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Greasy Bear Ruins Paris' Party

2/26/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis -- the man who brought you the "Firecrotch" rant -- did himself proud once again by making a total ass of himself at Paris Hilton's birthday party Saturday night, sending some of the lodging heiress' guests home early in disgust, and leaving Paris in tears.

The oily heir's boorish behavior at the lavish 26th-birthday bash began around 10:00 PM, report Rush & Molloy, when he started throwing flowers at Paula Abdul, who was supposed to sing "Happy Birthday" to Paris. Then, it was the flower-holders he was chucking. And finally, after asking Paula to "lick my [bleep]," he mocked her by talking in a fake-Arabic accent. Paula bolted early, even before crooning.

Then, Brandon decided to ingratiate himself to Courtney Love by grabbing her, making her straddle his waist, and telling her, "I want to squirt on you," never minding that Courtney's young daughter was right there.

After all this and some broken glasses and candles, Paris broke down -- and kicked Greasy out. No comment from Greasy's rep.

Britney SpearsBritney Sees Kids, Gets Advice from Daniel Baldwin

Britney Spears -- actually spending a second night in rehab -- had a chance to chill with her babies on Saturday night. Us reports that Spears' mother Lynne brought Sean and Jayden to Promises for a visit around 9:00 PM, after which the kids headed back to daddy Kevin's house.

And our latest update on Britney Spears comes from that pillar of stability, Daniel Baldwin. The lesser Baldwin, who says he's over three months sober, tells Us that he recently ran into Spears in Malibu, and that his sage advice to her was, "Don't drink. Don't use." We're not sure which Britney Spears it was that Daniel saw a couple days back, when he added that Britney was "doing great" and "looks great."

Anna Battle Brews in Bahamas

After a week of courtroom zaniness in Florida, the Anna Nicole Smith legal saga hops over to the Bahamas, where the stakes could be even higher for Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and little Dannielynn. For one, reports the New York Daily News, Howard K. Stern will be facing off against Anna's mom Virgie Arthur over the guardianship of Dannielynn, after a Bahamian judge issued an injunction stopping Stern from leaving the island with the child. Meanwhile, Birkhead arrived Sunday in the Bahamas and will be taking up the paternity battle against Stern. Still at issue is when Smith's remains will actually find their way to the Bahamas for burial next to Daniel.

Lindsay LohanParty Favors: Lindsay Lohan Has Sensitive Friends ... Madonna Won't Let Daughter Date ... Angelina Returns to Africa

Lindsay Lohan's purported pals aren't being much help when it comes to getting her through sobriety. Page Six reports that friends of Lindsay L. badgered the staff of the Mondrian Hotel in the wee hours of the other night for bottles of booze, saying they were "with" Lohan. Lindsay's rep called the story "far-fetched," because Lohan was on set. ... Madonna won't let 10-year-old daughter Lourdes date until she's 18, says a report from WENN. The Material Mom also teaches Lourdes the importance of cleaning one's room -- she gets rid of any clothes that the little girl leaves on the floor. ... Angelina Jolie is returning to Darfur to do more work for the refugees -- and has been nominated to be on the presigious Council on Foreign Relations, joining four former Secretaries of State and Tom Brokaw, reports People.


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Why do you keep running stories about the rat faced herpes infested whore bag paris?

2774 days ago


Most of the hate posts against Paris Hilton on this and a few other web sites are generated by one older mentally ill person who is a Schizophrenic Paranoid.

2774 days ago


Duh, your name fits you perfectly. Paris is a used up piece of trash who is going to crash and burn IDIOT!!!

2774 days ago


Gross! Who cares if that slag greasy bear ruined that foul mouthed cocaine whore's party? Karma is a bitch for parasite.

2774 days ago

Paris has herpes    

16. Most of the hate posts against Paris Hilton on this and a few other web sites are generated by one older mentally ill person who is a Schizophrenic Paranoid.

Posted at 10:15AM on Feb 26th 2007 by Duh

Actually, I'd say that the few positive ones are posted by Paris herself. So simmer down, Paris, and go take your Valtrex. Oh, and I don't know if you TMZ guys are aware, but there was this thing called the Oscars last night. People would much rather read about that than some dumb fame hungry loser who's fifteen minutes are up.

2774 days ago


Angelina jollie only cares about what makes her look better!!! The woman had to hire a person to tell her how to behave to fix her very tarnished image years ago. That's when she started what ever it is she does for the UN.

2774 days ago


DUH! You wish it was the same person posting hate posts over and over. You are the one posting nice posts about her over and over. Do your mommy and daddy know you worship a racist girl with an std?

2774 days ago


Courtney should guard her daughter from people like this!

2774 days ago


I agree with #4-Debbie. Also, why doesn't Angelina stay here in the US and concentrate on the kids she has. I wonder, how will they turn out as adults with a mother who seems to push them aside. Hey, Jennifer Aniston, you don't have any kids. Maybe you can go to Darfur and do some good? It's wonderful what Oprah is doing for those girls in Africa. She can help as she doesn't have children of her own.... Just my two cents worth from here in the High Desert, CA

2774 days ago


What a bunch of total losers!
Greasy Bear who is a waste of air and skin, Britney the whack, (don't you
wonder why God gives kids to people like her?), Paris, the herpes poster girl
and Lindsay the train wreck.

2774 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Please don't run stories about this selfish, spoiled, wanna-be with the IQ of a grape and the morals of a yard ape. After all the posts blasting Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Isiah Washington what makes paris any different? Is she paying you off? Better not try to get randy with her or you guys will be poppin the valtrex! Thank you and good day.

2774 days ago


It's touching that Madonna won't let her daughter date till she is 18. My son didn't have a girlfriend till he was 20(his decision). Now he is studying to be a pediatrician. Parents are smart that don't let their child(children) date till they're older. I don't know about Madonna throwing her daughters' clothes out, if Lourdes doesn't pick them up. Sounds to me, that Madonna has OCD. I would say to her, be more laid back if your daughter doesn't pick up all her clothes. Do you throw her toys out, too, if they're not all picked up?? There should be some other discipline doled out. Maybe Nanny 911 or Supernanny should make a stop at Madonna's house....

2774 days ago


OMG -- Can y'all get of brit -- move on , I know some of you - your lives are worse than hers , move along already wowowowowow ....

2774 days ago


Paris and Oily Bear deserve each other's backstabbing. I'd like to see more. Does TMZ have pictures? I want to see her crying. (LOL # 10 ..pony. LOL)

2774 days ago


all that trash in one paragraph,,,wow.

2774 days ago
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