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Anna's Mom Wants the Body: Round Two

2/23/2007 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith, has filed court papers asking a judge to issue an emergency order stopping the release of her body to the court-appointed guardian of Dannielynn.
Court docs: Anna Nicole Smith
In the documents, filed today in Florida, Arthur says that "as natural mother and next of kin" of Anna, she is "entitled to make the decision regarding where [she], her child, is to be buried.

TMZ is told a judge will decide whether to grant Arthur's request, or deny it, paving the way for Anna's burial in the Bahamas.


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Court TV just keeps saying that Vergie's lawyers were idiots for not filing the stay yesterday. Their tardiness looks like it's going to cost her the stay. They are saying she can now go to Milstein and ask for more time, but they don't think he will grant it. They are also saying that maybe they ask Dr. Perper to hold the body, but they said his job is on the line if he does.

Let's hope it's too late to undo anything so Anna can be with her only true family, Daniel.

2801 days ago


Did they ever ask this woman how she plans to pay for all of this. I would bet cash money that if she gets the body she will sell footage to the highrst bidder.
The only concersns she has are for herself and what she can get out of this.
She should just go away.

2801 days ago

my take    

Is there some way that we can start a petition and get letters to vergie arthur kindly begging her just to let her daughter be? Is there some way we can convince her just to at least compromise and let Anna and Daniel be together in the bahamas for now and then dig them both up later---at the same time---so that daniel is not alone in the meantime. Vergie is swayed by the media reports like a bad case of someone who's watched too much jerrie springer. can we use that to our advantage and convince her that she is doing the WRONG thing and that we ALL want anna to be in the bahamas and that she'll lose the popularity contest by bringing anna back to texas? I know it sounds pathetic but someone please start something like this...I can't do it from where I am today but feel it's Anna's last hope. Vergie's someone who obviously got too caught up in the Scott Peterson case. She feels that she has to be some sort of vigilanty for her daughter and "fight for her until the end". what crap. In reality this just mimicks exactly how severely she disrespected and ignored her daughter in life and is symptomatic of their dysfunctional relationship. WRITE VERGIE ARTHUR AND TELL HER TO LET ANNA REST WITH DANIEL. SHE CAN WORK ON TEXAS LATER.

2801 days ago

Just wondering    


In my opinion, you killed that "little girl" before she was 14 or 15 years old, maybe younger. That lady never had a chance for a normal life, not with what she received at your hands. At least that is the way she tells it. A 14/15 year old rarely runs away from home, unless something is very, very wrong.

The very least you can do now, is go back to Texas and stay there. Look up the definition of mother. If you don't own a directory, I suggest you purchase one. You might learn something.

Will you please, with God's grace, allow this lady to be buried where she so desired to be? She didn't want you in her and Daniel's life (her words), and she doesn't want you involved with her death. She stated on television that she did not want you in her daughter's life.

Why do you want to destroy Dannilynn's life also? That child has a rocky path as it is.

So sad.

There are better players in this game.

Thank you.

2801 days ago

Candy Spelling    

Way to go Virgie! She is your bood, you go girl! Any mother would want their child no matter how rough the relationship was. What kind of Mother would she be if she didn't try to get her? Then ya'll would really be bitchin'! Daniel should be buried in Texas as should Anna. The baby is going to Larry and Stern will be out of all of their lives, as he should be.
Go Virgie- you have my prayers, get the daughter that rightfully belongs to you!

2801 days ago


This is a tough issue.....

The law states in Florida that the body should go to the next of kin...Well that's not Howard, Danielynn is a minor, so IMHO the next of kin is Anna's mother.

I think over the years they had a love/hate relationship, and I think a lot of the *hate* came from Anna's drug use & the seclusion of Anna by Howard K. Stern. Stern suggested the move to the Bahamas to avoid the whole paternity issue because they KNOW (MHO) that Larry is indeed the father, not Howard. That still ticks me off, that there's no repercussions for the fleeing of the US, and that so far Stern has gotten away with it.

But on the other hand, I do believe Anna should be buried next to her son. He was the only one IMHO that gave her unconditional love, and that's where she should be, with her son. I don't believe for one second that Anna "purchased" the plots, I believe it was another HKS move, Anna probably just signed anything and everything Howie shoved at her, since she was probably stoned most of the time she had no idea what she was doing....and I don't believe that Anna really wanted Daniel in the Bahamas, but that's where they were because it was their choice to FLEE.....

The simplest solution is the one like I believe Anna forced the Marshall's into doing, which is cremation. That way Virgie can have some of Anna's ashes for Texas, some can be placed next to Daniel, and some in California if desired. That's what happened to J. Howard Marshall and that's what should happen here.

I'm just sorry that this circus continues on, but according to the law, Virgie has a point, she is Anna's next of kin.....

2801 days ago


next of kin is under 18, a minor, that is why vergie is he legal next of kin.
i agree with poster who said everyone wants anna buried with her son (a parent's right), but nobody wants vergie to have the same right with her daughter.
i also agree that DNA should have been done to have a non-stranger representative for dannielynn. if stern was in fact the father, he could have blown vergie out of the water with that, but he refused to take it (since he's not the dad).
It's unfortunate vergie is really coming across as a jerk here, but legally she may be right.
just for the record, i don't really care where she's buried- i only care about larry getting his daughter, and more importantly, dannielynn being taken away from howard.

2801 days ago


Virgie Arthur is a crazy, gold-digging, waste of skin and a sorry excuse for a mother or grandmother. The nerve of her to file a petition to take Anna's decomposing body to Texas, where she can maybe flog it to make a buck or two.
Go back to your trailer in Texas.
Pathetic & Disgusting.

2801 days ago


I don't understand why the family doesn't just have her body cremated if it is in such bad shape?

Having said that.....I think she should be in the Bahamas with her son. I understand her mother wanting her close to home, but Anna was a grown woman with her own family. The judge ruled...bury the poor woman!

2801 days ago

Bring it on!    

Let mama have her daughter! She'll have Daniel's remains exhumed and buried in Texas at a later date. Big deal. That way when Larry brings the baby to visit her granny...they can all visit the graves together.

2801 days ago


There have been reports (I think People magazine has referred to them) that Anna's son Danny did not like the idea of his mother being in the Bahamas and did not like some of the people there with whom she was associating.

Yet, that is where Danny has currently ended up.In the Bahamas. In the ground. Because of Anna and Howard.

It was most likely that Danny's overdose came from Anna's very own methadone stash. Who knows. She may have been so zonked out that she even personally urged it on him.

Howard was the great enabler in Anna's life. And it led to him ending up with two deaths on his resume.

2801 days ago


PLEASE let Anna rest in peace! she was very troubled, and clearly an addict, andevery minutae of her life is being scrutinized, while her body is decomposing as we speak, SHE BELONGS WITH HER SON IN THE BAHAMAS. Her mother is full of guilt and is being very selfish, and needs to let go.
SHe didn't t come back to texas in life, don't serve your own interests and condemn her to eternity in the state from hell.

2801 days ago

Drama Continues!    

Kerry-Did you ever think for a minute that she went there to get away from it all? Could you imagine all the stress she was taken on? She just gave birth & lost the one true love of her life...and her mother went on TV and said that she was a drug addict. How pissed off would you be, how far would you go to get away from it all. Like judge Sidler we all feel for her pain and it continues!!

2801 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

Virgie didnt want Anna Nicole when she was alive so why would she want her now??? I am beginning to wonder if Virgie is taking drugs!!

2801 days ago

Candy Spelling    

Go Virgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Virgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get your daughter home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2801 days ago
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