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"Lost" Diary -- Stranger in a Strange Land

2/22/2007 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary. After last week's epic episode, I am psyched for this week. "Lost" is back (back, meaning good again) and I couldn't be happier.

There were some unbelievably great comments last week. Some notes on a few of them:

-- A ton of you said that you thought of me immediately when you heard about Charlie's impending death. OK, so not only do I obsess over the potential death of a fictional television character, but now even total strangers I have never met know it too.

-- Most of you agree Charlie should die, but it seems the second most disliked character is Kate. She has gotten pretty annoying and all she's good for is being held at gunpoint.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes. I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. This week the usual crew of Ari, Lauren and Matt is back together -- kinda like Van Halen reuniting, only none of us play any instruments. Let's roll:

-- Kate wants Sawyer to turn the boat around to go back and rescue Jack (predictable) while Karl is babbling incoherently about God and Jacob. When was the last time Kate said something where she wasn't whining?

10:01 -- Jack thinks the Others plan on killing him now, and he's got every reason to think so. But Henry Gale did promise to send him "home," which I think we all know isn't happening. My prediction: the Others start to send him home, only Locke and Sayid and the rest of them "rescue" him and ruin it. Just a thought.

10:02 -- "Hey." -- Juliet. Things don't look so good for her.

10:06 -- And it's Jack flashback time. Prepare for either daddy issues or dumped by his wife issues.

10:07 -- Or hot Asian woman on the beach issues.

10:08 -- Jack's in Sawyer's cage and apparently the Others have a "sheriff."

10:10 -- Kate and Sawyer are having some post-coital problems, and Karl is kinda creeping me out. But he is full of info, so there's that.

10:12 -- Juliet is trying to get Jack to help Ben as a "personal favor" to her. Other than the fact she's hot, why would we do her a favor? Jack, remember, she's evil.

10:18 -- Oh look, Jack brought up his dad. Didn't see that coming.

10:19 -- "I have a gift." -- Achara. I'm sure that won't come up later.

10:20 -- Isabelle wants to ask Jack a few questions. First impression: she's kind of creepy, but only kind of.

10:21 -- Apparently, Isabelle is "investigating" whether or not Juliet tried to get Jack to kill Henry. I half expected to hear the "Law & Order" sound. What are the odds Jack lies to save Juliet? I am going 80/20 that he does.

10:22 -- What a sap.

10:23 -- Not sure what I think about this Isabelle. Feels like they are trying to force another creepy character on us. The rest of the room thinks she's a transvestite; a tad harsh, I think. What happened to Ms. Klugh?

10:26 -- Well at least Jack scored with Achara. There is a dirty joke here to be made about her "gift," but I'm gonna be the adult here and let it go.

10:28 -- Hey it's Cindy from the back of the plane and she's "there to watch." That doesn't sound good. Oh Cindy, Ana Lucia's dead and she was a bitch, too. Sorry to break it to you.

10:30 -- Karl ran away to hide in the woods and cry and has never heard of "The Brady Bunch." Except for the episode in Hawaii with Vincent Price and the tiki, I wish I had never heard of it either. Lauren wonders why they aren't questioning Karl more. Fair point.

10:32 -- Gotta admit, I am bored as hell. The room is restless and throwing out four-letter words.

10:33 -- Apparently, Alex has daddy issues too. She and Jack will have a lot to talk about.

10:34 -- And Jack wants out of his cage. Maybe now something will actually happen.

10:39 -- "The cavalry has arrived at last." -- Henry Gale. If this were a cheezy 90s sitcom, the studio audience would applaud Henry's first appearance -- it's long overdue.

10:40 -- So Ethan was a surgeon. He kinda looked more like he worked at UPS.

10:41 -- So Jack is going to save Ben to save Juliet. Can a man be (another word for a small cat)-whipped if they haven't even had sex? Grow a pair Jack!

10:42 -- By the way, part of me thinks Jack is lying about the infection just to save Juliet.. Only, again, I don't think he has the cajones.

10:43 -- "My work is not decoration, it is definition." -- Achara. Bit of a letdown on the whole "gift" thing. I wish it had been something dirty.

-- I think Jack just committed reverse tattoo rape. Never thought I'd coin that phrase.

10:46 -- "He has, however, ordered her to be marked." -- Isabelle. Like a tattoo? Like "The Scarlett Letter"? What kind of mark are we talking about here?

-- Three things about Jack's beating: 1) His tattoo wasn't complete. 2) Reverse tattoo rape has its consequences. 3) I really thought one of the guys was going to say, "Welcome to Thailand, bitch!" R.I.P. "The O.C."

10:51 -- I was kind of expecting Juliet's "mark" to be like Jack's tattoo, not a branding.

10:54 -- Juliet says they're leaving the island and taking Jack back to where they live. We saw their little village when the plane crashed, so "where they live" shouldn't be a huge surprise. But so many people have mentioned it during the episode, I kinda think it will be.

10:55 -- Sawyer thinks Kate threw him a "I thought you were going to die" lay, and she doesn't appear to be denying it. That's gotta hurt.

10:56 -- So Jack's tattoo says, "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." Jack says, "That's what they say, but that's not what they mean." Thanks, Yoda.

10:57 -- Nothing is really happening.

10:58 -- Still nothing.

10:59 -- Huh?

Normally I now do a "What did we learn this week?" But I am too angry for that. What the hell was that? On the heels of one of the best episodes ever, we get a complete and utter waste of an hour. Just a severe, other level disappointment.

According to the promos, we were supposed to get three mysteries solved, but I only counted two: what Jack's tattoo means (like anyone really cared about that!), and why no one watches "Lost" anymore. I can't defend this episode, so I am just going to stop writing about it. Tomorrow's "O.C." finale better be good, or else I will really lose it.

This is the spot where I usually throw out a question to try and spark comments, but it seems futile this week, since every comment will probably be about how much this episode sucked. But if you can come up with anything good that came out of this week, I'd LOVE to hear it. Seriously, anything at all.

(Deep breath ... Come on Daniel, it's just a television show.)

Sorry, normally I am not this negative. So let's try this again. Here is my question to you: If you could pick one word to describe your reaction to tonight's episode, what would it be?

See you next week.


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All we got was some vague story about the kids being taken? How stupid was that?

If you have only one surgeon, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SEND HIM OUT TO RECON THE NEWBIES?? All this left them with was a fertility doctor or is there another doctor out there that we have yet to meet???????

I couldn't believe there was another Jack-flash-back. Enough already! And it's just about his tatoos? Come on!

I thought that Jack had grown some when he refused to help evil Henry Gale, but he just can't resist a damsel in distress! Even if she is evil, too.

2808 days ago


The episode was just sooo BORING. I really almost turned it off. and literally i won't work wednesday nights because of LOST so this episode was a major waste of my time and loss of money(since i didn't work)

2808 days ago


i have watched lost forever, but at this point, it is just LOST. i think the producers just turned it over to someone and said, do what you want, we're outta here! it sucks. i am so over this show. too bad... they had something going and could've really did something with it. several other great shows to watch instead.

2808 days ago


One word: disappointing. The only thing I liked about this episode was Sawyer and the snarky names he comes up with for people. One of my favorite things about Sawyer. He's good.

2808 days ago

Long Memory    

Hey Daniel: remember your survey a couple of months back, about which of the 3 categories we belonged in? I chose the "wait for it to come out on DVD" category. Except for about half of last week's episode (thanks to my husband), I haven't watched Lost since its return. Can't tell you how good it feels not to be WASTING my time on this show!! The rest of you should try not watching for just one week, then when you can't stand it anymore, take 10 minutes to read the synopsis on You'll feel the way I do now. How sad this show has turned in to such a let down. It had so much promise!

2808 days ago

kate bush    

I've been following Lost religiously from the 1st episode, I think that explains how much of a fan I am. I am so disapointed with the show this season, tired of being lost watching "Lost". It was an interesting ride to be intrigued after every episode at first, but maaaan... enough is enough. I feel like tearing my hair off. Please make the show better again, and stop with the damn mistery...something must be unveilled...soon, or what started off being one of the best series ever made, will end up getting cancelled!

2808 days ago

Oh Please    

One word - LOST...

I loved last week's episode, it was so well done. I'm getting annoyed with Jack. I'm irritated with Kate - quit being a butt-head to Sawyer!!! Kill Charlie already, he is whiny and annoying. Can we focus on Sayid or maybe Jin? Desmond is very cool, I like how his character is developing. Don't trust Juliet or Ben...I'm just glad they are replaying the previous week's episode before the new one b/c I'm falling asleep halfway through the new one each week.

2808 days ago


The "Sheriff" was the mom on Wonderfalls (she was awesome) and she played the grown up daughter in Mommy Dearest. She's actually a very good actress. I dig her.

One word for the episode. BLECH! closed.

2808 days ago

Vern F    

At the end of the episode, I actually considered whether I should stop watching the whole series all together. Yes, it was that bad.

2808 days ago


I can think of one positive - Jack spent a month getting laid by a really hot Thai chick and am sure she had other "gifts." Which was probably worth a beating in the end.

2808 days ago


What is with the "The Wizard of Oz" references? Henry Gale and The building falling on someone wearing red shoes? I will be disappointed if this turns into a dream like wizard.

2808 days ago


Did Isabella, the sheriff, look like the older woman from the jewelry store by any chance? I thought maybe they were connected.

2808 days ago


Another episode without Sayid............another episode that sucked!!!!!!

2808 days ago


I'm pretty quick to point out bad writing when I see fit, but I really think that the problem with Lot isn't the writing, it's the horrible influence of the production team. I said last week that I saw an interview where the producers said "the writers wanted to kill Jack off half way through the first season and we convinced them that you just can't do that". Think of what a shock it would have been and how powerfully the story would have evolved that had happened. Not to mention, it's totally the type of outside of the box writing that they for the most part pulled off in the first two seasons.
I think that the writer's are trying desperately to alter their original and pretty awesome schematic around what the arrogantly formulaic producers force them to write and that's where things have gotten lost. My word for this episode: Eh. My word for last weeks episode: cringe. This weeks episode was dull, but (Desmond's coolness aside) last weeks episode was like bile that burns at the back of your throat.

2808 days ago


Woo! I found one of those Easter egg anagrams those clever Lost writers love to include in the show!

BAI LING is the actress who played Jack's Thai hook-up.

Put those two names together and you get BAILING--what millions of Lost viewers seem to be doing with each passing week.

2808 days ago
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