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Dunst to Paps: Go Find Your Passion

2/23/2007 12:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the past three days, we've seen the many sides of Kirsten Dunst; ninja warrior, road menace -- and now we've got Kirsten Dunst, life coach.

The reluctant paparazzi magnet was spotted at Chateau Marmont (a known pap/star hot-spot), where she was not exactly thrilled to see cameras, telling TMZ, "Oh, look who's being rude and filming us all, what an exciting life you have, what a great job," before swatting the camera away.

Not satisfied with her run-in, Dunst came back to the photog moments later, again hit the camera, and told our photographer, "Go find your passion!" Thanks, coach!


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Nick the Alpha Law Student :)    

catch more flies with honey...that's why that pap is not getting the really good pictures ;)

2769 days ago


He did find his passion, filming butta-faced Hollywood whores! LOL!

2769 days ago


Duhhh... Is she so lame that she doesn't realize you HAVE found your passion -- photographing celebrities and others who make their money selling themselves to the public?

2769 days ago


heavy sigh...another hollywood ho wanting attention...she seems to take her cue from all of her heroes, like Spears, Lohan and Hilton...anything to get a picture taken even if it means acting all mean and angry at the photogs...what a joke...she probably secretly wishes for just half of the attention those other 3 dingbats get. If she's so interested in preaching about jobs and professions, do YOUR fabulous job, Dumbst, and try finding a good script for once!

2769 days ago


Doesn't she realize that without the paparazzi she would be nowhere?? I don't think she should flatter herself, who says the photographers were even there for her!! She needs to get a life and get over herself!!

2769 days ago


Dunst found her passion - being a drunk-ass ho.

2769 days ago

Britney Spears    

The paparazzi are the scum of the earth.

Leave the celebrities alone about their private lives.

Stop taunting people to get a reaction out of them just so you can make money off of their misery.

You are all the lowest form of "life" on the planet...right below the amoeba.

You should all rot in hell.

2769 days ago


If the photog's passion had been dentistry, maybe Kirsten wouldn't have been in such a foul mood.

2769 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

She needs to find another career, she obviously doen't enjoy fame and stardom. I hear Wal Mart is always hiring. That goes for any celebrity who's gonna bitch about having a picture taken. How much money do you make?....shut up, smile and be on your way how hard is that?.....

2769 days ago


It would have been great if she'd puked on one of them. I mean, they WANT to catch people out being drunk and high so if you catch a wad of whatever, it's done so all in the line of duty. I think more celebs should do that; hurl bodily fluids at paps. I know if I was a shutterbug and thought Paris Hilton might get some of her severely tainted fluids anywhere near me, I'd high tail it the opposite direction with no delay!!

2769 days ago


kirsten should remember that without these passionate photographers she would be nothing. acting skills minimal, looks less than average, personality waiting for her next script. count your blessings girl.

2769 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Hmmm. "Go find your passion." Uhhh..... ok. Well, at least she's original!

2769 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Fame is fleeting dear Ms. Dunst. In short time you will be wondering where all those pesky photogs went...and they will be across the street snapping someone else! Get off your high horse!

2769 days ago

Mad Balls    

What kind of weird drug are they using out in CAli ??? Brit attacks cars with an Umbrella , This chick does Ninja moves , several other fights between Paps and " stars " . Please , if you must inhale on the Overblown Ego drug , take another breath before you hit it again ......

2769 days ago


She should be thankful anyone wants to film her snaggle teeth ass.

2769 days ago
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