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Birkhead - Stern Settlement?

2/26/2007 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that lawyers for Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern are in settlement negotiations.

There was a buzz at the courthouse after Krista Barth, Stern's lawyer, removed a styrofoam cup of water that rested on the witness stand as Birkhead testified in the Anna Nicole burial hearing. The cup went missing and there was speculation that Stern's reps used it for a DNA test, which could have provided the evidence proving Birkhead is the father Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.

We're told a day after the cup incident, the parties started negotiating. TMZ spoke with Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri Sunday in the Bahamas, who would not confirm a settlement. She did, however, say DNA testing must be completed and paternity established before any settlement could occur.

Sources say Stern could be amenable to giving Birkhead what he needs to establish custody. We're told that in return, Stern wants ongoing control of Anna's estate and, once the estate is probated, continued involvement by becoming trustee for Dannielynn.


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Rocky Bennett    


If you're a rocket scientist, your the kind that travels nine hundred miles to murder another woman. Do you have any idea how ridiculous your claims are? "Howard poured drugs down her throat"? If you're such a Virgie fan, perhaps you noticed that she testified Anna was on drugs before she ever met Stern. Or perhaps you may know one or two adults who are responsible for their own Anna was. And then there were all the accomplishments that Anna had in the past ten years, like her own television show, a successful court battle, etc....
I guess Stern .....what?...I can't even write a sarcastic characterization of how he could have controlled her during all that time. I guess it was also Stern's his total control of Anna, to let her have a two year affair with Birkhead (among others). Let's see what else?...You say it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Stern was in it for the money and murdered Anna. That makes a lot of sense...his grand plan was what?... to meet Anna over ten years ago, devote all of his time since then to her, be her constant companion and friend, be subject to kooks like you, and in all that time amass absolutely NO money...only to murder this woman and thereby lose what you claim was his puppet and meal ticket.'re right. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that takes a hateful dope like you and your fellow simpletons.

2762 days ago


I just have one question for all the Larry B supporters? Even though Larry proved himself to be less than completely credible on the stand, why is everything he says, "THE TRUTH" but everything Howard says "A LIE"? Who is to say who is lying and who is telling the truth? Who is to say that EITHER of them is lying about ANYTHING?

For the sake of argument, to all those who say Howard was a leech (its not spelled with an "A", btw), or a mooch or whatever, he has stated that in about 2000 or so, Anna ASKED him to be her attorney exclusively. Am I the only one who remembers him saying this? So its the same thing as asking LARRY to photograph her EXCLUSIVELY. For all practical purposes, they were BOTH her employees. And they BOTH admit that she paid for various things for them.

And I STILL believe that baby looks JUST like G. Ben and that Howard KNOWS that Ben is the dad. I think his NEGOTIATIONS have to do with letting Larry in on the secret (because of the DNA test results), allowing Larry certain liberties (maybe to sell pictures or video exclusively), for his "silence", or something of that nature. I cant imagine why else FORD SHELLEY would be involved with these negotiations, because any negotiations involving the HOUSE shouldnt include Larry. Just something to think about.

2761 days ago


Well, even FOX NEWS is trashing ET's interviews with Howard & Anna! And Stern Pressures Larry TODAY to sign a deal!!

Howard K. Stern Plays Hardball With Larry Birkhead
Friday, March 02, 2007

By Roger Friedman


Anna Nicole: Stern Pressures Larry to Sign Deal

Anna Nicole Smith's two baby daddies (I don't know what else to call them) continue to be in a tug-of-war this morning, even as their beloved cash cow is readied for burial.

Overnight, attorney Howard K. Stern — whose hold on the situation is starting to slip — has been strong-arming photographer Larry Birkhead to do a couple of things: keep Birkhead's legal reps out of Anna Nicole Smith's Bahamas funeral, sign a contract deal with "Entertainment Tonight" and acquiesce even further regarding the future of baby Danniellynn.

Stern, as I told you the other day, has already had one secret meeting with Birkhead in which he cut out the photographer's lawyers.

I'm told that Stern has kept up the pressure on Birkhead, actually presenting him with contracts, sources say, in which Birkhead would join Stern for more exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider."

"Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like everyone was in agreement, and that it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," my source said. "Larry said the baby's guardian should sign the papers for him and the baby, but he wouldn't. So then Larry wouldn't."

At the same time, Stern is trying to negotiate separately with Birkhead, away from his attorneys, to sign a deal by which Stern would continue to be in baby Danniellyn's life and oversee her finances.

Stern, my sources say, is working as quickly as he can to effect these agreements before he has to turn over the baby to Birkhead, her biological father.

Sources say that Birkhead's representatives are considering taking legal action against Stern's side to prevent further communication between the two sides as soon as today.

The problem, sources also say, is that Birkhead — a novice in these games — continues to be intimidated by Stern.

"Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," both owned by CBS Paramount Television, have denied paying for interviews. But I'm told their method – it's semantics — is to "license" footage either directly from Stern or through a third party.

Recently, "ET" used Solana Productions of Southern California in such a deal. Neither Solana or anyone from CBS Paramount answered calls yesterday.

Anna Nicole: Dead, and For Sale

Today, Anna Nicole Smith — a ridiculous person who accomplished just about nothing in her life — will be buried in the Bahamas.

There are several wars taking place all over the world, not to mention famines; artists are hard at work, movies are opening, buildings are going up, diseases are being investigated. But hey: Anna Nicole is being buried, and "Entertainment Tonight" will be there for every cheesy second of it.

That's because "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," two half-hour shows syndicated by CBS's Paramount TV, have paid a high price for this honor.

Real insiders (not the kind you have to pay for info) tell me that Paramount TV cut the deal with Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer and Svengali, right after her son Daniel died of a methadone overdose in her Bahamian hospital room last September.

Paramount TV has denied this, somewhat passively, so far. But my sources say it they paid Stern around $3 million initially, and that this was renegotiated right after Anna Nicole herself died on February 8th of this year.

Of course, we could believe that Stern — who in court told clueless Florida probate judge Larry Seidlin that he was living off his parents — just loves "ET." Anything's possible.

But the reality is that Anna Nicole's death has proven to be a ratings-sweep godsend.

Linda Bell Blue, the show's executive producer, previously helmed Paramount's ugly tabloid show, "Hard Copy." For years she's had to sit through Mary Hart's tedious, publicist-arranged interviews with low-level TV stars, just waiting for this moment: a huge celebrity death, in a sweeps month, and already contracted for!

As recently as last night, "ET" correspondent Mark Steines was reporting "from inside" Anna Nicole's Bahamas mansion — no mention of the fact that it didn't belong to her, and that the landlord is kicking everyone out.

Steines had "the inside scoop" about the B-list country singer who would serenade Anna Nicole into the next life, the color of her burial gown ("pink!") and what would be inside the coffin (with any luck, Anna Nicole).

Steines performs these interviews — as he has since last Nov. 1, when he had his first "exclusive" after Smith's son, Daniel,

2760 days ago


Larry needs to Tell Howard that he wont accept his offer and continue to get his daughter from Howard and then Larry needs to control HIS daughters life and money not Howard.. Howard is only proving that he is out after money by doing this.. and this should prove to the courts what he is up to and who should have the baby.. As far as Anna's mom.. Blood is NOT thicker then water.. she was never around in her life and she shouldnt control or be allowed to make any dessions on anything.. unless she wants to foot the bill for the funeral.. she should do that .. but I doubt she did.

2759 days ago


I think its strange that Stern was with Anna in the hospital when her son died and he was around when Anna has died and I think he knew they were all doing drugs and I think he is a supplier and he is the reason they are dead!! and I think someone needs to get that baby away from him before he turns her into another Anna to make him rich and she ends up dying like her mom and brother!!!

2759 days ago


Anyone remember that BABY SEDATIVES were found in the hotel room of ANS? !!!!!

Howard K. Stern was not heard from for a good day and a half after ANS died, and Atty. Ron Rale (Stern's long time buddy) told everyone that he was grieving inconsolably.

My theory is that since Howard's sister went to the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida to console Howard before going to the Bahamas, perhaps she took the baby Danilynne back to the Bahamas quickly before Howie arrived with ET proving that Howie flew alone. When Howie gets to the Horizons house in the Bahamas his mother and sister Bonnie are already there with the baby.

I wonder if the Hard Rock hotel has surveillance cameras in the hallway showing the comings and goings of guests and babies. Maybe Mo's errand was to get that baby out of the hotel room.

Makes sense to me

2758 days ago

Yvonne Jackson    

Everyone ifs forgetting Larry Birkhead 's testimony in the Florida Courtroom, that him and Anna Nicole was seperated during the months of November and December 2005. If Dannielynn was a full term baby and didn,t arrive early (date of birth 09/07/06). If you calculate the date of birth and the conception date, Anna Nicole got pregnant with Dannielynn around December 12, 2005. Sperm travels, but not from California to North Carolina.

Just food for thought!

2758 days ago


Thanks for this website

2755 days ago


Everyone above me has come up with many different versions of how Anna and her son died. So many of you brought more insight of what probably happened that I just didn't think of. You are all very smart and intuitive! I too, have never trusted Howard and pray each night that he will someday pay a price for his GREED! When I look at his face on T.V., I want to PUKE! He disgusts me and that stupid look on his face is so FAKE! Hopefully, when the tests come back; supposedly this week from the autopsies, a new light will shine on this bizzare case and NAIL THE BASTARD! Thank you all on this forum for thinking as I have done so from the onset of Daniel's death. Daniel, from what I've seen and read, was a good boy and I NEVER heard of him taking drugs despite his mother's reputation. Anna so loved him deeply and he was the love of her life that Howard took away from her. I hope every day that this man Howard will get what's coming to him. Seeing him go to jail for the deaths of these two people will put peace to Anna's family, friends and her loving fans. And, in regards to her mother, maybe she wasn't the perfect many parents can say they were....but it still was HER DAUGHTER that she was burying. If anyone of you are parents, you will understand. Howard should be ashamed of himself for saying those hurtful words against her family. This was not the time nor the place for his attack. As far as I'm concerned, he's a HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING and I will pray for Daniellyn that God keeps her safe while she's with this MADMAN! Rest in Peace Anna and must be shaking your heads in disbelief at what's going on here......

2755 days ago


I wonder who will get the baby and the money. Who really wants to raise the child without the money to take care of her? How much money is at stake?

2755 days ago


That poor kid! Why is it all so complicated? Burry the Mom next to her son, give the child to her father Larry and appoint a Financial Guardian (who has no connections to eaither family for as far back as they can see) to the estate in the best interest of little Dannielynn! Yes Howard, your gonna have to bring home your own bacon!

2755 days ago


27. Can a DNA test be done that fast? I mean in one day? Or did Howard finally admit that he isn't the father to his attorney? Howard has Larry just right where he wants him SCUM BAG! You know Larry has alot of character, I mean he has believed he is the father all along, not only that knowing his daughter might have mental disabilities and health issues do to the drug use, says alot, he loves his daughter, he doesn't care. I hope the courts in the Bahama's order DNA testing from DannieLynn that way Howard loses his Pawn in this sick sick game and Larry gets to take his baby girl home. Go Larry!

Posted at 8:41AM on Feb 26th 2007 by michele

in response to your statement..
Mr.Birkhead is not a parent!
Howard is the child's father...So what ..let us just think.... now every child that has been adopted by someone...when their bio parent..turn up...which ever one ..The courts should just turn them over to a stranger..Because that is what they would be..a stranger nothing else......So..where did you go to College?...GO get an sound like a dumb ass many people on this site!!

2754 days ago
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