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Anna's Home Will Go to Highest Bidder

2/26/2007 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the owners of the house in which Howard K. Stern is living are putting the property on the market for a cool $10 million!

Horizons, the Bahamian oceanfront estate in which Anna Nicole lived, was purchased back in October by South Carolina real estate mogul G. Ben Thompson for $950,000.

TMZ has obtained an attorney's letter written to Thompson and his son-in-law, S. Ford Shelley, which states that they have "a good and marketable title to that property... " and there is, "a duly executed and stamped conveyance in your favour."

TMZ has learned Thompson and Shelly are currently interviewing brokerage firms worldwide -- firms that are interested in winning the listing.

In short, it appears Thompson and Shelly have a right to sell the property, which may have skyrocketed in value because of the incredible publicity surrounding the Smith saga. Sources say Stern himself believes the property is worth $10 mil.


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#25 - HOWARD K WORM and ANNA condemned ANNA.

2764 days ago


I see nothing wrong with Thompson and his family profiting from the house! HE IS A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER!!!!!!!!

2764 days ago

monkia louinski    

I heard today the title is registered the house is Thompson/Shelly's.

Sorry folks, I have no sentiment for ANS or HKS in this-they were scamming-and it fell thru. ANS tried to pin the paternity on Thompson so he would give her the house-just goes to show she was not thinking clearly (like we didnt know that already) but Thompson had a vasectomy.

Oh what a wicked web we weave.....

2764 days ago

monkia louinski    

THOMPSON - SHELLY ....... hooray for you! What a nightmare this has been...can you imagine? What a mess! Thanks to Mr. "I'm a lawyer" Stern....

2764 days ago


This has been a done deal and settled back in November ,,,,
ANS/HKS were served with eviction notice to vacate in 48 hours

2764 days ago


Gorgeous house.
Why would a man who had a short affair with Anna give her a home worth that kind of money.
It seems like Anna "took " an awful lot from men...
Including the paternity of 1 man not the dozen that are popping out of the woodwork.
And Za za's husband, what a real creep !
I don't blame G Ben Thompson for making a profit, why not ????
He got no money for the place, he has a right !!!!!

2764 days ago


You are right. Anyone with that kind of money won't want the house. People with bucks like privacy.

2764 days ago


SOMEONE will come along and pay that for it, NO doubt. People are RIDICULOUS.

Does ANYONE wonder why our world is the way it is?

2764 days ago


so the house was never in ANS/HKS's name like he was trying to argue...

folks, the truth always comes out in the wash..sometimes it takes a few cycles..

2764 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    

Thompson always owned the house and is now selling the house. Big Deal.
If I owned the house, I would take full advantage of this opportunity. Why would anyone consider this wrong? He was selling Anna the house at a fraction of it's apprasial.........stupid woman would not pay for it.......wanted something for nothing.......I think it is funny Howard is being thrown out.

2764 days ago

Just Me    

Another 'good friend' who 'loved' ANS making money off her. What a sad sordid tale this has all become.

2764 days ago


Howard K. Sperm...too funny....

Lousy attorney, should have had Anna get the deed. Hope he gets evicted tonight and the child is returned to CA for DNA testing. CA loves to be in "best interest of the child"

Sperm's no resident of Bahamas. Does not own property there.

2764 days ago


He has every right to sell it its HIS property.

2764 days ago


OK, Follow my logic here.
1. I heard a report today, only once on the news that said that if Stern gets evicted from Horizons, the Bahamian government was prepared to step in and take custody of Dannilynn. I believe it was one of Larry Birkhead's attorneys thaT SAID THIS.

2. Stern bought another house on the island in Anna Nicole's name and with her money. On the witness stand he testified that he insisted that everything that ANS had was owned in her name only. The (new) house is in her name, and not joint tennancy.

3. Stern is not a beneficiary under ANS's will.

CONCLUSION: If (when) he gets evicted from Horizons, he will not have the right to live in ANS's other house, as it will be an asset of ANS's estate.

He will be homeless, and Dannilynn will be in the custody of the Bahamian Government.

2764 days ago


This is Stressing me out!!! I Want Stern to be the father , and how the hell does Opri (Larrbears ATTORNEY) know if Anna and howard had sex???Was she ever there ummm... no she wasnt!!! If anyone has ever seen the anna nicole show we all know they had to a few times! Howard if you read this you can do it just stay claim and cool. Alot of us know that you deserve Dannylynn. Beside's Daniel , you were like one of her other best friends. Always there by her side carrying her dog or just there with her and if you were'nt there then there wouldnt be a Million dollar baby.
Peace out you can do it be strong and believe.

2764 days ago
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