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Anna's Mom Wants the Body: Round Two

2/23/2007 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith, has filed court papers asking a judge to issue an emergency order stopping the release of her body to the court-appointed guardian of Dannielynn.
Court docs: Anna Nicole Smith
In the documents, filed today in Florida, Arthur says that "as natural mother and next of kin" of Anna, she is "entitled to make the decision regarding where [she], her child, is to be buried.

TMZ is told a judge will decide whether to grant Arthur's request, or deny it, paving the way for Anna's burial in the Bahamas.


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Get a grip!    

Virgie is a dumn ass bitch! Anna is gone it is time to show proper respect for the dead and let Anna be burried. May her tortured soul rest in peace and Virgie's roast in Hell! That woman was a horrible mother, Anna wanted nothing to do with her. They're all a bunch of grave robbers looking to capitolize on the untimely death of Ann Nicole. LET HER BE LAID TO REST NOW!!!!!

2768 days ago

Great Dane    

This woman, doesn't deserve to call herself a mother......

2768 days ago

Kyle in Dallas    

Please bring Anna and Daniel home to Texas where her family, friends and fans can visit and pay their respects.

2768 days ago


To quote Anna........Vergie is not her mother........she just gave birth to her.

2768 days ago


That's just it she isn't a mother......
She is now fighting her granddaughter in court. Wonder what media agancy is paying for this???????

2768 days ago


#47: The woman is a bitch with no soul. How could you do this to your child?

that is exactly what dannielynn will be thinking in the future.....

2768 days ago


From what I heard of the testimony yesterday, Virgie DOES want Anna Nicole to be buried with Daniel. She wants to bring Daniel home from the Bahamas, where HKS arranged the buriel. It wasn't Anna's desire to be buried in the Bahamas.

2768 days ago


Fat Vergie is a very sick, self-serving human being..
She needs prayer . If she loved Anna and Daniel,
she would respect her wishes.

She loves no one, she craves attention.

2768 days ago


Why can't this woman just let her daughter be at peace now. Anna Nicole bought plots in the Bahamas because that is where she wanted to be buried by her son. Anna Nicole had reason to hate her mom. Anna Nicole moved out for a reason. Remember the saying you never know someone until you live with them.
Virgie needs to go back to TEXAS and stay there. I bet if Anna gets her wish to be buried in the Bahamas I dont think her mom will go to visit her.

2768 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

Virgie Arthur is a sick individual! She's doing this just to spite her daughter. Anna Nicole Smith hated her for good reason. What sort of mother allows their kid to drop out of school, become a stripper, marry some old dude for $$$ and then DENY their child to be buried next to her son who was the world to Anna?.....She is out for revenge, she wants to stick it to Anna and drag her back to dusty ol' Texas to be buried alone. I'd be popping pills too if that was my mother! Christ sakes old bag show some love, she's dead, allow her to be with her son in the plot she's already paid for, darg your poor ass back to Texas and write a book, it'll be the only money your fat, greedy ass is gonna get!

2768 days ago


Not that any of you give a damn about what I do in life, BUT!!!! I can promise you any if anyone of you know anyone in law enforcement you can ask them. Within
24 to 48 hrs. the medicial examiner had a prelimanary cause of death. If foul play played a role there would be a Major investigation going on from that point. The only thing that is really hard to detect is arsneic. That takes a little longer. Make a note that on this day and time I said to you that the cause of death will be from complications of pneumonia.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2768 days ago


Vergie Authur is a controlling, selfish bitch.

2768 days ago

Drama Continues!    

Splash went with this woman to the viewing of her daughter at the morg....Excuse me!! Just a friend? Why didn't she ask to see her daughter just for idendtifying her if she was the next of kin? Not all mothers are Mommy Dearest not all mothers call their daughters a drug addict on national television....Moron Hick go back to texas!

2768 days ago


I think many of you nailed it when you said "why didn't she fight this hard for Anna when she was alive".

BTW........Court TV just annouced that Judge Seidlin is gone for the day so it doesn't look like he's even around to sign the stay. Oh well Vergie. Too little, too late.

2768 days ago

Maru Govea    

I cannot believe that this whole thing has dragged out this long.Anna Nicole sholud be with her Son,No question about it!!
Her Mother looks evil and should not be part of anything to do with Anna Nicole.
Where was she when she needed her? I do not care what Anna Nicole has done in the past, She was still a Mother,DaughterSister,,a human being .PLEASE Let her rest in Peace with her son.
I certainly hope the baby has a brighter future than what her beginning had started out. God Bless her!!!

2768 days ago
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