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Birkhead - Stern Settlement?

2/26/2007 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that lawyers for Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern are in settlement negotiations.

There was a buzz at the courthouse after Krista Barth, Stern's lawyer, removed a styrofoam cup of water that rested on the witness stand as Birkhead testified in the Anna Nicole burial hearing. The cup went missing and there was speculation that Stern's reps used it for a DNA test, which could have provided the evidence proving Birkhead is the father Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.

We're told a day after the cup incident, the parties started negotiating. TMZ spoke with Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri Sunday in the Bahamas, who would not confirm a settlement. She did, however, say DNA testing must be completed and paternity established before any settlement could occur.

Sources say Stern could be amenable to giving Birkhead what he needs to establish custody. We're told that in return, Stern wants ongoing control of Anna's estate and, once the estate is probated, continued involvement by becoming trustee for Dannielynn.


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GO MICHELLE. Give her hell. At least some of us have brains to see through this circus bullsh*t. HK$ is a murderer. Plain and Simple.

2799 days ago

Andolini Figueroa    

The investigation into Daniel's and Anna's deaths are still going on. I wonder if HKS is thinking he has gotten away with something. I think Larry and his lawyers are smart enough to see what is at the end of this... With the kid in safe hands...the boom will be lowered, and Howard will be delt with.

2799 days ago


No Larry, No.

This is not a settlement. That's just $tern's lawyerly term for a ransom.

This is a kidnapper asking for ransom.

He will turn and bite you like the snake he truly is. Do not do it.

2799 days ago


Stern said he had the passwords to her computer, emails were scripted by Stern to break them up. One of the emails was from "Anna" aka Stern, saying "Stop claiming the baby is yours". She already admitted to lots of people Larry was the Dad, this was Stern sending emails to Larry pretending to be from Anna.

2799 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

................BRAVO to the Lawyer, Quick thinking!!!!!.................................

2799 days ago

Birkhead supporter    

Didn't TMZ say that an orderly at the hospital where Daniel died is supposed to testify that he saw $tern inject or give Daniel the methadone?

2799 days ago


Does anyone know how Daniel got the meth? Was it ever prescribed for him personally, it was in his system, this story is so text book it smells.

2799 days ago


What is wrong with you people??? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!

2799 days ago

Brit Ate Paris    

Someone convict HK$ of Kidnapping and Manslaugher already! This guy is a murdered! Imagine how many more peope he will kill with access to that kind of money.

2799 days ago


This proves, howard wants all the control with none of the responsibility. He never wanted to raise this child, it is obvious to all now. He only wants control He has to make money somehow, this is the easiest and fastest way for him to accomplish his objective and do very little work.

How long before he murders this child?

2799 days ago

RN 2 B    

Does anyone know ANS due date? Was Dannielynn born early? On time? If she was born on time, Sept. 7th, that puts her date of conception at December 15, 2005. At this time, wasn't she in North or South Carolina? Did she not resume her relationship with Larry Birkhead until December 31, 2005, as per his testimony? I'm just trying to figure this out. Any help? Thanks.

2799 days ago


I honestly have a hard time believing this, to be honest.

2799 days ago


HAAAA like this is a surprise -- We knew all along Larry was the Father!!!!! Look at the kid's face, she's the spit n' image of her daddy. Oh Larry please don't negotiate with that snake HKS. You don't need his expertise for the money or the baby. Get away from Him -- take your baby girl and raise her away from this money/drugs lifestyle-- you do not need Howie.

I am praying for you Larry. God speed.

2799 days ago


This makes me think that $tern has something incriminating on Birkhead. Maybe something on one of those videos that Shelly took.

If so, then you can add extortion to his crimes.

If $tern has anything to do with Dannielynn, you will never be rid of him. His oily, evil claws will alway find a way to want more.

Do the right thing. Do the honorable thing. Get Dannielynn out of The Bahamas. Keep all the rights to the images of ANS, and Dannielynn, in perpetuity. You will be able to find an honest person to be her executor and trustee. Don't let Dannielynn be exposed to that plague of a person one more moment.

Give $tern the pink house with the peeling paint and stripper pole that he can't afford to finish. Give him that piece of garbage boat ( it's a used boat, not worth that much). He can't work in The Bahamas, but he'll be terrified to return to the USA. Let him rot in his own septic stew.

2799 days ago


"Moe, oh Moooooooooeeey, uh, can you c'mer a minute - DanniLynn looks kinda funny and she's kinda, like, been under the water for awhile. Do you think you might wanna jump in the pool and see if she's just pretending to drown - I gotta go spend my inheritance at the gay bar, or I'd stick around and help you, see ya, Money, I mean Moey!"

(H.K.$$$$tern, if he gets custody.)

2799 days ago
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