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Judge in Paternity Case -- What Am I Doing Here?

2/23/2007 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yes, folks, it's a miracle -- a court hearing in the Anna Nicole saga just finished in under an hour.

Judge Lawrence Korda seemed to tip his hand as to what he'll rule in the Dannielynn Stern paternity battle currently being waged in a Broward County courthouse, when he said, "I don't think I have jurisdiction" in the case, and suggested that the Bahamas has "substantial" say in how paternity of the late Anna Nicole Smith's daughter should be determined.

Larry Birkhead's lawyers are trying to get Judge Korda to order the medical examiner to turn over DNA samples to a California doctor for analysis in the paternity case. Korda also questioned whether California has any jurisdiction in the case.

Unlike the verbose and melodramatic Judge Larry Seidlin, who handled the matter of Anna Nicole's body, Korda quickly dispatched the hearing, and told lawyers he would have a decision "pretty soon."


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He's basically saying, "If you can flee US court orders fast enough, I'm just gonna pass the buck like Seidlin." Florida judges have no cajones.

2798 days ago


I'm telling you people fuck the jurisdiction and judges BULLSHIT and lets move this shit to jerry springer by the end of the show we'll know the daddy and if they want to duke it out a bit on stage by all means let the show begin!!!!!

2798 days ago


The judge is right. He doesn't have any jurisdiction to request a DNA sample from the baby. She's not a citizen of this country. Neither is she here physically. If she were here, I think he'd have some say in it. But, I guess that's their reason for keeping her in the Bahamas...because they know a US courts cannot force the DNA from there.

2798 days ago


When the HELL is someone going to grow a three-piece set and take charge of this damn thing already!!

2798 days ago


Howard is the dad and the only dad the baby has ever known. What's going to happen when they find out Larry isn't the father? Where's virgie today? eating herself silly...lolololo

2798 days ago


Hey Marrie...don't you mean Maury?! "In the case of Dannielynn Marshall Stern, Howard K. are NOT the father." "In the case of Dannielynn Marshell Stern, Larry ARE the father!" LMAOOOOO

2798 days ago


Finally someone who respects the laws. Birdhead's lawyer knows what she has to do. I think it is because they have already tried in the Bahamas and they know they can't get anywhere on it. The law over there states if the mother dies unmarried the man named as the father on the birth certificate is considered the legal guardian. This is going to drag on and on. What a mockery of out court system. Also that Veggie is appealing the ruling. She was an officer herself in TX and should respect the court ruling. She is a case in herself.;

2798 days ago


Whatever, the judge just didn't want to miss his 11am tee time !!! He's like, "Well there's nothing I can do so see ya'll later!"

2798 days ago


so whats going to happen now? reschedule the hearing? take the paternity question to the bahamas?

2798 days ago


Why the fuck don't these people forget about the courts and just do it already?????????????
Oh that's right the lawyers won't let them. What a crock of Shit.
I have said it before and I will say it again .

2798 days ago


Dannielynn is a U.S. citizen because her mother was.

2798 days ago


So if the baby goes top the creep HJS. I wonder what happens when the baby grows up and finds out the truth and at some point she will find the truth. Also did you ever notice how all the screw ups seem to happen down in Florida courts.

2798 days ago


The law and the state needs to protect that child by placing her with her biological father. I don't understand why it's so difficult to simply get this paternity test ordered and processed. This would all be resolved if SOMEONE would just ORDER THE TEST. Arrgh!! Our legal system baffles me. Here's the thing...Howard will always be Uncle Howard....he is Executor of her estate. If Larry is the biological father...then let him raise her and Howard can oversee her as the Executor of her estate.

2798 days ago


If Dannielynn was the Judge's daughter YOU BET IT WOULD BE AN EMERGENCY. Poor Larry. I would have jumped on the table and said - This is my daughter, I have to have her and not be out of her life for years. IT IS AN EMERGENCY. The judicial family system sucks. They really aren't taking Dannielynn as the priority cause she needs to now her daddy. Plain and siple. Again, a chicken judge. Really, I wish had a law degree. None of these lawyers can think on their feet.

2798 days ago


He knew this from the beginning but he wanted his 15 minutes of fame.

2798 days ago
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