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Anna's Mom Wants the Body: Round Two

2/23/2007 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith, has filed court papers asking a judge to issue an emergency order stopping the release of her body to the court-appointed guardian of Dannielynn.
Court docs: Anna Nicole Smith
In the documents, filed today in Florida, Arthur says that "as natural mother and next of kin" of Anna, she is "entitled to make the decision regarding where [she], her child, is to be buried.

TMZ is told a judge will decide whether to grant Arthur's request, or deny it, paving the way for Anna's burial in the Bahamas.


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Well, even FOX NEWS is trashing ET's interviews with Howard & Anna! And Stern Pressures Larry TODAY to sign a deal!!

Howard K. Stern Plays Hardball With Larry Birkhead
Friday, March 02, 2007

By Roger Friedman


Anna Nicole: Stern Pressures Larry to Sign Deal

Anna Nicole Smith's two baby daddies (I don't know what else to call them) continue to be in a tug-of-war this morning, even as their beloved cash cow is readied for burial.

Overnight, attorney Howard K. Stern — whose hold on the situation is starting to slip — has been strong-arming photographer Larry Birkhead to do a couple of things: keep Birkhead's legal reps out of Anna Nicole Smith's Bahamas funeral, sign a contract deal with "Entertainment Tonight" and acquiesce even further regarding the future of baby Danniellynn.

Stern, as I told you the other day, has already had one secret meeting with Birkhead in which he cut out the photographer's lawyers.

I'm told that Stern has kept up the pressure on Birkhead, actually presenting him with contracts, sources say, in which Birkhead would join Stern for more exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider."

"Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like everyone was in agreement, and that it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," my source said. "Larry said the baby's guardian should sign the papers for him and the baby, but he wouldn't. So then Larry wouldn't."

At the same time, Stern is trying to negotiate separately with Birkhead, away from his attorneys, to sign a deal by which Stern would continue to be in baby Danniellyn's life and oversee her finances.

Stern, my sources say, is working as quickly as he can to effect these agreements before he has to turn over the baby to Birkhead, her biological father.

Sources say that Birkhead's representatives are considering taking legal action against Stern's side to prevent further communication between the two sides as soon as today.

The problem, sources also say, is that Birkhead — a novice in these games — continues to be intimidated by Stern.

"Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," both owned by CBS Paramount Television, have denied paying for interviews. But I'm told their method – it's semantics — is to "license" footage either directly from Stern or through a third party.

Recently, "ET" used Solana Productions of Southern California in such a deal. Neither Solana or anyone from CBS Paramount answered calls yesterday.

Anna Nicole: Dead, and For Sale

Today, Anna Nicole Smith — a ridiculous person who accomplished just about nothing in her life — will be buried in the Bahamas.

There are several wars taking place all over the world, not to mention famines; artists are hard at work, movies are opening, buildings are going up, diseases are being investigated. But hey: Anna Nicole is being buried, and "Entertainment Tonight" will be there for every cheesy second of it.

That's because "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," two half-hour shows syndicated by CBS's Paramount TV, have paid a high price for this honor.

Real insiders (not the kind you have to pay for info) tell me that Paramount TV cut the deal with Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer and Svengali, right after her son Daniel died of a methadone overdose in her Bahamian hospital room last September.

Paramount TV has denied this, somewhat passively, so far. But my sources say it they paid Stern around $3 million initially, and that this was renegotiated right after Anna Nicole herself died on February 8th of this year.

Of course, we could believe that Stern — who in court told clueless Florida probate judge Larry Seidlin that he was living off his parents — just loves "ET." Anything's possible.

But the reality is that Anna Nicole's death has proven to be a ratings-sweep godsend.

Linda Bell Blue, the show's executive producer, previously helmed Paramount's ugly tabloid show, "Hard Copy." For years she's had to sit through Mary Hart's tedious, publicist-arranged interviews with low-level TV stars, just waiting for this moment: a huge celebrity death, in a sweeps month, and already contracted for!

As recently as last night, "ET" correspondent Mark Steines was reporting "from inside" Anna Nicole's Bahamas mansion — no mention of the fact that it didn't belong to her, and that the landlord is kicking everyone out.

Steines had "the inside scoop" about the B-list country singer who would serenade Anna Nicole into the next life, the color of her burial gown ("pink!") and what would be inside the coffin (with any luck, Anna Nicole).

Steines performs these interviews — as he has since last Nov. 1, when he had his first "exclusive" after Smith's son, Daniel,

2760 days ago


You go Howard Stern I know that Anna would be proud of
you!And we all
know where Virgie Arthur and Birkhead should go!!!I cant stand Virgie
she is the most pitiful excuse for a mother that I have ever seen if
she loved Anna she would have been there long before now.Aparently
Anna wanted Howard to be the father of her baby because he is
onDannielynn's birth certificate so they all need to leave Howard and
Dannielynnalone to morn their loss together and rebuild their lives!

2760 days ago


I am so proud that Anna is being buried by her son where she wanted to be. Now maybe she will be in peace. And for her so called mom "Virgie Arthur' you need to go back where you came from miss cause if you were any kind of mother you would have known Anna's wishes and leave Howard Stern alone to raise Dannielynn because out off all of you three I think he has more since and cares more for what Anna wanted! WE LOVE YOU ANNA AND WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2760 days ago


Damn will fat-ass Virgie ever go away?
Now she is getting Daniels father to petetion the courts to have Daniel moved. No wonder Anna left home.

Where have these bastards been for the past 10-15 years. Now they are coming out of the wood-work like roaches.

2760 days ago

Hannah Harris    

Rita Crosby said that HKS talked about " so called family members " at the service and that everything was lies and he knew the truth.He got a standing O for that.Yes, ET is paying him $ 4 million for the rights to film the funeral.Once the Dad and been determinded and I hope its Howard, you can bet Howard will never let Vergie near that baby or near any $$.

2760 days ago


I watched ET and the funeral. Howard loved Anna, and I knew what he was saying. I believe he'll die if there is nothing left for him to do to honor her wishes. He said things that needed to be said at the funeral. I can't believe that bitch so-called mom now is trying to get Daniel's biological father to dig him up and move him away from Anna at Virgie's request! That bitch is pushing it out of pure spite against Anna. Daniel's biological dad was never there for Daniel and didn't pay a penny in child support. He doesn't have a job at this day! What the hell is wrong with that family?? Poster above me, they ARE making Texans look bad! Like greedy, low-life, hicks. Texans, take a stand against this family! I KNOW Anna will haunt her so-called mom if she moves Daniel away from her. How can they do that? Anna raised him and placed him there. That dead-beat dad better not listen to Virgie Monster if he knows what is good for him. He'll have mad fans beating his ass somewhere. They need to be together in death, as they were in life. Virgie monster justs doesn't want the money train to end and the cameras to go off of her. She is enjoying the spotlight too much. She envied Anna's fame and beauty. She isn't paying those lawyers with her retirement. It is Anna's blood money! Virgie and that family ought to be ashamed of herself, and she needs no place in that baby's life! She just wants the money the kid will get . Any piece of it she can get. Maybe SHE'LL die next, just for being so mean! You don't see her other kids jumping up on TV to say what a great mom she is. Something is very wrong in that family. I bet one of her many husbands raped Anna, and that was what Anna was talking about on ET.

2759 days ago


Howard K. Stern was not heard from for a good day and a half after ANS died, and Atty. Ron Rale (Stern's long time buddy) told everyone that he was grieving inconsolably.

My theory is that since Howard's sister went to the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida to console Howard before going to the Bahamas, perhaps she took the baby Danilynne back to the Bahamas quickly before Howie arrived with ET proving that Howie flew alone. When Howie gets to the Horizons house in the Bahamas his mother and sister Bonnie are already there with the baby.

I wonder if the Hard Rock hotel has surveillance cameras in the hallway showing the comings and goings of guests and babies. Maybe Mo's errand was to get that baby out of the hotel room.

Makes sense to me

2758 days ago

Hannah Harris    

The sister Bonnie said her brother just laid in bed for 30 some hrs as he was so devastated.I guess some didn't see the interview or read that part.

2758 days ago


Ya know she is now buried but I still can not help but wonder why a mother who sat through a video hearing her daughter say how much she hated her would want her body and who in there rite mind would give her the body ? This is a women who did not see her grandson get buried and to me that speaks louder then words . It kind of makes you go hum I think this nasty mother wants nothing more then MONEY .... Go back to Texas lady .

2758 days ago


Some people are upset that Howard was paid 4 million for the footage of Annas funeral. As far as I know he said the money would go into trust for the baby. Even if it goes to Howard- so what. I think Anna would have wanted it taped, and if any money could have been made, she would have wanted Howard and the baby to have it.

Maybe Howard had it televised so that he could say to the whole world what he wanted, but couldnt in court.

The thing I dont understand is why Anna wanted no part of Birkhead. Why she would go to the lengths she did. Moving to the Bahamas, and putting Howard on the babies birth certificate. Birkhead seems nice, but why did Anna turn on him so. Anna was accepting of everyone gays,lesbians, minorities, Howard, but not Birkhead. I wonder of their is something we dont know about him?

I think Birkheads lawyer Opri has a crush on him. I dont know why, but I do.

2758 days ago


thats a good name for her Virgie monster ha ha thats funny but Dr. Phill had a good name for her too vulture... not to worry people bahama laws are differant from U.S. laws they dont believe in disturbing the dead and Danny smith dont have a chance in hell of getting Daniel moved , he abandoned him when her was 2 he has no rights, i cant believe any court would let him.. and next week when the DNA test are done ..maybe ... the law recognizes the name on the birth cirtificate as father LB may not get a blood test and neither may be the babies father any way , Donna Hogan ,Anna Nicole Smiths half sister the one thats writing a book about her called "Train Wreck "says ANS saved sperm from her late husband J. Howard Marshall and he is the Father..... we shall see

2755 days ago


LOL, Brownskin07, Virgie Vulture! That is better than the Virgie Monster I called her! LOL! I sure hope that those so-called family members just quit trying to bother the dead now. I cannot believe that Virgie Vulture walked all over Anna's grave! I find it very disrespectful!! I think she did it out of spite, just like she has done everything else. Whoever the father is, they need to keep that family away from that baby! That dead-beat dad didn't care anything about his son before he died. He doesn't have a job now! They must intend to use the money from tabloids to try and move him. That is all they are after! BLOOD MONEY. What a bunch of losers. I had to laugh that she got booed at the funeral. That woman is sick in the head to have the funeral stopped. I can't believe they let her speak at the funeral. Where was all her other kids? That speaks volumes. They are laying low because they obviously don't really think she was all that great of a mom either. Thank goodness the Bahammas have some sense and their laws are different. I really am rooting for Howard, because I saw love in his eyes for Anna in every shot I saw of them together. I know he loves that baby too. I sure wish Anna had never died and they could have went out on their boat and forgot the world of problems that she had to deal with. I really can't believe her death, or her son's. It is just so sad. Maybe Marshall IS the real father! We shall see, maybe?

2755 days ago


Never in all my years of attending hundreds of funerals have I seen someone slam a family, especially the mother of the deceased, from the Pulpit of a church, a sanctuary where people worship God Almighty!........even the Baptist minister got in on the act, making remarks he had no business making. Then to be booed at the church by the onlooking crowd of Bahamians, is unforgivable. Doesn't anyone have any respect or manners at a funeral? What clods and morons they were. They showed what a low class of individuals they were.

The latest is that the sister of Howard Stern told Vergie Arthur at the reception, immediately following the burial, "You make me sick." (If I were Vergie, I would have told her off, but Vergie was a lady and left the reception. Again, more ignorance from the Stern family!!! The audacity of the Stern family members is only outdone by their ignorance!

Howard Stern, aka Mister Boot Licker and Gatekeeper, was first to show his ignorance when eulogizing Anna Nicole Smith. The man was not married to Anna, did not own her and continues to lie by pretending to be the father of Dannilynn, who might be retarded with all the drugs her mother took during pregnancy......all with the help of Howard, the drug pusher, a full-grow man who does not work but instead borrows money from Mommy & Daddy. After Howard made his accusations, individuals sitting with him in the church pew actually got up and applauded him. All of them are ignorant idiots and have no respect while in the House of God!!! I was appauled by their actions and I'm sure Vergie Arthur was as well.

ET did a slant on the story they televised - all in Howard Stern's favor. It has been said he received $4 million for videographers to film the funeral. What a leach he is! While they were quick to relay Vergie was booed, they DID NOT even mention that Mr. Stern received the same treatment. Oh no, he was the bright and shining star, the only one mourning the loss of this woman. Forget that a mother lost her daughter to whom she gave birth. If she was such a bad mother, why then did Anna leave her only child with her for 6 or 9 years?

No one has even mentioned why Anna was in the Bahamas in the first place. She knew she was hooked on drugs and when time came for the birth of her baby, California law states that all newborns must be tested for drugs. She didn't want that to happen, as she knew she would lose her child to CPS, or the real father, Larry Burkhead, because she has been doped up her entire pregnancy and most likely would not get the baby back. Everyone is pretending she just wanted to get away where it was peaceful, etc. etc. If the press is going to report news, then the whole, truthful story should be told. I don't believe in painting anyone bad like the press has painted Vergie Arthur. She's a mother and Grandmother, for God's sake! Where would this world be without Moms and Grandmothers?

Howard Stern sucks big time and I hope he loses everything, as there is no more Anna Nicole off which he can make money. I take that back-----he most likely will register her name, copyright it and continue to sell everything that relates to Anna. What a piece of garbage this man is.

2755 days ago


This woman has lost her mind... She obvisiouly had nothing to do with Anna but now whats her body... gold digging that what this is all about... She needs to go back where she came from and rot... Anna would have and should be buried next to her son.... She just wants to make money off the poor girl....

2754 days ago


Anna's mother has just as much right to her body, she gave birth to the girl.
For heaven's sakes, thats her daughter.

2751 days ago
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