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The Skinny on the Modeling "Agency"

2/24/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

VH1's new reality series "The Agency" reveals the ugly side of the beauty biz!

The show takes place inside the famous Wilhelmina modeling agency in New York, where agents and bookers offer some very harsh advice to the young models. While already thin by normal standards, the walking waifs are continually told by their handlers to lose weight, workout more -- and to look like a "bloody stick." The lovely bones!

The modeling industry has been under attack for its skeletal weight demands, causing all of Spain, and fashion capital Milan to set up new codes banning emaciated girls from the catwalks. Bon appetito, ladies!

While the hard truth in "The Agency" may not be pretty, it does make for good TV.

"The Agency" airs Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on VH1.


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2768 days ago


Sorry David but your ignorance is showing. You must be part of the industry that promotes this incorrect information. Most models struggle to be as razor thin and unhealthy looking as a lot of them are today. It is not attractive, and they do nothing for the clothes of the designer's who foolishly support this behavior. These people do not have a high metabolism. As few may but not the majority. They will pay as they get older for their foolishness healthwise. Let's hope they don't die of malnutrition or arrythymias before then.They may lose enamel of their teeth, have bone loss problems, GI problems later, I wonder how many have lost their periods because they have such poor nutrition. I bet a whole lot are anorexic, bulemic, or just plain not eating. You can't fool a lot of us. I had anorexia and bulemia back in 1966-67. I know all about nutritional problems. The industry just makes up this foolisness. Typical excuses. Bring back the models who looked healthy, not like sticks. You are peddling foolishness for greed, and vanity. As an ICU RN for 34 years I know garbage when I hear it!

2768 days ago


David you don't know jack -- about anything probably -- but you definitely don't know about women so just keep your misinformed comments to yourself next time... looking like an emaciated 12 year-old is NOT healthy, but it sure does "fit the bill" in the fashion industry. And that's what most models do look like -- a starved mess of skin and bones. Some of them are healthy, they're thin but somewhat muscular (not extremely, just well-toned) and have almost the normal amount of body fat that a healthy woman should. But most of them aren't healthy, as anyone with two eyes and a working brain can tell. Visible ribs, promenent hip bones and gaunt faces are NOT signs of a "naturally" thin person who is healthy! And David, it isn't just "fat geeky" people who can see that the fashion industry ideal is dangerously unhealthy. It's so sad that people believe everything they are told by the media, women think they have to look ill in order to be attractive, and men think that a skeleton is sexy because that's what they're told the ideal woman is.

2768 days ago


I am sick and tired of the queer fashionistas telling us what looks good. If it doesn't look like a pre-pubesecent boy, they don't want it.

It is unhealthy and cruel to brainwash young girls that they need to look like a skelteon to be attractive.

2768 days ago


I think you are all pathetic. Post 16, you are a dickhead. Overweight people can get skinny, i know numerous people who DIED because they starved themselves because of people like you. But with exercise and diet, the rigt exercise and diet that is, you can be skinny. And just because your fat doesnt make you ugly, people just atomatically think that. Personally, I have never been jealous of models. I think some are gorgeous and have good outfits on at that time. But when they bring out the rib showing pansys, I dont feel anything but pity. Its pathetic what america believes girls should look like, and even more pathetic that the girls listen, and kill themselves over it. I agree fully with Brenda, and david needs to be slapped for his stupidity, while 16 should be run over be a very large bus going 100 mph.

2768 days ago


I don't know anyone that watches that retarded show. I saw five minutes and changed it, it was dumb and not even entertaining. There just trying to jump on the model tv show bandwagon.

Seriously, most of the chicks are not THAT naturally skinny and of course being a fat ass is not good either, that probably why somewhere in the middle is more pleasurable to watch on the "catwalk".

*when I say fat ass, I mean someone 250+pounds.

P.s. all but a few of the chicks I've seen in their commercials are ugly as hell and NEED to dress up and wear a lot of make up to be considered pretty. They are not pretty, skinny yes, but not pretty in the real world which is why they're models.

2768 days ago


Anyone with a roll of scotch tape and a piece of fabric can be a fashion designer these days . . . thanks to the web, but only true fashion designers could design for all shapes and sizes . . .CYNDI IS SO RIGHT!!!!!

2768 days ago


Thank you Catalina! I also know girls who have high metabolism and they do not look like the walking dead. Lots of these girls have eating disorders because they are constantly told by their modeling agency that they do not want to see any amount of fat on them. Recently two sisters who were models died of an eating disorder, a few months apart , one of them ate nothing but lettuce. You don't have to look like a skeleton to be beautiful. Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Giselle, none of them are anorexic thin and they became successful models.

2768 days ago

Mad Balls    

Can we get Oprah and Trya on Crack and Meth diets ... . when they get as skinny as Barney from Mayberry RFD get them to scat and pee fight ..... Then Throw bags of 100 bills on them . ......WONDER IF THEY"D STICK ???

2768 days ago


He is partially right, most girls that enter the modeling world are naturally skinny...but they are also in their teen years, when many girls are thin to begin with-- but your body changes a lot from 14 to 23, so maybe that is when the problems start.

I am naturally thin myself, so sometimes its nice to see girls that are thin AND haver naturally small everything else-- more damaging imo to have rail thin girls with boob jobs be the ideal-- THAT is not, and will never be natural.

2768 days ago


The industry is very corrupt from what I hear from models

Its actually crazy

I'm a guy and modeling is all about sexiness to sell a product or service

Why would you have women who are boney get contracts of hundreds of thousands of dollars when a glamour model who can do bikini and lingerie and nude shoots as well as fashion can sell the product or service or business ten times better ?

These big time agencies are very discriminatory and unhealthful and need to be regulated

There was a class action suit not too long ago against many of these agencies for price fixing
But thats not all that their doing wrong

This is why the glamour and porn industry has blown up so big because you don't have as much of the discrimination factor

All you have to fear about is if in 20 years your family sees your video or naked pics will they get mad?
Will you care?

And models need to pay attention to who they intend to deal with
There are a lot of shadyness and corruption and not enough legit photogs, artists, and even sober models in the industry

There needs to be more regulation instead of this care free attitude and you'll have more stability

2768 days ago


I cannot believe some of the ignorance going on here. Having worked in the fashion industry, I can assure you that at least half(or more) of the employed models have different degrees of an eating disorder. Many smoke, use certain drugs to keep from gaining weight. A surprising number have constant bulimia, or occasionally throw up. These women will eat less than 1000 calories a day, that is not a healthy diet. Sure there are naturally thin ones, but all you have to do is look at their bone structure and size of their heads to see which ones are severely underweight. It is terrible that this is the image being promoted to the public as the ideal female form, and really a skeletal form does no IMO look better in clothes. This is the thinnest I've seen models since the 1960's Twiggy era, and now she'd probably be considered not thin enough. It's almost like any sign of being female is disappearing, like women feel they need to be invisible. Sad and strange.

2768 days ago


Oh and I wanted to add that yes, many models are naturally thin or of normal weight with great bodies, but they are encouraged to lose 10 to 25 pounds to achieve that stick form. That's terrible too, because their bodies were perfectly beautiful at their original weights.

2768 days ago

Anonymous Bitch    

Holy shit! That girl was pretty thin to begin with, wasn't she? Or are my eyes deceiving me? They want her to lose TEN pounds? Christ, where's it gonna come from?

2767 days ago

duh...totally !    

that guy "Pink"...he was brutal...and he's freaking fatty & bald ! LOL

2767 days ago
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