she probably should have come out of hiding when she got behind the wheel, Kirsten opted to keep her face hidden as she tried to steer into traffic. Unable to see the road, Dunst gassed it straight into the curb!

Dunst may want to take a lesson from Paris Hilton's pal, Stavros Niarchos who crashed her Bentley -- don't drive when you can't see where you're going!


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Ms. Scarlet    

Finally, a story about someone other than Britney or ANS!!! To bad this story is boring as hell.

2738 days ago

getting crazier every second    

Where is the SPCA. Take that damn puppy from that fruit loop.
She is a NUT. If that is what childhood fame creates, it should be outlawed immediately. Commit her now.

2738 days ago

my opinion    

It seems that driving is an exotic sport for those of interest to the paparazzi. There should be a law that these numb nuts have a driver or a cab on speed dial. They fight for the almighty publicity so they deserve what they get.

2738 days ago

getting crazier every second    

Sorry the above post was for the britney case. Sorry.

2738 days ago


Oh my I guess the Police are gonna want a pay raise soon and will start bumping off Paps for giving them too much of a workload.

2738 days ago


spoiled beeyotch.........can't wait to see her downfall...........

2738 days ago


who cares? tmz will put absolutely ANYTHING up. this is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

2738 days ago


Why does this ugly girl try to hide from the paps so much? I don't think I've ever seen her smile or say hi to ANYONE. She always has a crappy look on her face and tries to hide. I've never understood why celebs can't just suck it up and smile once in a while. It's not like they're going to rape you if you smile or say hello. And FURTHERMORE, why did she bother to cover her face up again at the end of the video? She had already left it uncovered when she was buckling up. Ugh, so stupid.

2738 days ago

Amin Vere    

How about the media and the public stops supporting the harassment random people? If Paparazzi get in the face of stars like this and can't get there shots from a better distance or in a slightly more subtle manner, they are inches away from deserving a beating. As to celebrities not smiling, they smile enough of the damn time, and no one has the right to get up close and personal in such an aggressive manner with random individuals who happen to be famous. I don't care one way or another if people want to know more about Kirsten Dunst, take your damn pictures, but there are standards of decency with which both sides of the entertainment industry need to comply.

2736 days ago


if people are gonna get a living by stalking and photographing people non-stop they might as well get out the paychecks for murderers and rapists too. everyone talking about wanting to see an actor or actresses downfall and if they fall to shame is it any wonder ?? stalked by creepy "photographers" every night and just waiting for them to slip up - i think this stuff should be illegal. buy hey, i guess the world we live in can't be perfect.. just for the losers who enjoy watching this stuff

2736 days ago


Why does anyone care? She was beaing freaking harassed and just wanted to get away, and clipped the curb in the process..not like everyone else doesn't make that mistake sometimes, without numerous cameras all around them.
Why is this on the news? This most certainly has no place being published anywhere - it's complete crap.

2736 days ago


The Photogs are idiots. It's fine to take photos but that was borderline harassment. Also, I think she should have at least 1 security guard with her when she is out like that. Where hats, don't hold them. I volunteer as Bodyguard.


2736 days ago

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