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Anna's Home Will Go to Highest Bidder

2/26/2007 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the owners of the house in which Howard K. Stern is living are putting the property on the market for a cool $10 million!

Horizons, the Bahamian oceanfront estate in which Anna Nicole lived, was purchased back in October by South Carolina real estate mogul G. Ben Thompson for $950,000.

TMZ has obtained an attorney's letter written to Thompson and his son-in-law, S. Ford Shelley, which states that they have "a good and marketable title to that property... " and there is, "a duly executed and stamped conveyance in your favour."

TMZ has learned Thompson and Shelly are currently interviewing brokerage firms worldwide -- firms that are interested in winning the listing.

In short, it appears Thompson and Shelly have a right to sell the property, which may have skyrocketed in value because of the incredible publicity surrounding the Smith saga. Sources say Stern himself believes the property is worth $10 mil.


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Someoneone else making making,money? It would be such a great GIFT for, DANNIELYNN, to put put all that MONEY, in a trust for that poor child that all that all these people LOVE!.......................................CORRECT!!!!

2793 days ago


They sure do know how to flip it in the Bahamas! What homeowner would not sell at a price that they could get for it? This only proves how broke Anna Nicole really is - because had they purchased the house for the $900,000 or $950,000 before - they would have made the profit instead!

Makes one think, if Anna Nicole was so broke maybe Howard realized that she was worth more dead than alive. Like all of those artists, that no one would buy a painting from, and then they are dead and their paintings are priceless.

Anna was getting to be a liability. Other than ET, who wanted to keep watching drugged out Anna? But hey, tragic death Anna is sellable! Big bucks to be made now. She is worth more now dying young than she would have been worth to be an aged out addict.

2793 days ago


Some people must not pay attention. The stuff FS supposedly stole was taken while the police were with him, and with authority of the court. It's also now in custody of the police in Florida and being used for a criminal investigation of ANS' death.

If not for FS going to secure the property, which had been broken into, the Bahamian police wouldn't be looking at the criminal possession of the drugs found int he house.

2793 days ago


Do you think the pair will put the profit of the sale into a trust for little Danielynn since they speak so highly of her? Since HK will probably try to get anything and everything he can from her mummies estate. (Ooops mommy's)

2793 days ago


As long as that bum HKS dosen't get a dime out of the sale, sell away!

2793 days ago

Legally Bonde    

It's about time the TRUTH about the house in the Bahamas has surfaced! Howard K Stern and Anna Nicole Smith both lied about the house. I believe G. Ben Thompson used Anna Nicole for a sexual experience. Anna Nicole and Howard J Stern used him to help them acquire a house in the Bahamas to escape Larry Birkhead (and the truth about Dannielynn's father's identity) and to avoid paying taxes on any future monies received from J. Howard Marshall II Estate. These cast of characters should have read Leo Tolstoys essay "GREED"!

2793 days ago

Just me??    

What are the police doing about these two weird men robbing the house The Bahama people need to know US tourism is a big thing there..if someone can go in and steal another person's property..they will stay away......Hey Thompson has the mess you're in been worth the sex you got??????

2793 days ago


This wasn't her home. She did not buy it or pay rent. Let him sell his house. Who cares? He probably won't get the price he is asking for it anyway.

2793 days ago


To Jason, You mean the police Ford paid?. On the witness stand the other day Ford said he has Anna's computer in his posession and has the password. Sorry , that scum would never turn anything over to anyone if it can turn a buck for him.

2793 days ago


oops let's back up a little before someone gets confused
1 ANS NEVER owned the house.....HKS was not involved in the business of the house, was not suppose to be there
2.HKS Never applied for residency
3 Status of ANS as resident in question
4possible fraudlent birth certificate,,,,
5this is a little situation that is important HKS really has about 14 days to prove ANS owned the house,,,, BUT in the Bahamaian Court system that is basically a formality to discharge ALL past, present,future claims, about a 10 min process.
6looks like HKS may be in some hot water
7investigation for forgery going on
8HKS really has to suck up to Thompson/Schelley now

2793 days ago

Just me??    

Since Brickhead loved Anna so much he should buy it so he can be close to Anna the way I think these two STRANGE men paid around $900,000.00.....Buy it for Anna BRICKhead

2793 days ago


Why would anyone suggest that the owners give their profit to the baby? Anna Nicole never purchased this house! It is not her money. She and Howard the unemployed gofer were squatters the entire time that they lived there. Danielynn would be better off getting a job and supporting herself when she is an adult rather than to become heir to prositution money. There are worse ways to live than working at a Wal Mart or Red Lobster - and Anna Nicole lived in the worst possible way. It was so hard for her to live with herself that she had to be drugged just to make it through the day.

2793 days ago


Problem solved, Howard and larry get married and raise the baby and keep Granny greedy away!!!!

2793 days ago


What I'm reading from this, is that Mr. G. Ben Thompson is the owner of the property. He put the property up for sale when Anna moved in to buy it from the owner!!! The agreed to a deal, and if I have this correct, Anna did sign her name on the deed!!! The deed to the property has her name on it but she never filed it in court since she believes the owner Mr. Thompson gave the house to her as a gift!!!

Baloney!!! No one in their right mind will give away a property of that magnitude to anyone!!! So there is a liquidation notice and I've read it and it would appear according to that notice that she never honored the agreement. So its more than likely that HKS will be kicked out!!!

As to the other property and the boat, if Anna did get a mortgage on it, will it have her name on it or did the property belong to another lover and had a secret deal going on, because as far as anyone with common sense can see, she does not have a great deal of money!!!!

This woman seems to be involved with just scheme after scheme after scheme, and HKS has probably been dragged into the mess with her!!! Being a lawyer, you would think he would know better because even the Will was poorly done, along with the purchase of the house in the Bahamas, and even the birth certificate is allegedly a there anything in this mess properly done? This is a horrible horrible case!!! So many lies, and so much more deceit!!! This is a case from hell!!!

2793 days ago


I agree with you Jesse. I really admire and respect Warren Buffet and he even says that he would never destroy his kids by leaving them all of his money. Believe it or not, the happiest people are people who earn their money, people who win lotteries or inherit large sums of money generally are very miserable people.

2793 days ago
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