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Rains on Everyone's Parade

2/25/2007 5:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Independent Spirit Awards: Click to launch galleryIf only the Oscars were this much fun!

Sarah Silverman played host to the quirky Independent Sprit Awards last night, with "Little Miss Sunshine" dominating the ceremony. The film took home four awards, including top honors as Best Film.

Celebs like Rosario Dawson, Taylor Dayne, and a "bloodied" Neil Patrick Harris all sang ditties about each of the Best Film nominees in a brilliant attempt to break up the monotony of an awards show.

Other winners at the offbeat ceremony were Ryan Gosling for his performance in "Half Nelson," Alan Arkin for "Little Miss Sunshine" and Shareeka Epps -- who Felicity Huffman repeatedly and incorrectly called "Shakira" while reading the Best Actress nominees -- also for "Half Nelson."


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I'm just sayin is a fuckin retard    

Why is Shareeka such a ghetto ass name? And why is the #1 poster such a dick suck?

2797 days ago


I hope Little Miss Sunshine doesn't win. It's a decent film, but it's not Best Picture material.

2797 days ago


I hope Felicity apologized. What a doof.

2797 days ago


N.P. Harris is HOT!!

2797 days ago


The host, Sarah Silverman is a one trick pony and is not funny. The only reason she is anywhere on the radar is because she sleeps with ABC's Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel who is constantly using his position to continuously promote the no talents on his show, i.e Uncle Frank, Guiellermo (only because he is Mexican), no nothing talent Adam Corrola, etc. If Kimmel got rid of all these no talented leaches he could go somewhere. Jeesh, talk about job suicide on the installment plan.

Also, the Half Nelson thread is so pro Hollywood sewage pipe and now you know what kind of movies will get financing and awards (Look for the same garbage films tonight and what awards will be given out..(see my list of what the "Academy looks for).....they have to feature drugs, violence, over the top sexual encounters, o feminization of men like Brokeback Mountain..yeh, anything to go against our values, only featuring gays, transgenders, transsexuals, euthenasia, anti-military, anti American, anti-family, anti-law enforcement. Gone are the classics of yesterday which were the complete opposites of what is being shown now. Think Patton

Clint Eastwood is a sell out..he finally caught on as to what the "Academy" likes. He was a nothing actor/director until he figured out the formula. Look at his last three movies which featured euthenasia, child molestation and now anti-miltary, anti-America glorifying the Japanese..jeesh!

And now the Awards show featuring a Lesbian no talent Ellen De Generes. The "Academy" still can't figure out why they can't compete with an amateur all heart, All american show like American Idol. Hellooooooo!

Wake-up, you are being brainwashed by a left wing radical communist front group, who hate anything America stands for...better get a prayer rug because radical Islam hates what Hollywood pumps through the sewage pipe of Hollywood into their homes. ..and the across the board media is priming the pump of hate by what they are standing for and broadcasting throughout the world. Now do you know why they call us the Great Satan? Get it? Hollywood doesn't because they are so detached from reality and the global "think".

2797 days ago

barbara ann    

1) NPH is the best
2) the free spirit awards are so amazing
3) little miss sunshine lost all its indie cred in my book. its too mainstream to be indie.

2797 days ago


Why is it some white people can't be bothered to make the fucking effort to pronouce an unusual name? If it's not Smith, Jones, or HUFFMAN, its okay to fuck it up because it's not important enought to make the effort. I work with someone like this. Even though she's the bookkeeper, she never pronounces the IT guys name right; I correct her nicely, and she says "Whatever" in the most dismissive way. Pathetic.

2797 days ago

im just sayin    

Clearly a fag!! Why am I a loser? Because I dont like handing out free passes to my ass like you.

2797 days ago


Oscar ceremony flubs it AGAIN. Producers ruined it.

I want to see an Oscar show that highlights the best of motion pictures art and sciences NOT hear about politics!!!!!!!!!!! Turned it off and went to bed.

Won't ever watch again unless I have some assurance that I'll be entertained without having politics interjected into a ceremony that's supposed to be honoring our most talented actors - past and present - and the dedicated professionals who work and support the motion picture industry.

2797 days ago

Sean Kemble    

Sarah Silverman showing how she would fuck the cheese she loves was effing funny.

2797 days ago


The Independent Spirit Awards was hilarious this year. Sarah Silverman always does a fantastic job. I think my favorite part of the ceremonies were the musical interludes.

2797 days ago


Anyone know if the musical numbers are going to be posted up anywhere? TMZ I was counting on you!

2796 days ago


Responding to a couple of the postings here. To posting #5.
I totally agree with you on Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. But the rest must be a joke correct? IT all reads just like a Steven Colbert parody of the Radical "actually non conservative" Right.
On Eastwood...clearly the writer of #5 has never seen combat. IF one talks with those that have actually been in live combat and/or been prisoners of war (my father) they will quietly understand and gravitate to these kinds of films. War is not a movie or a neat little computer game. It's the Chicken Hawks who love to sit back behind their desks and computers and throw paperclips and start wars that they know they will never have to fight in. They are often the ones who lambast a film like "Letters From Iwo Jima".
And when given the chance (VP Cheney 5 times deferred) they have "personal reasons" why they don't serve like "family". As though others don't have personal reasons like "family" why they would rather not fight. Pathetic. So just talk with some veterans of WWII and or other wars and you will likely modify your views.

Art and politics are often together. In this country we too often see art as only entertainment. The Anti-communist movement "Velvet Revolution" that toppled the RED Communists in Eastern Europe when The Wall came down was ORGANIZED/ INSPIRED/RUN by actors in at least one country. Vaslav Havel and other actors lead the political fight to get rid of the Commies. Is it then ok? If you don't mind that, then it's the content of the political speech and not the speech itself. In other words, it's what they are saying on stage not that they are saying it. DO you think actors should jut make a film like Blood Diamonds and then go home? Do you think that Lee Greenwood should not mention his support for the Flag at the CMA if he were to win for his song on America and freedom? The song is political and so is the artist. Nothing wrong with making mention of politics in art.
Art is political by it's very nature. Art can inspire, confuse, anger and create a full range of emotions. Some are patriotic by being non critical and some are patriotic by being critical. Bot are patriotic and both are ok. But the difference is that in other countries, movies are seen by the general public as more than entertainment. They are watched as art as well. Yes, even young people will talk about films in a way that is clear they see films as not just entertainment. In this country, some people have the idea that movies are only for entertainment when they can be and usually are so much more. So of course politics will seep in. It's often part of the creative process for those making a project like film. A statement about the human condition? Make it non political or have no commentary and you have a bland film no one will like and that makes no sense. So please remember that people who create projects like film, music, painting, theater, sculpture, photography, etc., etc., are often people who are observant, reflective, and don't just reinforce entrenched perceptions or government agendas. If they do, and just "wave the flag" in a way that the government likes and approves, making art that is non reflective, purely patriotic in a cheerleader kind of way, they're art is very similar to the pro-Communist, movies, posters and songs made in the old USSR. I take it you don;t approve of those do you? Making art that the government always likes and totally approves, and doesn't cause any reflection or discussion in society, is propaganda. Millions lived under that with the USSR. Many of us don't want that kind of propaganda here.

2796 days ago

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