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Brit's Mom Stops by K-Fed's Cribs

2/23/2007 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hooded and troubled-looking Lynne Spears shied away from cameras as she pulled up to Kevin Federline's Tarzana home yesterday.

It must be tough for Lynne, who had been caring for the kids, as Kev apparently has custody of the two tots while Britney does time in her third attempt at rehab. Now she's stopping by the ex's place to visit her grandbabies, Sean Preston and the elusive Jayden James.

A mother-in-law's work is never done.


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2768 days ago


2768 days ago

Crawford County Resident    

Are you sure that's Britney's mom and not Britney in a wig???

2768 days ago

tuna marie    

you all need to go back home to lousiana, being in LA is what is killing britney.

2768 days ago

Great Dane    

It's about time we see her mom stepping up....

2768 days ago


That's the same car Brit was driving with hot rollers on her head...when she had Sean in the back seat slouching over on his baby seat. That's Brit's car.

That's Britney in a wig.

She busted out of rehab!!!!!


2768 days ago


Good fore her, Britney needs all of the help she can get right now---and I don't mean that in a nasty way. If she is going to get better, her family is going to have to pull together and help her.

2768 days ago


Better K-Feds house than the county coroner's office.

2768 days ago


Now she is helping with Britt's kids and her and Kevin are on the same page someone should suggest that maybe Britt is not only having a breakdown butt maybe she is suffering postpardum depression as well. She did have 2 kids back to back not really giving her body time to get back to normal maybe she had it since the first child and no one caught on.She is real clingy and secretive about the second child as if she is going through something then again she will distance herself from them like her hormones are wacked out and she doesn't know how to handle it and people up her butt2 24/7 doesn't give her or anyone else who cares for her a chance to really see it.She seems to self medicate becouse she doesn't know what her mind and body are trying to tell her or she doesn't want to be one of those mothers who admits her depression because she fears people will think less of her motherly love.

2768 days ago


Poor lady; you can't help but feel sorry for her. Britney IS her child, after all. Let this be a lesson to all parents with big Hollywood dreams for their uneducated children! All those years touring should have been spent in a classroom. That's so sad!!

2768 days ago

ANGIE BABY's hard to feel sorry for any of these people who pushed so hard to get into the limelight (mama Spears included!) and now they decide they don't like it so much because it just ain't fun anymore, ya' must be sooo hard for this lady (if indeed, that is who's in the car!) to hold her head up at the Piggly Wiggly's a word of advice to anyone who thinks living in the limelight is what they want: It's not all it's cracked up to be, so be careful what you wish for...this, too, can happen to you! silly cows.......

2768 days ago

Great Dane    

Look at her hands, those are NOT Brit's chipped polish, stubby finger nails......

2768 days ago


Ok, I have seen pictures of celebrity's kids taken by the paparazzi when their parents are not around. Which I thought was pretty bad. Now the paparazzi are following the PARENTS of celebrities? This is about the third time I've seen a story about Lynn Spears, when she is not with either of her daughters. I realize that what's goining on with Britney can be considered newsworthy. But since she's not available, are they going to start following around her family members so they can "update" the story?

I can see the future captions now. "Britney's second-cousin-twice removed goes to pick up her dry cleaning. According to sources close to Brittany, she also has clothes that need to be dry cleaned when she gets out of rehab."

2768 days ago

Amber there anyone else in the world who feels the paps should be legaly leashed? Come on, this is a 24 yr old girl going through lifes trauma and it's all being recorded. I don't know anyone who would jump at the chance to have every moment of every day sent out for the world to judge. I personally would like to see someone with cash hire a band of photog's to track the paps every move and disect their lives...might not be so fun if they had to deal with it.

Give Brit space to figure her life out, and for God's sake stop photgraphing her in rehab. It not only violates her privacy but that of every other person trying to get help. There should be legal recourse for the center, and for Brit.

2768 days ago

clueless in NJ    

K-Fed even has a house?

2768 days ago
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