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Paris' Mom is a Grammar Queen

2/25/2007 5:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday -- again -- last night with her friends, family and a whole pack of paparazzi.

After rocking out in Vegas last week on her actual birthday, Paris dined with the likes of Nicole Richie, Courtney Love and Paula Abdul at The Prime Grill. The party then moved to Hilton's home, where a decidedly less glamorous crowd gathered to party. "Celebs" in attendance included "90210" turned "Dancing with the Stars" stud Ian Ziering (BTW- that guy is 42 years old, almost twice as old as the birthday babe), "Napoleon Dynamite" sidekick Efren Ramirez, both Greasy and Gummi Bear and one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends. Hilton's publicist Elliot Mintz was there as well, showing up with one of the worst-wrapped gifts in birthday history.

One wild fan also showed up, going crazy over Paris' mom Kathy, screaming, "Your daughter's my idol dude!" and "take a picture of me and her" at the Hilton matriarch. Kathy quickly put the Paris-ite in her place though, correcting her grammar like a middle school English teacher.


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Your'e Fired!    

..........................Skank doesn't fall far from The Skank Tree............................

2799 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Hey CRUM.....When will the SEX change be complete??????????

2799 days ago


Cearly the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Take a picture of she and I ?

2799 days ago


Mrs. Hilton corrected that fan? Well, she must nto have anything nicer to say, so that is why she said it. The correct way for her to have corrected the girl is to say, "Take a pic. of this cow and I." LOL. And hey, that fan. She really is a stalker, isn't she? Wasn't she the horse yelling all loud last time? She's a bit on the ugly side.

2799 days ago


Okay, TMZ, what gives? Paris says racist and homophobic slander and instead of bashing her like you do EVERYBODY else you . . . Okay which one of you or several of you are BANGING HER?

2799 days ago


me and her is correct. i would have paid a million bucks for someone to have corrected HER.

2799 days ago


Mrs. Grammar Queen has a daughter that is a whore and gets arrested for drunk driving. Maybe she should be more concerned about that than grammar.

2799 days ago


New Money. 'nuff said.

2799 days ago


Kathy is an idiot. Apple Paris didn't fall far from the tree.
Racist pigs.

2799 days ago


Jesus on a hot popsicle stick---the Hilton's should just crawl back under the rock they came out from

2799 days ago


Paris will start posting here under pseudonyms, like James Crum.
She believes that she can sway opinion, including her endorsers, by writing positive things about herself.
Lame loser.
Her endorsers should dump her ass before she affects their bottom line, if she hasn't already.
Racist whore.

2799 days ago


What a f***ed up family reunion they must have.

2799 days ago


I love it that Kathy's shot ricocheted and struck her in the chest. Commenters who pointed out that "take a picture of me and her" is absolutely correct are, well, absolutely correct.

2799 days ago


Paris, Nicole Ritchie, Courtney Love, Paula Abdul out on the town together, that is scary .... is TMZ sure it was a birthday dinner and not an AA meeting or a Hollywood Skank Club night out? Were they comparing their DUI arrests and fines/probation??

2799 days ago


TMZ, PLEASE do a story on her inability to use grammar. Thats priceless. I mean, the whole country went nuts when the vice president couldn't spell potato. Additionally, has anyone noticed that the crazed fan is the same girl from at least 3 other videos outside Paris's house? Poor Kathy, I'd be so nervous with a stalker so near me that I wouldn't be able to speak either.

2799 days ago
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